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Discussion in 'State Police' started by Goose, Oct 12, 2015.

  1. MSPField

    MSPField MassCops Member

    The current environment is definitely impacting the response ...

    The Massachusetts State Police has begun processing candidates for appointment to the 83rd Recruit Training Troop (RTT) Academy Class. On October 7, 2016, candidates with written examination scores of 97.90 or greater were invited to compete for an appointment to the 83rd RTT and the assessment of this group of candidates is presently underway. The Department of State Police has decided to supplement the current pool of candidates with additional candidates. Accordingly, all candidates with a written examination score between 97.40 and 97.89 will soon be mailed a letter inviting them to participate in the selection process.

    Click on the link below for more information about the 83rd RTT-

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  2. HuskyH-2

    HuskyH-2 G-Rap made me do it!

    Pretty crazy
  3. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Well well well... our friendly local janitor has come to visit!

    What Intel can you bequeath upon us?

    And for the record, MSPField did say at one point that my math was pretty damn close.
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  4. Mr Scribbles

    Mr Scribbles Mr Scribbles44.blogspot.com

    Scribbles' Pencil #3 currently serving here, got a letter for 83RTT. His probation will be over by the time it starts...
  5. j809

    j809 Subscribing Member

    If you have a leave of absence it shows that you're not fully committed and might have some difficulty at the SPA.

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  6. PBC FL Cop

    PBC FL Cop Subscribing Member

    Best of luck to everyone who receives an opportunity for the MSP...
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  7. woodyd

    woodyd MassCops Member

    I wonder if our friend James Costa got a card for MSP. Because, you know, he only went through the BPD process for "practice" and really wanted to be a Trooper. Or if he ever graduated from the Hyde Park Hilton. That kid was such an arrogant windbag, he'll probably have Yankee in his callsign by the time he's off probation.

    Should I take it?
  8. GARDA

    GARDA Subscribing Member

    I agree and disagree. The paradox in that^ is this: I did not ask for a leave of absence from my previous employer out of any uncertainty of commitment, I asked for that leave to protect my family should I suffer a disqualifying injury during training (not from lack of preparation either, but the shit bad luck kind that we all hope doesn't happen, but know can).

    So when I requested my leave my boss said; "I would gladly take you back in a heartbeat, but I cannot grant you the leave of absence you are looking for, because that would be the equivalent of me basically giving you and everyone else who works here a security blanket while trying for other jobs ". Hence, no leave of absence for me.

    Now, I knew previous administrations had granted LOA's in the past, but I chose not to push the legal issue. However, his
    "No Leave Policy" only guaranteed my "No Chance Policy" that I was ever going to quit the academy or crawl back to him and beg for my old job back. I decided someone was going to have to bag me and tag me for me NOT to graduate.

    Bottom line... Departments understandably don't like it when their people (who they hired and trained) decide to move on to greener pastures, but what they always seem to forget is that the grass is always greener where you water it.

    Ask for the leave of absence and make them say no to your face, and when they do, SMILE...
    Then leave the wading pool they tried to keep you in and set sail out to the open ocean anyway.
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  9. HistoryHound

    HistoryHound Supporting Member

    It really is amazing what one little word can bring about. If the word "no" is the final answer and it's enough to make someone roll over and accept their fate; then, maybe they're not cut out for whatever it was they were trying to achieve. If the word "no" is just the beginning and it motivates someone; there, is little doubt they will succeed. A friend of ours once told us, "there is no other word, so small, that can bring on such great change."

    Before anyone takes it the wrong way. I would argue that you folks that heard the word "no" so many times that you changed course and embarked on a new adventure fall into the second category of people. You may have heard no, but rather than sit around in misery playing the "if only" game you took control of your futures and found a better path.
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  10. GARDA

    GARDA Subscribing Member

    BULLSEYE HH. That little word has defined personal and professional pathways for me and I'm sure many others.
    And just because I'm a fair guy, whenever I've been told 'no' I counterattack with equally small, yet powerful words:
    "Uh ok... so if it is to be, it is up to me!" :D
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  11. Treehouse413

    Treehouse413 MassCops Member

    Oh I wanna see this on Monday

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  12. Danusmc0321

    Danusmc0321 MassCops Member

    If your in the process and reading this, basketball isn't the prep PT you need to be doing. The guys who barely made the run, usually dropped from being physically unprepared. That time isn't that fast and running is the easiest thing you do for PT.
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  13. pahapoika

    pahapoika Subscribing Member

    Good Grief !
    Sorry, couldn't watch that whole thing , but this kid wants advice ?
    Start running !
    More running, less whiny YouTube videos. :rolleyes:
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  14. TRN

    TRN MassCops Member

    Guy will get slayed by day 2 if he gets a letter.
  15. Kenny

    Kenny MassCops Member

    Any chance I can PM someone who would have some insight into specific types of PT prep one should be doing to prepare for an RTT? Thanks!
  16. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Well, I see that fat body's video is making the rounds. Had that one sent to me the other day...

    Love how he complains about the allotted times for the run.
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  17. TRN

    TRN MassCops Member


    Attached Files:

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  18. WaterPistola

    WaterPistola Subscribing Member

    How were the numbers on Friday?
  19. Treehouse413

    Treehouse413 MassCops Member

    Don't worry the academy staff is aware of it and will be waiting for him. Maybe instead of the run he could do a pick up game of B-ball.
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  20. Crazy Otto

    Crazy Otto Working for the clampdown

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  21. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    Similar to the ones all week. 25-30 shows per group. Each group had 125 called, 2 groups per day.
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  22. MA12Local

    MA12Local MassCops Member

    Make sure you are in the best shape of your life. It's pretty simple. They run a lot at the beginning, so make sure your shins and ankles can stand the pounding. They transition to Crossfit (like it or not) very quickly, so be prepared for that. You don't have to do Crossfit before the academy to be able to handle Crossfit, but make sure you're in GREAT shape because the workouts are demanding. My suggestion would be to be able to run 3-4 miles, 4 days a week BEFORE you start the academy. Make sure you can do A LOT of body weight exercises, like push-ups and a lot of air aquats (hint, make sure your weight is down) as well. At a minimum, this class has 9 more months to get in shape (probably longer) before day 1, which is plenty of time even if you're currently out of shape, but don't wait until next year to start.

    There is no secret method of graduating the SPA. Be in fantastic shape, make sure you are mentally ready to be uncomfortable at ALL TIMES, and never give up, no matter how bad it gets.
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  23. Pvt. Cowboy

    Pvt. Cowboy Lemme take a selfie Staff Member

    If people, at this point, don't know what they need to do to be able to survive an RTT, with the PAGES of RTT info that's available here...
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    BIG IRISH MassCops Member

    You forgot to say remain anonymous while here or at the SPA just like the kid that showed up last week in an UBER for the PT test!! You just can't make this shit up!! Stay safe
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  25. visible25

    visible25 MassCops Member

    If they really need applicants, I'm more than willing to take a quick test... if they catch my drift... *cough* I'm ready to go *cough* someone from MSP HR see this post *cough*
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