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Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by Rob720, Aug 1, 2014.

  1. LA Copper

    LA Copper Subscribing Member

    I respectfully disagree. Any investigator "worth his salt" should be able to conduct a better interview, even if he had to use questions similar to the ones on the Civil Service test, then just answering, Agree, Strongly Agree, etc, on a written test. That's what detectives / investigators do, they interview people and get to know whether they're lying, telling the truth, being sincere, etc. Almost anyone can sit in a room with no one watching them and answer questions on a piece of paper and be able to "beat the system" as others on here have said. Sure, they could do the same with a background investigator but at least the investigator has a better chance than a piece of paper.

    Just my opinion after taking two Civil Service tests, being an investigator, and listening to what many others have said in this thread. I hope those that deserve to be hired, are.
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  2. The617Viet

    The617Viet Red Striper

    Hope I'm not grouped into his generation
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  3. Roadhouse69

    Roadhouse69 MassCops Member

    The big difference is that background investigators look into just that, your background. Your employment history, involvement with LE, etc. Even the best trained investigator won't be able
    But there is a difference between what a background investigator would find out compared to a psych test. An investigator would determine things like work history, credit score, issues with LE, relationship problems, etc. But a psych test can give a more comprehensive assessment of how that candidate acts/reacts to stressful situations that he's never dealt with before, racial/ sexual biases, impulse control, depression, social anxiety, etc. Plus having it on the test would potentially weed out some undesirable applicants before the costly hiring process, and considering there were about 17k test takers, it would ultimately save a lot of money. I've also worked as a Background investigator (for only one hiring cycle) and given the amount of information we have to find on these applicants, I didn't have a significant amount of time for a sit down interview. Also, we were told it was important to keep our opinion out of it as much as possible. Whether or not a background investigator thought you were lying would never hold up under a civil service appeal.

    A background investigation is definitely an important aspect of the process that is even more effective when paired with a psych test, one cannot be substituted for the other though.
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  4. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    Jesus Christ, you know everything don't you? Are you even a cop? Do you just take tests and give your opinion? I was told I was the TOP candidate for that particular department. Hence, the reason for my bitterness. I am a huge supporter of CS, even though some duds have slipped through the cracks, because I am so against nepotism. Look at the Westwood PD test. They didn't even give the score to candidates that passed and those who passed the written, were chosen based on "qualifications" to move on in the process. My department can pick and choose who they want from the top 10. Just because your #1, doesn't mean you're going to get a interview or hired. If you want to get on in CS, you don't need ANY EXPERIENCE. All you need is vet status or residency. If you want to get hired by a non-CS department, a full time academy is helpful and a college degree. Good luck.
  5. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    No, once you accept a (Reserve) CS calls it a Permanent Intermittent Officer position, it removes you from the CS list. You will have to wait it out at that department, until you get hired via list/test date for a full time position.
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  6. CBM0206

    CBM0206 MassCops Member

    In my opinion, and that's all it is...I feel that the state CS system would flow much better if the test was something of substance rather than 50% sixth grade education and 50% whether or not we leave our office door open or closed. I'm not saying make it impossible, but make it something related to LE. I've taken many tests, CS, PublicSafetyLLC, PoliceAPP, and individual tests in the state of RI. And I can say that the tests in RI do it right (not to mention they get you your results back within two weeks unlike the 6 months you wait for civil circus). They are tests that measure your ability to be a police officer and if you have that "mindset". I feel that if CS adopted the same type of exam, scores would test the candidates much better. I like the IDEA of Civil Service because it eliminates certain nepotism, but I don't agree that the tests should be weighted the way that they are. Save the psych profile for an actual psychologist to administer to determine the true psychiatric profile that a candidate possesses.
  7. Roadhouse69

    Roadhouse69 MassCops Member

    You scored the highest on the test. That doesn't necessarily mean you were the top candidate. Could the other guy have had a better interview/better resume?
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  8. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    Buddy, pay attention to my previous post. I was TOLD I was the top candidate, however they went with someone they knew, who lived in the town. It's NH and they can do what they want. The score is not absolute that you will get the job. I was TOLD this from the Lieutenant, who then said he could give me a hook in a neighboring department and gave me the Chief's phone number, because he felt bad I got the shaft. Just because you crush everything doesn't mean you will get hired. That's the point of my story, not that fact I was bitching I got passed over. Anything else?
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  9. Roadhouse69

    Roadhouse69 MassCops Member

    My ex told me I was an great guy when she broke up with me. Sometimes people just want to let you down easy. Sounds like an LT with a heart of gold.
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  10. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    Yeah he gave me a hug on the way out and we facebook chat on the weekends.
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  11. Goose

    Goose The list is long but distinguished. Staff Member

    I do the same with Roadhouse's ex.
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  12. Roadhouse69

    Roadhouse69 MassCops Member

    Really? What a small world we live in...
  13. Hank Moody

    Hank Moody Duder Staff Member

    Apparently my warning was not clear enough.
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  14. 40thMPOC#309

    40thMPOC#309 MassCops Member

    Highest Ive heard was a 94.
  15. Umder24

    Umder24 New Member

    Highest I've heard was a 97
  16. WirePro_Joe

    WirePro_Joe MassCops Member

    For those that requested an audit of their score, has anyone heard back yet?
  17. militia_man

    militia_man MassCops Member

    If you're not a veteran, you have virtually no chance of being hired as a non-resident on a civil service police department. Even veterans have an uphill battle trying to get hired in a town that they don't have residency in, but occasionally they might be reached on the list for a small affluent town that does not have many residents on their list. Veterans and DVets are always near the top of the list for Transit PD, so you have no chance with them either.

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  18. ExSWATop

    ExSWATop MassCops Member

    Nada, and I wouldn't expect less from Civil Circus.
  19. Danusmc0321

    Danusmc0321 MassCops Member

    Getting depressing in here, last test everyone was asking eachother if they got a card, now it's "anyone hear back from their test AUDIT yet"
  20. ExSWATop

    ExSWATop MassCops Member

    Just a question but does 2.2 points sound awful low for ten years of continuous FT service, considering it's graded at .2 points per month of service....anyone know exactly how the calculations work...because it seems like however they want. based on .2 points per month of service it should be 2.4 points per year....then they factor it in as a percentage somehow...IDK, math was never my forte, someone call in a mathlete....and yes, this post is depressing as feck!
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  21. Jordany

    Jordany MassCops Member

    Well I have a 95 and residency preference. If you missed it they were requesting emails stating if you wanted residency preference. I got my email back the beginning of this month. I feel confident knowing most people from my city who took the test.. Anyways good luck.
  22. OneRe-TiredMarine

    OneRe-TiredMarine MassCops Member

    I have a few questions as I'm new to this process and I wasn't aware of how the process work.
    I scored 96 and just e-mailed the HRD to claim residence preference and veteran status.
    My questions are as followed:
    Can I claim veterans (5) points? If so, would it be wise or can I use those points multiple time?
    Is the 2013 nill and void now, or do those guys get moved to the top and the 2015 are placed accordingly?
    What if your city/town are not hiring, can you actively seek employment elsewhere or do you have to wait for their call?
    How strong is a 96?

    Sorry for all the questions, just really want to jump back into the mix!
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  23. WirePro_Joe

    WirePro_Joe MassCops Member

    My understanding is that the 2013 list will expire last day in October. If you didn't take the 2015 exam you won't be on the new list. A 96 sounds very strong compared to the results that guys have listed on this site. Sounds like a lot of guys scored in the high 90's (even 100's) on the last exam. This time around the scores are all over the place. 75, 80, 85, and 90's. With a 96, residency and a veteran, IMO you have a great shot. But I'm new to this process too. There's much more enlightened guys than me on here.
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  24. WirePro_Joe

    WirePro_Joe MassCops Member

    Got a response from CS in regards to my request for a review of my exam score.They provided me with an exact copy of my exam answer sheet with all the bubbles I filed in. They also provided a report of which answers the computer picked up from my sheet. I'm instructed to compare the two reports and report back to them any discrepancies. Basically it's a " here check our work for yourself" type of thing.
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  25. ExSWATop

    ExSWATop MassCops Member

    Yup, same here with the exception of a separate email stating they reviewed my experience credit and 2.2 points is accurate. Smh, how do we compare our answers to the "correct " ones.....this is a bag of suck and I don't know why I expected more

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