2017 Civil Service ALL POSTS !!!!!

Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by 43225, Feb 15, 2017.

  1. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    Why yes ,there's going to be representatives from all the major departments.
    That's right and the Troopers , the Troopers will be there too
    Yeah , that's the ticket.

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  2. kwflatbed

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    Use your investigative skills and find the thread.
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  3. Rogergoodwin

    Rogergoodwin MassCops Member

    It's nothing official. Im pretty sure it's just some guys that have masscops.com accounts. I would go, but I'm meeting up with guys from a different online forum that day.
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  4. unexpo

    unexpo MassCops Member

    Right on bro. Thanks for the "heads up"
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  5. santana

    santana MassCops Member

    My friends test at Attleboro only had 2 sections... Did they change something or was that the reason for different locations...
  6. Rogergoodwin

    Rogergoodwin MassCops Member

    No. Your friend can't read/count to 3.
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  7. santana

    santana MassCops Member

    No bro... My friend is very capable of counting.. No need to be a Troll, it's a legit question.. His test was missing a section and the proctor said there were only 2 parts.
  8. unexpo

    unexpo MassCops Member

    My proctor told us there were 3 parts, and told us to count all the pages before the test to make sure we had everything. If he didn't get all of the pages, he should contact HRD
  9. santana

    santana MassCops Member

    He contacted them, hopefully it gets figured out.. Thanks for the feedback
  10. HighwayJanitor

    HighwayJanitor New Member

    I'm guessing your friend lumped the work styles questionnaire and the personality questionnaire together
  11. Rogergoodwin

    Rogergoodwin MassCops Member

    So everyone in his class would need to make it up.
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  12. Rogergoodwin

    Rogergoodwin MassCops Member

    Respectfully, I call bs on the test AND proctor being wrong.
    ...I can hear the DI's screaming now... "attention to detail!"
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  13. Danusmc0321

    Danusmc0321 MassCops Member

    You don't know that. Shit has happened with the cs tests before. I don't know where your base of knowledge is coming from, but I've worked two of these details, and picked up tests at 1 ashburn for the last test. They are vacuumed sealed and put in boxes with tape. But people put them in those packages, anything can happen. The proctors are hired help. Usually teachers who read instructions and administer the test. That's it. They advertise for them in the paper. There's usually 1 or 2 people from CS in the building to receive the tests, but they are not in every room.
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  14. Rogergoodwin

    Rogergoodwin MassCops Member

    I get that, with people involved anything could happen. But what's more likely
    - the proctor not knowing
    -the directions the proctor reads to the class incorrectly mentioning '2' sections
    -AND all the test booklets for one class being wrong.

    This guys "friend" didn't pay attention.
  15. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    Many moons ago took the Registry Police test. ( probably the last one they ever had )
    We were supposed to get a 10-minute heads up before the end of the test.

    Had about a dozen questions was going to save for last and just take a wild guess.
    Out of nowhere it was "pencils down ! "
    Looked at the guy like , really ?

    To me the instructors just look like teachers trying to earn a little extra money on a Saturday. Most of the time it's obvious they've never done it before.
    They never struck me as infallible.
    If there was a mistake file a complaint with civil service. Wish I had many years ago.
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  16. Rogergoodwin

    Rogergoodwin MassCops Member

    Ya a lot of proctors kind of "phone it in". Most get a few tests a year and the $120 isn't going to make or break them. But a red flag must have been raised when they were told to count the # of pages and they were missing a bunch.
    Idk tho, it's cheap and easy to file an appeal. Might as well.
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  17. sf1530

    sf1530 MassCops Member

  18. Drm122388

    Drm122388 New Member

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  19. Bloodhound

    Bloodhound MassCops Member

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  20. HuskyH-2

    HuskyH-2 G-Rap made me do it!

    Doubt it. You had to give you DOB when you signed up if you weren't 21 you got denied. Only people allowed to take it again have to be 19 or 20.
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  21. Rogergoodwin

    Rogergoodwin MassCops Member

    That's great! I'm glad these kids get the advantage of knowing the questions beforehand. Sounds fair to me.
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  22. Elks@Summer

    Elks@Summer MassCops Member

    Apparently there was a legislative issue with the minimum age for the civil service exam last month. MA Civil Service will be holding another examination for Police Officer on June 24, 2017. This exam will only include municipal agencies, State Police is not included in this exam. The deadline to sign up is May 23, 2017. I called the civil service office and was advised that anyone can sign up for the exam. I will post the link below.

    Police jobs in Massachusetts within 25 miles | Sorted by Date descending | Government Jobs
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  23. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    When did the change the testing requirement? Back in I think 2003 they changed the testing age to 21. Now 14 years later they want to challenge it?
  24. visible25

    visible25 MassCops Member

    Before anyone freaks out about having to retake it...

    "if you were between the ages of 19 and 21 on March 25, 2017, you are now eligible to take the exam for Municipal Police and Transit Police (MBTA). "
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  25. Elks@Summer

    Elks@Summer MassCops Member

    I actually called them and asked that question. They told me if you didn't take it already this year and you are not 19 or 20 you can still sign up and take it.

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