6-Year-Old Accused of Sexual Harassment

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    (Greenville County, South Carolina) A 6-year-old kindergarten student at Skyland Elementary School was sent home this week for the alleged sexual harassment of his teacher.
    The boy allegedly said a teacher was "a hottie" and saying that a classmate of his liked looking at the teacher's butt ...​
    The boy's father, Pastor Malory Pinckney Sr. of Holy Ground Full Gospel Ministries, is angry.
    "So, whoever looks at his record, they have already stereotyped him as being some kind of little pervert or something like that," the boy's father, Malory Pinkney, said. "I refuse to have that."​
    Okay, but one has to wonder where the kids picked up the terminology. Not only that but, as I recall my youth, kindergarteners back then had no solid conception of what sex was nor what attributes a "hottie" would possess.

    Agreed, I'm an oldster and times have changed but it's still hard to accept that kids are well-versed in sex before they learn how to read, write and do arithmetic. Yet, it appears that's the case here.

    Nevertheless, I'd contend that the teacher and the school administrators overreacted to the boy's alleged sexual remarks. The incident could have been handled much easier and likely much more effectively in-house, without paperwork. As it is, they have made themselves look foolish.

    Lastly, since the brain trusts at Skyland Elementary decided to turn their politically correct posturing into media fodder, the least they could do is provide the name and photo of Miss Hottie Nicebuns to verify that the boy is a credible critic.


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