Cowboy's Broken Record

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  1. Pvt. Cowboy

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    I'm guessing that though chokes are not part of this departments valid DT skill set, he could have easily put that guy to sleep for fear that he'd access his firearm.

    Top guy should have locked up a kimura, but started to get an Americana later in the fight. Guy on the bottom did a good job maintaining control... this could have ended VERY badly.

    Then there's this fuckin' trainwreck. There's so much wrong here it's just... awful.

    Anytime anyone of you folks wants me to do another class...
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  2. MassM123

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    The only issue I have with the video involving the Tulsa Gang Unit is the weak open hand smacks. If you're fighting for a gun you should be punching that guy in the face as hard as possible.
  3. Goose

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    The open hand strikes are distractionary strikes to a target of opportunity. When you start pounding on a skull with a closed fist, there is a strong potential to cause damage to your own hands, limiting your ability to transition to a taser or firearm. Good all day.

    My only complaint is that the cameraman didn't stomp on the suspect's nuts.
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