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Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by johnjohn, Apr 19, 2013.

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  1. Hank Moody

    Hank Moody Duder Staff Member

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  2. mtc

    mtc High Priestess Staff Member

    ^^ Ouch!
  3. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Well if that's not the pot, calling the kettle black. ;)
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  4. FourInchFury

    FourInchFury MassCops Member

    Damn, moping the floors and keeping the SPA in pristine condition really takes a toll on ya. You still look great in the pic though, Mechanixman.
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  5. Beargrylls

    Beargrylls MassCops Member

    Anyone know when they will be posting the 2013 State Police scores online. Got an email saying Nov 15th, but it still isnt up. Just curious.
  6. topgun50

    topgun50 MassCops Member

    Does anyone know about this new CS test where you are put on a state wide list? I think it sucks as to you only being able to be put on the list of your residence preference.
  7. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    It's not like you would have any shot for your non-res town choices anyway, unless you are a veteran or have 402a/b preference. It prevents cities like Boston from exhausting their list like I think they did in 2007ish and gives more applicants to smaller towns that may have few or no people on their resident lists. Plus you get transit automatically, whereas before you had to specifically list it as a choice.

    I can see instances of people getting cards where they normally wouldn't and a little less of the other way around. Yes, it increases competition but I don't see that being an issue.

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  8. PiratesLife4Me

    PiratesLife4Me MassCops Member

    Does anyone know who sends out the cards, whether it is the City/Town or Civil Service themselves? I had a problem with the address C.S. had so I changed it online via the MaCS. Just not sure if they use the license mailing address or the one online (MaCS). Any help would be great.
  9. Lima760

    Lima760 MassCops Member

    "Cards" are sent via email with the new system. Make sure that is correct.
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  10. PiratesLife4Me

    PiratesLife4Me MassCops Member

    That's great, Thank you.
  11. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Letters still go out...
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  12. PiratesLife4Me

    PiratesLife4Me MassCops Member

    In addition to an email or just letters? I just don't want to miss an opportunity because they mail It to an incorrect address. An email to CS went unanswered.
  13. USAF286

    USAF286 MassCops Member

    Do you still have the same email address from 31 May when the email notifications were sent out regarding the test date? If you do, I think you should be all set. As for them emailing you back, it takes about a week...at least from my experience. Good luck.

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  14. PiratesLife4Me

    PiratesLife4Me MassCops Member

    I do have the same email. Thank you for the info.
  15. mtc

    mtc High Priestess Staff Member

    They don't send an Owl?
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  16. Tuna

    Tuna Always entertained

    Wow have things changed since I got on. I got my notification via carrier pigeon and smoke signals. Riding Moose2.JPG
    My first cruiser
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  17. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    I took the NH test at Great Bay Community College AGAIN this morning. A few notes. It's $40 as opposed to $100. You get your scores in 2 weeks, as opposed to 10 months, and you WILL receive job offers before your official scores come out. There is no magic plastic bag to put your pocket contents in, you don't have to toss your medium regular dunks, and there are actual NH LEO's in the room not retired substitute teachers. I noticed all the Officers were from different, relatively small, agencies. And they ALL had both Tasers and Pistol Lights.....don't often see either in MA.
  18. WadeBoggs64

    WadeBoggs64 MassCops Member

    Anyone know when they are to post list for MSP? HR said they were trying to figure out how to display that...
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  19. Mpatrick3

    Mpatrick3 MassCops Member

    Hello everyone, I am brand new to this site and this past civil service exam was my first. I was hoping to get some clarification on the way that civil service eligibility lists work.

    On the current list of my resident town I am twelve spots from the top with a score of 100. Above me are six non residents with 402 a or b preference, one disabled vet resident with a 96, four residents with vet preference with scores ranging from 92-96. Then myself (non vet, resident with 100)

    What I don't know is hiring based mainly on preference or score? I was initially thrilled to receive my score, until the list was released and I was stilled 12 from the top. I have received contradicting information from different people saying either scoring was the biggest factor or preference. I know an interview, background check, etc. will most likely be factored in the most, but my town is hiring two or three officers soon and I am wondering if I should even expect an email/card?

    Thank you all in advance for any information.
  20. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    I think, don't hold me to it, but the 402a candidates are at the top of every list. They'll get a card, but chances are they could have gotten one from 15 other PD's already. If they're hiring 3, don't quote me on this, but I think the math is 2x the number of spots +1 get cards... So 7 cards would go out.

    Someone with more knowledge on this please feel free to correct me. I just remember reading something like that here.
  21. LawMan3

    LawMan3 Moderator Staff Member

    Resident d-vets
    Resident vets
    Resident non-vets
    Non-resident d-vets
    Non-resident vets
    Non-resident non-vets

    Pvt. Cowboy is correct. The system for calling the list is 2n+1. So if theming hiring 3, they would call 7.

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  22. Mpatrick3

    Mpatrick3 MassCops Member

    Everyone tied with that seventh person as well if I understand correctly? Also, theoretically if they were only to hire one, a resident vet with say, an 88 on the exam could receive a card and not a non vet resident with 100? It seems like the score would not have any effect if there were 7 or 8 resident names ahead with vet preference?
  23. WadeBoggs64

    WadeBoggs64 MassCops Member

  24. LawMan3

    LawMan3 Moderator Staff Member

    As long as they pass the exam, 402a/b and resident vets go to the top of the list, regardless of their score.

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  25. wwonka

    wwonka MassCops Member

    Doc has announced a test. See mass.gov website..

    Not a bad place to start with plenty of opportunities to meet exciting and interesting people every day.

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