Actor John Hurt dead at age 77

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    Actor John Hurt dead at age 77
    Known for 'Elephant Man,' Harry Potter movies

    Updated: 11:52 PM EST Jan 27, 2017

    Notable reactions to death of actor John Hurt
    Hurt, who battled pancreatic cancer, died Friday in London according to his agent Charles McDonald.

    Twice nominated for an Oscar for playing the tortured John Merrick in David Lynch's "The Elephant Man" and for his role as the heroin addict Max in "Midnight Express," Hurt's career spanned over 50 years. After minor television and film appearances, his breakout came in 1966 as Richard Rich in Fred Zinnemann's "A Man For All Seasons," followed by his portrayal of Caligula in the BBC miniseries "I, Claudius" in 1976.

    The wiry Hurt brought gravitas to Alan Parker's 1978 film "Midnight Express," for which he received a supporting actor Oscar nomination (he lost to Christopher Walken for "The Deer Hunter") and an uneasy humor to Kane in Ridley Scott's "Alien," immortalized by his disturbing death scene, which Mel Brooks later poked fun at with Hurt's help in "Spaceballs."

    "It was terribly sad today to learn of John Hurt's passing," Mel Brooks wrote on Twitter. "He was a truly magnificent talent."

    Actor John Hurt dead at age 77
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    Well, after seeing this, I guess the deficit is down to 1. Terrific actor and could handle comedy as well as the classics with style. RIP, Mr. Hurt.
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    Like him was the War Doctor in Dr. Who
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    Loved him in Alien and Spaceballs.

    "Oh no... not again."
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    Jesus *Liked him as the war doctor is what I was attempting to say
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