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  1. HELPMe

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    Hello, i was woundering if anyone could provide me with some info as to the DOD Police. I live fairly close to the Natick Labs and i believe i have seen DOD there. I know they use security as well. Is the hireing process the same as any other civil service job? I take it that the Civil Service test is not required since its a federal job? Where do you go for training etc. Thanks alot :D
  2. Sgt.berniedo

    Sgt.berniedo Guest

    No, they are not hired from the civil service list. When there is an opening, it is posted on the federal jobs website, just follow the directions provided there on how to apply. Here is the link for the federal jobs site.
  3. DODK911

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    The U.S. Department of Defense Police is a Federal job, The Officers are Civilian Federal Police Officers, after a one year probationary period they become Federal Civil service, no connection with State civil service. There Federal LE training comes from either FLETC or a DOD Police Academy in MD, and there local training comes from MCJTC because they enforce state laws as well. The pay is not too bad and its a decent job, If you are looking to stay in the Federal system and move on to bigger and better Agency's IE. Marshals, FBI, DEA, etc... it is definitely a great stepping stone. I hope you are a VET, otherwise it is very tough to get into the Government, go to Good luck and I hope this helps.
  4. USMCTrooper

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    and there local training comes from MCJTC because they enforce state laws as well.


    Which federal facility do you work at and what state laws do you exactly enforce? The reason I ask is within my area, we are called by DoD Police for MV crashes, any Ch 90 enforcement (like a 90-24, 90-10, 90-23 et al, 90-9 at the gate or on property-they do not have Massachusetts Uniform Citation books) and all other criminal activity (94C, warrants, fights, larcenies, rapes, armed barricaded subject, even crazy people at the gate & protests). In my time (almost 20 yrs) I have personally responded to these calls. I was under the impression that DoD Police could not enforce state laws. Where do they obtain their authority to enforce state law (since state & local police can't enforce federal laws unless specially sworn into a federal task force) I know 2 years ago the FBI asked the MSP to be given SSPO authority and it was not granted. The FBI cannot enforce state laws generally speaking (there may be limited few exceptions I'm unaware of)

    Whew! Ok, so, how does the DoD enforce state law? Does it vary site to site by Commander, do they enter into an agreement with the Governor or is it up to the Pentagon?
  5. DoD102

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    USMC Trooper;
    I'm a DoD cop at Westover. I believe that it vary's from agency to agency. Because we fall under the umbrella of the Air Force reserve, they say we can not enforce state law. Actually we enforce it in accordance to AFI 31-204. i.e. stop sign vio for example is issued as such. Vio of AFI31-204 to wit stop sign in accordance w/Ch 89-9 MGL. The AF Reserve wants a user friendly police dept. so they put restrictions on us. The Army and the Marines/Navy are different. They do it right. We can't even get SSPO powers here at Westover. It's tough. So, I guse the answer is, depending on which branch of the service the DoD work for, depends on the type of jurisdiction they can possess. Stil, all in all it's a pretty good job.
  6. Gil

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    The question has been asked and answered and was wandering off topic. It also contained information that I know for a fact that the brass in the DOD did not want posted in a public forum.

    In the future please refrain from posting information regarding the Operational Security of DOD facilities.
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