Chicago Traffic Stop... What did I just watch?

Discussion in 'Shop Talk' started by visible25, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. LA Copper

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    It's good to see folks talking in a thread like this. It's always good to get involved. If nothing else, at least we are looking at each other's points of view.. no matter how crazy we think the other one is!
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  2. Pvt. Cowboy

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    Wait you missed one... That cruiser shooting in Millis.

    What.... Too soon??
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  3. visible25

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    Not to toot my own horn, but I couldn't agree more and I'm really glad I decided to post this here. As an aspiring LEO, this thread has been awesome to sit back and watch the developing discussion and points everyone has brought up. Definitely bookmarking this one.
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  4. Joel98

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    Here is an example of a proper high risk vehicle stop.

    If you will notice, the officers are calm and moving slowly and smoothly, all the while remaining safe and tactical. There is one officer giving clear and loud commands, not ten guys all yelling at once. Contrast this to the chaotic, unorganized and unsafe situation in the Chicago video.
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  5. Hush

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    Yeah, but don't you know there is some atmospheric anomaly on the East coast that renders the PA unable to be heard by bad guys? And worse, they don't even follow the commands sometimes!

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  6. Danusmc0321

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    LA, I'm not disagreeing with you that there are not issues with the video. It's has some serious issues that need to be addressed. I am in between you and Sgt. on this one. It looks like a multi agency felony stop, where everyone wings it and has no set guidelines on what to do. What I don't agree with is your tactics where you have a script for what to do and you follow that. Ive seen enough to know there are not scripts for everything, and some good improvise, adapt and overcome is needed. I've also see guys that follow the leader and their training have the deer in headlights look when something goes off the map. I do agree that having training and a set way to do a felony stop is needed with any agency. It just sounds to me that the way you do them is, drilling the routine and training and not relying on guys experience to dictate what should be done. If badguy does A we do B, if he does C we do D. I just think that letting guys experience dictate what to do is more valuable and productive than following the manual. It sounds to me that you are contradicting yourself, you are saying that you watched one of your guys go after an operator after a crash and he got a "butt chewing", for not sitting on the car, I mention that guys should be able to make decisions on the ground and you said "they are" then why would he get chewed out for making a call on what to do? Obviously the way LAPD does felony stops works for you and know you do plenty of them with out serious issues so thats good, no one likes seeing cops in th news. I can see issues with how LAPD does felony stops working on my agency. One more thing, I don't know you and you don't know me. You probably have been on the job longer than me, I really don't give a bakers shit, don't try and big boy me with the "you will get it kid" routine. I will stack my training and experience up with anyone.
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  7. LA Copper

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    Say what? That's not what I do and I certainly didn't do that here. I'm sorry if you interpreted that in something I wrote but that's certainly not my intention. You're right, I don't know you, that's one of the reasons why I wouldn't say anything like that. Let's not get carried away here.
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  8. LA Copper

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    I wouldn't quite say our stops are "scripted" but we do do them in basically the same way. This particular scenario in this video was pretty basic in my opinion. One lone guy sitting in a car that was already stopped. There was no reason to "wing" it in this case.

    I just don't understand why it would make any difference if this happened in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Boston, Springfield, etc. This looks to me like it could be "anytown" USA and it could still be handled more safely. But hey, to each their own I guess. This was just a discussion on tactics and how I thought we could do it better.

    I'd be happy to buy the first round next time I'm home and we could actually "talk" tactics in person. Putting stuff in writing always seems to get lost in the translation.
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    How can you type something like that. It's been a while, but YOU HAVE MET ME!!!!!"

    I rest my case.....

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    Your righr Kliv. How thoughtless of me.

    You are one handsome bastard. :cool:
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    It is the tans Kliv, our pasty complexions can not match up!!

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