Gun rights advocates can publish lawmakers' addresses, judge rules

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    Gun rights advocates can publish lawmakers' addresses, judge rules
    Published February 27, 2017
    Associated Press
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    SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Gun owners' rights advocates are free to publish the home addresses and telephone numbers of California state lawmakers who voted for firearms restrictions, a federal judge decided Monday.

    It is the second time in a week that judges decided that California lawmakers went too far in protecting the private information of public figures.

    U.S. Chief District Judge Lawrence O'Neill of Fresno issued a preliminary injunction Monday blocking a state law that lets public officials demand that their private information be removed from the internet if they fear for their safety or the safety of their families.

    O'Neill ruled that the state law is too broad and violates the advocates' free speech rights. Publishing the lawmakers' personal information "is a form of political protest," he said in a 38-page opinion.

    The bloggers were protesting a law that requires the state to collect the personal information of those who buy firearms and ammunition in California. When viewed in that context, the judge decided, "the legislators' personal information becomes a matter of public concern."

    Gun rights advocates can publish lawmakers' addresses, judge rules
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    Ha Ha you anti-gun moonbat shitbirds! You work for your constituents bitches!!!!!!!!!
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    They called me a "Blogger" in the Washington post article. :rolleyes:
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    They're elected - why aren't their addresses public info anyway?
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    They were (still are), that's why they were so easy to find. The Judge also considered that in his ruling. Hopefully the trail goes as well as part 1.
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