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Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by fscpd910, Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. BostonScrew

    BostonScrew New Member

    My score on the soaris website is not.the.same as the one that came in the.mail. Anyone else run into this? And if so, which score should I think is mine? Hopefully the higher one lol
  2. eashe

    eashe New Member

    94 - Boston Residency - non-vet. Wish me luck!
  3. Lima760

    Lima760 MassCops Member

    Good luck!!!!!!!!
  4. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    My turd in an envelope arrived today.
  5. Voodoo50

    Voodoo50 MassCops Member

    97 Lowell resident non vet wish me luck!
  6. Delta784

    Delta784 Guest

    Not good?
  7. OfficerObie59

    OfficerObie59 Public Trough Feeder

    For the record, here's how the lists break down by category:

    1) Minority/Special Class Applicant (if consent decree community)
    1) Chapter 534/310 Applicant (meaning they won a previous appeal or had special Beacon Hill legislation passed to place them at the top of the list)
    2) Resident Child of Line of Duty Death (402A)
    3) Non-Resident Resident Child of Line of Duty Death (402A)
    4) Resident Disabled Veteran, Scores 100-70 (Resident)
    5) Resident Child of Line of Duty Permantly & Totally Disabled (402B)
    6) Non-Resident Child of Line of Duty Permantly & Totally Disabled (402B)
    7) Resident Veteran, Scores 100-70
    8) Resident Civilian, Scores 100-70
    9) Non-Resident Disabled Veteran, Scores 100-70
    10) Non-Resident Veteran, Scores 100-70
    11) Non-Resident Civilian, Scores 100-70

    With all that said, most lists will not have any applicants from categories 1, 2, 3, 5, and 6. A list, depending on the size of the municipality, will usually only have a very few Disabled Veteran applicants. Thus, usually, the resident vets start within the first 5 ranked applicants, though that number will likely grow with each exam that passes for the next decade or two.
  8. SullyMass

    SullyMass MassCops Member

    99 - Billerica - non-vet
  9. bcleaver

    bcleaver New Member

    99 on exam. Resident non vet. What are my chances?

    what about my chances in towns i am not a resident in that i sent scores to?
  10. Eagle13

    Eagle13 #FYPM

    Depends on the towns, but you won't know until list are established, and even then you won't know because you could be sitting up on the top of the list and they either do not hire or hire laterally. Those variables determine what anyone's "chances" are. The chance you are talking about is also only a chance to get a card and sign a piece of paper at the city/town clerk's office. Anyone's actual chances are based on the above mentioned variables combined with their own personal variables, such as experience or lack of and how to present that to an interview panel, personality and how you carry yourself, and if you are actually built mentally for policing.
  11. theGUNshow

    theGUNshow MassCops Member

    Contrary to popular belief, I don't think any members of MC have a crystal ball or ESP...
  12. Wildcard

    Wildcard MassCops Member

    95 - Non-vet. All towns in Western mass. Pretty disappointed with the score. Assuming I lost most or all of my points on the psych section since the first section is almost too easy. But it is better than the 93 I scored the last time I took the civil service nearly 10 years ago.
  13. WaterPistola

    WaterPistola Subscribing Member

    so much for the NOV1 list coming out...
  14. 7.62mm

    7.62mm MassCops Member

    Yeah I've check the site 3 times today.....hoping...I still am having a hard time understanding why it takes so long with all the technology we have today???
  15. SullyMass

    SullyMass MassCops Member

    Not making excuses for them, but...
  16. Kentucky Gold

    Kentucky Gold MassCops Member

    What a list today. Hopefully by the end of the week.
  17. rnv547

    rnv547 New Member

    Always add a few weeks to whatever date they say
  18. Agent Stan Smith

    Agent Stan Smith MassCops Member

    Just checked and they have posted the standings on the HRD site.

    Mine don't look that great unfortunately, but hopefully others did well.
  19. SullyMass

    SullyMass MassCops Member

    Lists have been released.
  20. tms1989

    tms1989 MassCops Member

    I'm ranked 4th in my city of residence, too far up in the other towns I picked to every get called. I really hope they actually hire sometime in the next couple of years! lol
  21. BostonApplicant

    BostonApplicant New Member

    Anyone know how far they get down on the Boston list typically?
  22. WaterPistola

    WaterPistola Subscribing Member

    It went from 1 resident vet in my town to 7...welcome home.
  23. bmwzr3

    bmwzr3 New Member

    So far one town that i selected has posted my standing. The other 3 towns say none selected is there an error and i need to reselected the towns on the website or have those towns just not established a list yet? Thank you
  24. tms1989

    tms1989 MassCops Member

    That's going to be an ever increasing trend over the next few years
  25. Mwiggz36

    Mwiggz36 Very Special....

    Does anyone know how to set your resident town? I guess I didn't select it right while setting it up. SMH
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