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Discussion in 'Municipal Police' started by Investigator25, Oct 15, 2004.

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  1. Investigator25

    Investigator25 MassCops Member

    Has anyone heard what is going on with Brimfield police? I heard that they hired back most of the department but that they still don't have police powers yet. Is there any truth to that?
  2. BigDog15

    BigDog15 MassCops Member

    I work for a town that borders Brimfield and have some limited info...... yes they hired back some of the old part-timers but they did pick up some new ones. There is a new chief who came from out-of-state and the LT is a full time PO from Charlton PD. They are making arrests and MV stops so I would assume they have full PO powers. Hope this helps, Bro.
  3. WBPD628

    WBPD628 MassCops Member

    The Chief is still not a certified police officer. He cannot make arrests, however, I'm sure that he making arrests and doesn't care what the state has to say about it. I know that he drives a fully marked police cruiser. He wears an official uniform along with a gun and presents himself as a police officer.
  4. BigDog15

    BigDog15 MassCops Member

    True, Chief is not certified. He was certified in Florida but the MPTC will not accept his academy. From what I hear he is scheduled to attend the Boylston FT academy.
  5. texdep

    texdep Subscribing Member

    Just to get the facts straight.
    MPTC will accept his academy if the job was a fulltime position.
    The problem is that the chief's job in Brimfield is parttime and MPTC is not authorized by the statues to issue a waiver(exemption) for out of state training for a parttime position.
  6. John J

    John J Subscribing Member

    So then why doesn't the "chief" go to the reserve academy?
  7. dcs2244

    dcs2244 Moderator Staff Member

    Because he's better than the rest of us...Why'd he be a chief, otherwise? Whats "sauce for the goose" is not "sauce for the gander" in this case...

    I don't care, really, about what goes on in Brimfield. But if I drop you and your address has "Brimfield" anywhere in it, GIG. Period. Pay the man.

    How about a concerted effort amongst state and local cops to serve warrants and enforce the law during their next Gypsy Event?

    Bet we could clear a ton of warrants...
  8. MVS

    MVS Chapter 90 Enforcer

    I'm up for the Warrant clearing at the next Gypsy event. :lol:
  9. Dan H

    Dan H MassCops Member

    If they had the mobile terminals in their cruisers you could run a hell of alot of the plates in that kind of traffic!
  10. USMCTrooper

    USMCTrooper Grim reaper

    The Brimfield Lt is a patrolman in Charlton??? :s Who delivers the mail....the fire chief???

    where is that damn deliverance icon!


    I solved the problem. Let's create a "circuit chief's" position like the circuit judges of the 1800's wild west. He could ride through town once a month and preside over business....."Brimfield today....Sunderland next week....Savoy................hey does anyone know how to get to Clarksburg?" :lol:

  11. MVS

    MVS Chapter 90 Enforcer

    You gotta love a Town (Brimfield) that spends only 1% of its town budget on Police Services.
  12. frapmpd24

    frapmpd24 Senior Member

  13. MVS

    MVS Chapter 90 Enforcer

    I agree, I live in the next town over and at the end of an article (re: the PD) it said that the Police Departments Budget was 1.2% of the Town Budget. Truly disgusting!! It's all a matter of time until crime increases dramatically there unless they fix it. The main roadway is Route 20 and with only 4 part-timers, it's become a Race way.... At least before the big "Firing" or whatever you want to call it, they had a larger staff.

    BPD747, How many guys did you have BEFORE??
  14. Investigator25

    Investigator25 MassCops Member

    That's all they have are 4 officers?
  15. WBPD628

    WBPD628 MassCops Member

    There were 18 total officers. 10 patrolmen and 8 auxilliary.

    Yes four officers and a Chief.

    1 Chief
    1 Lieutenant
    3 Officers

    And last but not least....

    The SCABS from Wales Police Department. I believe thier names are....


    Sometimes the name says it all.
  16. 209

    209 MassCops Member

    I know... the last post for this topic was months ago but... I just wanted to say something on behalf of the new Chief. I went to the reserve academy with him and graduated in April 05'. From my perspective he is a very experienced, smart, and overall good guy.
  17. MVS

    MVS Chapter 90 Enforcer


    I don't think there is really any personal issues with Chief Kuss, but more or less (MORE!) with the board of select'idiots... But hiring him without Mass certification was also a big fuc% up! And the issue with Wales PD is that while all other departments refused to cross the line and cover details or assist, Wales PD jumped right in and helped cover Brimfield. While Brimfield never actually became "Unionized", it was still considered a picket line by others - and they did not cross it, except Wales PD.

    And how can the town be satisfied or served sufficiently after being reduced from 18 police Officers down to 4 is beyond me. If I was a resident in that town, I would be pissed!

    As I Live and working in that area, it blows my mind how fast people drive through that town... Trust me, I tend to speed sometimes myself, but some of those motorists downright scare me... but then again many people know that most days (in Brimfield) there is no one on duty until a certain hour... How can you have 24/7 coverage with 5 part-timers? and with like a $40,000 budget? Tons of drugs in that area!... Sad, very sad. If I'm off base on anything, maybe WBPD628 can shed some light...
  18. Portable81

    Portable81 MassCops Member

    Hey 209... I sat with the Chief! Hows it goin? Clue me in as to who you are. Take care.
  19. WBPD628

    WBPD628 MassCops Member


    It's been awhile!

    As usual, I couldn’t agree with you more. The problem was not with the Chief, it was with the selectboobs from that town. Chief Kuss actually recommended all of the officers back, however, the SelectBOOBS decided to only mention the ones THEY wanted back (THANKS FOR THE CHECK BRIMFIELD). Let me just add...When I use the word SelectBOOBS, I'm only referring to Brimfield. I actually work for a town that has respectable people on the board and have a good relationship and respect for the police department.

    WALES.... What can I say...? The names speak for themselves. What killed me was that two of the officers actually stated that they supported us, but I soon found out at the same time they were begging the town for a job while we were on the picket line.

    Oh, Did I say THANK YOU FOR THE CHECK BRIMFIELD???? :lol: :lol:

    Be Safe!
  20. MVS

    MVS Chapter 90 Enforcer

    As WBPD628 also stated, I too work for a PD that has a board of Selectmen that have more than half a brain unlike Brimfield. As WBPD628 and I both work near Brimfield (different PD's though, however mutual aid works well :wink: ) its amazing how much Brimfield is in a different world than every town around them. Brimfield lost a lot of good Police Officers during that fuc% up!

    If you get a chance to work in Brimfield, think twice. The board is so twisted it's sickening. Brimfield: "Public Safety...? What's that?" And if you do get a job there, don't even bother writing a resident a ticket - they'll just get it fixed.... at least that's what I've heard.

    But good news, I hear their detail pay has skyrocketed to about $24/hr now :shock: WTF? Cheap pricks... But hey, since Police Coverage there is minimal, I hear the Speed limit is about 75 MPH through town now..
  21. NACop

    NACop Guest

    This is getting stale...................
  22. WBPD628

    WBPD628 MassCops Member

    RPD931 that was Funny!
    NACop, there's a link at the top of the page that reads Log out [ NACop } - Hit that one!
  23. WBPD628

    WBPD628 MassCops Member


    This is the guy that was responsible for the whole Brimfield mess.

    Brimfield official charged

    By James F. Russell correspondent

    BOSTON— A Brimfield selectman was charged yesterday with criminal tax evasion in Boston Municipal Court. The charges were brought by Attorney General Thomas F. Reilly’s office with help from the state Department of Revenue, a spokesman for Mr. Reilly said.

    Robert C. Cheney, 53, who also serves as Brimfield town moderator, was charged with four counts of “making and subscribing to false state tax returns” for allegedly withholding $13,345 in earnings from 1998 to 2001, spokesman Terrence Burke said.

    A clerk-magistrate found probable cause to move the case to go before a judge for arraignment in Boston Municipal Court on Aug. 29, Mr. Burke said. Mr. Cheney was first elected to the Brimfield Board of Selectmen in June 2001. He has been moderator for more than 16 years.

    If convicted, Mr. Cheney, a noted antique clock dealer, faces “a fine of not more than $100,000, or imprisonment of not more than three years, or both,” Mr. Burke said.

    The attorney general’s office and the state Department of Revenue allege Mr. Cheney understated his income by $251,000 between 1998 and 2001, Mr. Burke said.

    Assistant Attorney General Tina Skerritt is prosecuting the case, Mr. Burke said.

    A call to Mr. Cheney’s home was not returned.

    Mr. Cheney,
    Isn't it ironic? You were not paying your taxes at the same time you were spending Brimfield taxpayers money on lawyer bills to protect you!!!!!!!

    :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:
  24. WBPD628

    WBPD628 MassCops Member

    The Selectmen stated that they coudn't hire some of the old officers back because of BUDGET concerns....Looks like they fould NEW money to hire NEW people. Another article last week indicated that they also hired three of the scabs from the original labor dispute! This is too FUNNY!!

    By the way, If you have a free moment before August 29th., please stop by the Brimfield town hall and wish Selectman Robert Cheney (the man whom started it all), good luck at his tax evasion arraingment in Boston! There is a God!

    Worcester Telegram

    BRIMFIELD— Selectmen are questioning why Police Chief Charles T. Kuss did not disclose to the board that a man the chief recommended for a job as patrolman — and whom selectmen hired this week — is on probation until March 2006.

    The new Brimfield officer, Patrick L. O’Donoghue, 34, of Paxton, admitted to sufficient facts for a guilty finding and was found guilty of a criminal misdemeanor last year involving a threatened sexual assault on a minor.

    “Oh, my God. We can’t have someone on probation” serving as a member of the police force, board chairman Diane M. Panaccione said during an interview yesterday when informed of the matter by a reporter. “Even if there is the slightest little thing on the criminal background check, we must be told.”

    Selectmen unanimously appointed Mr. O’Donoghue and two others as patrol officers Monday following Chief Kuss’ recommendation.

    “All matters regarding their appointment to include a check of their character have been satisfactorily completed,” the chief said in a letter to the board dated Aug. 22 that was obtained by the Telegram & Gazette. “All three have a long history of service to our town and come with the highest recommendations.”

    Officer O’Donoghue, who was hired as a full-time dispatcher for the Sterling Police Department in August 2004, paid a $100 fine, was placed on two years’ probation on March 10, 2004, and ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and to seek help for alcoholism after an incident in September 2003 when he was a full-time police officer in Paxton. He resigned from the Paxton force in October 2003 for personal and health reasons.

    In an interview yesterday Officer O’Donoghue, who is married and has three children, said he was looking forward to working in Brimfield and expressed regret for the incident in Paxton.

    “I made a mistake off duty; I couldn’t be more remorseful,” he said. “I wrote a four-page letter of apology to the family that I gave to my probation officer.”

    Officer O’Donoghue said the incident was the result of a harassing telephone call he made to the home of a neighbor.

    “I made a phone call and I should not have done it,” he said. “I regret it every day. I made a mistake.”

    State police assigned to the Worcester district attorney’s office charged Officer O’Donoghue on Nov. 4, 2003, in Western Worcester District Court in East Brookfield with a threat to commit a crime.

    “Defendant Patrick O’Donoghue was a Paxton Police Officer when he called neighbor and threatened to rape and assault her 12-year-old daughter,” according to Judge Charles Abdella’s order of Nov. 24, 2003, in which he set bail at $5,000. “Defendant may have used the color of his office to perpetrate a crime which negatively threatened public safety.”

    Speaking from his office at the Brimfield police station last night, Chief Kuss said he did not tell selectmen about Officer O’Donoghue’s past. Asked if he should have informed the board, the chief replied: “That is a decision for them to make.”

    Asked to elaborate, he said, “Selectmen have entrusted me with the responsibility for leadership of the Police Department. I made a choice in this matter. If my choice not to inform was incorrect, that is my responsibility.”

    The chief said Officer O’Donoghue “fully disclosed the Paxton incident,” adding: “It is not an insignificant matter, and we have given it appropriate weight and thoroughly addressed it, (but) I have the opportunity to put on a police officer that is extremely talented.”

    Contacted at his home last night, Selectman Steven Fleshman said, “I would have to assume Chief Kuss did not know of this. I am set back not knowing about this. The first thing that pops into my head is, did O’Donoghue disclose that? If Chief Kuss knew of this, he should have disclosed this. I need the information to make a decision. If he knew, then I should have known. I like to be well-informed.”

    Selectman Robert C. Cheney said Chief Kuss had a responsibility to inform the board about Officer O’Donoghue’s background.

    According to Paxton Police Chief Robert B. Desrosiers, Officer O’Donoghue “was one of the best officers we had. He did a great job (but) he did what he did; it is a public record.”

    Chief Desrosiers said Officer O’Donoghue attempted to go back to work at the Paxton police force. “Under the circumstances, I could not give him a break,” the chief said. “He did it and it is going to haunt him for the rest of his life.”

    Asked if Brimfield selectmen or police contacted Paxton for a reference on Officer O’Donoghue, Chief Desrosiers said Brimfield Police Lt. William Beaudry spoke to him “in early summer.”

    “It was a private conversation,” Chief Desrosiers added. Lt. Beaudry is also a part-time police officer in Paxton, the chief said.

    The chief hesitated when asked if he recommended Officer O’Donoghue to Brimfield, then said: “I hate to say; he was such a good cop. Brimfield made a good solid choice.”

    Lt. Beaudry refused to discuss Officer O’Donoghue yesterday.

    “There is nothing to discuss, I have nothing to say. That is all you need to know,” Lt. Beaudry said by telephone. “You had your interview the other night,” on Monday, with Chief Kuss. “I am not going to say if he (Officer O’Donoghue) worked in Paxton. We have no further information.”

    Contacted yesterday, Sterling Police Chief Gary M. Chamberland said he hired Officer O’Donaghue as a dispatcher and that a committee has recommended him as one of three finalists for a full-time patrolman’s job out of a pool of 15 applicants.

    Chief Chamberland said he was aware of Officer O’Donoghue’s past. “When we hire, we do a thorough background check,” the chief said. “He came highly recommended and has done an outstanding job.”
  25. WAN Cop

    WAN Cop MassCops Member

    Gee, Let's see... In 2003 , they refused to reappoint

    A veteran Lieutenant who was a proven leader
    2 veteran Police Officers who also served with distinction in neighboring towns.
    1 seasoned Police Officer with a bulldog instinct for criminals and a solid record of obtaining convictions due to professional police work. He was so dedicated he put himself thru the Academy at his own expense

    And now they hired a guy who admittedly threatened to ASSAULT AND RAPE a neighbors 12 YEAR OLD DAUGHTER ????????? And 3 Scabs serving in a neighboring town ?????

    ASSAULT AND RAPE A JUVENILE ??? You've got to be kidding me, Folks !

    Only in Brimfield would the trusted officials have this sense for Talent....... Only in Brimfield......

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