Backup earns a bone: Dog sniffs out dope in car

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    Photo by Angela Rowlings
    State trooper Brian Frechette’s K-9 Unit partner, Nanuk, sniffed out assorted drugs from the car of two Haverhill men on Monday morning.

    What might have been a “ruff” day at the office for a four-legged hero cop ended up proving this German shepherd has a real nose for police work.
    While some dogs prefer to chase cars, Nanuk, Trooper Brian Frechette’s K-9 Unit partner, makes no bones about taking them apart.
    Two Haverhill men, Jayro Custodio, 24, and Daniel Robles, 23, were arrested just before dawn Monday and hit with assorted drug charges, including trafficking in cocaine, after Trooper Scott Driscoll pulled them over on Route 290 East in Auburn for allegedly speeding and making dangerous lane changes in a 2008 Dodge Avenger.
    It’s one police tail Custodio and Robles aren’t likely to forget. When Driscoll smelled marijuana coming from the car, he called for backup. Frechette responded with Nanuk, who, during an exterior sweep of the Avenger, began chomping at the front bumper, grille and hood.
    Talk about taking a bite out of crime. Inside the housing for the air filter, police allegedly found pot, Ecstasy and more than 100 grams of cocaine.
    State Police Superintendent Col. Mark F. Delaney, a former K-9 officer in the 1980s, yesterday praised Nanuk for his collar.
    “The dogs who serve in our K-9 section are valuable members of the Massachusetts State Police and to their handlers,” Delaney said. “They truly are a trooper’s best friend.
    “Everyone in that unit,” he said, “whether they walk on two legs or four, helps fulfill our mission to protect the safety of the state’s citizens.”
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    Nice job Trooper Frechette and partner!!!
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    Awesome. LOVE these stories !!!!!!!!!
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    Heeeeeeeeeeee's a gooooooooooooooooood boooooooooooooooooooooy!

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