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    on [DATE OF OFFENSE:] did intimidate, hinder or interrupt a police officer in the lawful performance of his or her duty, in violation of the Common Law.

    (PENALTY from G.L. c.279, §5: “according to the nature of the crime, as conforms to the common usage and practice in the Commonwealth.”)
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    Interfering with a police officer is the catch all charge. In RI, we have obstruction of duty/justice, which is the same thing. If you lie to the police, hinder my investigation in anyway, which could be as simple as refusing to produce ID, when requested or fleeing the scene of a crime (DUI crash, foot pursuit etc).

    For MA the threshold is higher than RI for the charge.
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    I love that charge. I charged it for a guy constantly throwing wet toilet paper on the cell camera and explained in my report that he was warned and that since we couldn't see him several officers that should have been patrolling the streets and to come in and "address" the issue. ....just think about being stuck in a cell until Monday morning in just boxers with no toilet paper. Joke was on him.
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    You guys don't have Contempt Of Cop up there?

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