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Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by Rebello147, Feb 2, 2017.

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    Hi everyone, I was just wondering if you think it is a good idea for a RI resident to take the MA civil service exam? Do you know what towns or cities require residency? Thanks in advance
  2. woodyd

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    I'd recommend taking every exam you can, if you're serious about a career in LE. Plenty of MA residents take the RISP test, plus apply at all your towns, so by all means make your donation to this Commonwealth this March along with the locals.
    In terms of residency, all CS towns have residency preference, meaning that residents of that town (persons who have lived for a full continuous year, one year prior to the test date), have absolute preference over non-residents, ergo a Belmont resident with a 70 gets a card for Belmont PD before a non-resident with a 100. Within the resident categories, Veterans have preference, i.e. residents vets, resident non-vets, non-resident vets, non-resident non-vets. It's more complicated than that, and there are other categories (survivors, etc), but those categories tend to be fairly small so resident and Veteran preference are the main considerations. What this means, is that as a non-MA resident, you will not have residency preference with any town. So you will only have a chance with a town that goes through its entire resident list. This does happen, and has happened in several towns off of the current 2015 list. But it makes it much harder than if you have residency in a town and can take the test for your hometown. I don't know if you are a Veteran, but if you are, then you will have a better chance with towns that call non-residents.
    MSP is an option. No residence to take the test (you may need to relocate to MA if hired as a Trooper, not sure). MBTA/Transit also does not require residency, but is essentially 100% Vets for hiring.
    Bottom line, it's $150 and a Saturday morning. Sometimes, to find the Golden Ticket, you need to buy a ton of candy bars.

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