Court Officer / Associate Court Officer (State wide vacancies )

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Employment' started by Foxy85, Aug 23, 2013.

  1. EJS12213

    EJS12213 MassCops Member

    With group 2 you can leave before you are 60 but you will not be getting 80%. With group 4 you can get out sooner with more than if you had group 2.
  2. wrangler

    wrangler MassCops Member

    Group 4 is a much better retirement plan then group 2. The court officers union has been fighting the state for group 4 but so far they have not been able to make the change to group 4. The court officers should no doubt be in group 4, and hopefully will be changed over at some point.
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  3. gobruins

    gobruins MassCops Member

    Yeah I don't know why they are not group 4. Thanks ej for the pay chart. It looks like I have to wait a while to get my current pay that changes things quite a bit
  4. gobruins

    gobruins MassCops Member

    Do you know how long before you move up to a co II
  5. EJS12213

    EJS12213 MassCops Member

    You have to be a CO I for 3 years before you can move up to CO II. If you have a college degree or military you can move up to CO III after another couple years as a CO II. The job used to start as a higher step before they created the new CO I position to replace the ACO's. It was lowered about 10 grand.
  6. gobruins

    gobruins MassCops Member

    Thanks for your info I appreciate it I thought this was an easy decision but that's a deep pay cut
  7. EJS12213

    EJS12213 MassCops Member

    They are currently trying to pass the bill for group 4 again. Hopefully they are successful.
    They are also trying to pass a bill to change the assault pay coverage for CO's. Apparently CO's are not fully covered if injured by assault if the person is not already in their custody. An example would be if the Judge orders someone into custody and that person resists. If that CO is injured as a result they are not covered fully 100%. Or if a CO has to place someone under arrest outside the court room and is injured it is the same result.
  8. EJS12213

    EJS12213 MassCops Member

    The pay may not be as great starting as it used to be but you still can not beat that work scheduled. M-F with nights, weekends, holidays and the occasional snow day off.
  9. Big John

    Big John New Member

    Anyone heard anything? Had the interview a few weeks back - haven't heard anything yet.
  10. districtcircus12

    districtcircus12 MassCops Member

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  11. districtcircus12

    districtcircus12 MassCops Member

    Snow days too!
  12. Webb

    Webb MassCops Member

    Did you get the email ?

    Good afternoon,

    We are writing to update you on the status of your candidacy for the position of Court Officer. As you may be aware there is a Court Officer Training Academy set to begin May 2, 2016. We want to inform you that you have not been selected to participate in the May 2nd academy at this time; however your application remains under review for future openings.

    The Trial Court is planning to hold another Court Officer Training Academy on August 1, 2016. Your application remains under review for that academy or other future academies.

    As additional information regarding the Court Officer position is available in the coming months, we will keep you informed.

    Thank you for your participation in the Court Officer selection process to this point.


    The Human Resources Department
  13. EJS12213

    EJS12213 MassCops Member

    The August Academy was pushed back a week to the 8th not to long ago. But at the moment it may not happen until January do to budget issues.
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  14. fjd1075

    fjd1075 MassCops Member

    I guess there have also been some issues with current ACOs still left on the roster. Two years ago the plan negotiated with the union was to phase out all ACOs who passed the exam and promote them to court officer. Somehow the director did not want to do that and changed the hiring standards. In last year's academies only a fourth of the aco roster got promoted, there are still many left. Contract negotiations begin in July for next year. The union is going to ask the director, if there is anyway ACOs be incorporated into the Court Officer workforce.
  15. Javert

    Javert MassCops Member

    All ACOs who wanted a chance have gotten one. The one class that we had where most recruits were ACOs had one of the highest drop out and fail rates. We will not tie up another slot when we have SO many good vets, COs and PT cops who deserve the job. Plus most ACOs are elderly, obese or invalids (not nice to say.....but truth hurts).
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  16. EJS12213

    EJS12213 MassCops Member

    I don't think you are a 100% correct. Out of the 206 recruits that attended last years four academy, only 125 made it. 82 of them from off the street and 43 ACO's. All four classes had horrible fail/dropout rates. Not just the one with the ACO's promoted. Even if half the ACO's that have gone so far failed out that is still about the same as each class of outsiders. That is also a small number of ACO's that have been given the chance to go.

    Are there ACO's that are old or out of shape. Sure but there are still a hell of a lot of CO's that are and bought their way in. You also have ACO's that have been on for 10 plus years that were never given the chance to move up because internal promotions were not given often. Most came off the street because of connections. Now when they are finally given a chance its when they are no longer as young as they started. After having to stand in the same place for hours with out any breaks including lunch often alone. Having to work a 2nd or 3rd job because of the huge pay gap all while the CO's sat around playing cards. Seems to be a huge kick in the face to all the blue shirts who are pretty much canon fodder that keep you from getting shot/stabbed in the court house.
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  17. Javert

    Javert MassCops Member

    I have no doubt that the ACO job is thankless as I have done it. And yes, many COs are worthless. However this is our chance to change. It was the Directors intent to promote all ACOs until he saw first hand there quality. So he then pledged to give each a "chance" and he did. Most failed, it sucks but natural selection is what it is. We have now more then ever non connected COs, Vets, PT cops, special cops and retired cops who want to join. For the greater good we simply have to move on.
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  18. fjd1075

    fjd1075 MassCops Member

    But there are too many still left. Attrition for ACOs is about only a few a year, and there will be many still left long after this director retires. Wouldn't it make sense from a security risk to be able have ACOs who are working the front door that are capable and willing to do train to do some of the CO 1 duties.
  19. Javert

    Javert MassCops Member

    There are no more ACOs left that I would want running into a cell with me. Those who I would want have been promoted. Any left that should get promoted will. We just have to let nature take its course.

    We wasted a seat on a ACO with 20+ years that couldn't run to the packy and back. He was recently fired to...umm...misconduct. I'd rather fill the slot with a kid from outside with a degree or reserve academy.
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  20. EJS12213

    EJS12213 MassCops Member

    If anyone is going through the process and still waiting for an update on the next Academy.

    Trial Court Plans to Address Anticipated Funding Gap

    The Trial Court is anticipating a FY17 budget shortfall, and is actively identifying steps that must be taken to operate at the level of funding that will be recommended by the Legislature. Court leaders have determined that staffing levels will need to be reduced. The extent of these reductions will depend on final funding. Current plans to implement this budget reduction do not include layoffs or a hiring freeze. These plans include the following:
    • Retirement Incentive: Offer a one-time, $10,000 incentive payment to employees who retire by September 2nd and selectively replace those positions.
    • Cancel the Court Officer Academy scheduled for August 2016. We hope to revisit the possibility of a class in calendar year 2017.
    Once the budget is signed into law, the Trial Court will make final decisions and announce details of its plans.
  21. fjd1075

    fjd1075 MassCops Member

    I saw that coming Pat results and physicals are are good for a year, I am assuming they would try to get people on board next year before all that expires. Otherwise those have to be done over which can be costly especially if money is tight next fiscal year.
  22. felony

    felony MassCops Member

    Some blue shirts are just happy where they are. The trail court is a odd animal filled with BS, if hired as a CO, have fun carrying the judges brief case up to his/her chambers every morning and other various bitch work. More insanity is at my local court house, a blue shirt recently retired and is now sell hot dogs from a vending cart, in the court house parking lot. Only in Massachusetts!
  23. fjd1075

    fjd1075 MassCops Member

    Very True I do see that a lot in the trial court. But the problem is the director wants to completely eliminate the ACO position in the near future at screening stations, and replace them with CO 1s. There are still many left on the roster. As mentioned above he changed the promotion requirements, when just a few years ago these requirements were not in placed in and many ACOs were overlooked because few internal promotions were offered. For years, the Trial Court never has been funded the way it should be and has constantly had to shed staff and not replace them. Eliminating ACOs and not utilizing them more (increased training) for the CO workforce is going to be hard to justify if more people cannot be brought on board.
  24. Lg44

    Lg44 New Member

    Any updates?
  25. JR90

    JR90 MassCops Member

    006 academy is postponed until the winter

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