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Discussion in 'Promotional Exams' started by Gil, Mar 22, 2006.

  1. Gil

    Gil Administrator Staff Member

    Hanrahan Consulting is owned and operated by Justin Hanrahan. Justin is a police lieutenant for a mid-sized police department in the greater Boston area. Justin used a technique of memorization used by many scholars and students throughout the world to master the promotional material - the flash card memorization method. Millions of students have used flash cards to quickly and easily memorize large amounts of data in a short period of time. Law students, medical students, and students learning foreign languages have successfully used flash cards to learn difficult material.

    Justin used flash cards to master the textbook material for the police promotional exam and was promoted to sergeant at the age of 26 and lieutenant at the age 28. Using the flash card method Justin has never scored below a 90% on the written exam. Justin began helping co-workers and friends in law enforcement prepare for the promotional exam informally several years ago.

    The problem with the flash card method is that it takes hundreds of precious hours to break the material into flash card format. Justin decided to do the work for his students and mass produce them, saving them hundreds of hours in study time.

    Justin has been teaching police officers and police supervisors for many years in the area of critical incident management and policy development. Justin enjoys teaching police officers and is dedicated to improving law enforcement in the Commonwealth.

    Justin is currently working on completing his law degree and plans on focusing his efforts on training law enforcement officers in the area of management and supervision, policy development, and critical incident management. Justin continues to serve the citizens of Massachusetts as a police officer and he continues to take promotional exams and improve his exam taking skills passing it on to his students.

    Hanrahan Consulting also uses a variety of input from numerous police officers in the greater Boston area to keeps its material up to date and unique.

  2. oconnor

    oconnor Guest

    I have been a police officer for nine years and have taken two Massachusetts Civil Service Promotional Exams. The first sergeant's exam I took was in 2002, in preparation for this exam I studied for six months about four hours a day. I also attended several Pat Rodgers' and John Scheft's seminars, which I thought were not worth the money, don't waste your time. Using my methods, Rodgers and Scheft's books, and a lot of money, I ranked fifth on my department's list, and did not get promoted. :NO:

    I tried my luck again in 2004. This time I changed my preparation and study techniques, with the help of Hanrahan Consulting. What a difference just in terms of studying, using Justin's flash cards, CD's, and study guides. I was able to grasp and memorize the tons and tons of information a lot quicker and easier. This guy knows what he is doing, believe me! I still put hours and hours in, however it was not a wast of time. The end result: I scored #1, and am awaiting a hopeful promotion to sergeant. No doubt about it, the difference was using Hanrahan Consulting, I can't say enough about it. Give it a shot, trust me :jump:
  3. StickPinQuinn

    StickPinQuinn MassCops Member

    I just bought "The KItchen Sink" about a month ago - studying for the exam has never been so easy (the flash cards and CD's are awesome). I don't know if its going to make a difference or not but at least it was put together by someone who actually takes the exams.:dito:
  4. StickPinQuinn

    StickPinQuinn MassCops Member

    Oh yeah I forgot to add...I'd rather give my money to another cop than to lawyer any day:eek:
  5. Pacman

    Pacman Woggalicious!

    I know Justin and I'm glad to give him my cash.
  6. StephenJ

    StephenJ MassCops Member

    If you sign up through his website Lt. Hanrahan will send you a practice test question every day. The questions are tough and he usually explains them in detail. This is the best stuff out there right now. This guy was a lieutetant when he was liek 27 years old. Watch out Rogers and scheft.
  7. StickPinQuinn

    StickPinQuinn MassCops Member

    Hanrahan just announced some training seminars...I hear they are very reasonable and he gives out an outline of all of the books. If its anything like his flashcards it will be worth it.

    I'm sure where thay are being held though, I'm looking into it.

  8. StephenJ

    StephenJ MassCops Member

    The seminars are scheduled in June at the Westford PD. I hear in one of them he gives out an outline of all the books - for FREE! Scheft charges you for everything. I registered on-line at his website www.masspromotions.us

  9. c269s10

    c269s10 MassCops Member

    I also bought the Kitchen Sink from Hanrahan, great information, and very reasonable prices. I think the flash cards are great. I have already used them while working details. I just signed up for Hanrahan's two day seminar. I'm glad somone else got into the promotional study aid business. Scheft and Rodgers are losing their edge, and are way to expensive.
  10. PinkSlip

    PinkSlip Guest

    I'm done taking exams...but If I was going to take another one I would use stuff from a guy who has proven himself on the:stupid: exams like Rogers or Hanahan...not from someone who has never taken the test. Seems pretty obvious to me. Maybe Schef needs to rip off other cops because he doesn't know what it takes to do well?
  11. StephenJ

    StephenJ MassCops Member

    Keep up the good work - I hear more and more good things about your products and seminars! It's nice to see a cop teaching cops instead of outsiders.
  12. Ross84

    Ross84 MassCops Member

    I was browsing MassCops last week and I found this discussion. I never heard of Hanrahan before but I checked out his site and I bought the whole package. All I can say is AWESOME! Finally someone who knows what it takes to kick ass on the exam. I am actually excited about studying:DB: You can just start calling me lieutenant now[​IMG]
  13. Sgt K

    Sgt K MassCops Member

    Justin Hanrahan and I are in the same semester at Mass School of Law and have previously worked together as accreditation managers so I can speak with a clear conscience about his work ethic and personality. He is an incredible hard worker, intelligent, and approachable. His goal is to provide the best affordable promotional services to the law enforcement community. Justin extracts the study material directly from the texts and formats it in a challenging fashion. To the best of my knowledge, he hasn't liberated any one else's material and attempted to sell it as his own.

    As for other resources available, I choose to use Pat Roger's material when instructing the recruits at the various academies in Con. & Crim. Law. I'm aware that on occasion there are some typos in his material but I find his books are organized according to Mass General Laws and this allows for ease of use and instruction.

    If you are serious about getting into studying for a promotion, I strongly suggest that you examine Justin's material.

    As always, stay healthy and safe
  14. Irish Wampanoag

    Irish Wampanoag Subscribing Member

    I like Pat Rogers material as well
  15. Piper

    Piper MassCops Member

    I believe I read somewhere that using Hanrahan's flash cards have cured cancer, anyone else hear that?
  16. StickPinQuinn

    StickPinQuinn MassCops Member

    Yeah, Pat I think I heard that also. I believe John Scheft was telling people that.

  17. Ross84

    Ross84 MassCops Member

    Does anyone know if Hanrahan is doing any law seminars?
  18. Mr.90/24

    Mr.90/24 MassCops Member

    I would just like to add that Justin is a personal friend of mine and he worked really hard to achieve all that he has. Justin got promoted at a very young age and further utilized the same methods that he is marketing today. Give Hanrahan Consulting a chance and see where it takes you. In closing, I don't work for Hanrahan Consulting, nor do I work for his department. I tell you this because I don't gain anything by posting this message. I am a Mass State Trooper and just wanted to post my views...Thanks for reading and good luck!
  19. c269s10

    c269s10 MassCops Member

    I just listened to Justin's audio CD's, does anyone know how Justin got James Earl Jones to be the voice of Hanrahan Consulting?
  20. Ross84

    Ross84 MassCops Member

  21. c269s10

    c269s10 MassCops Member

    Hanrahan is doing a one day and a two day seminar, both in June. I'd give you the dates but you called me a dink, so look it up yourself.
  22. 1Archer

    1Archer Guest

    I've been a police officer for over 10 years and I've been a close friend of Justin Hanrahan's for just about the same length of time. I honestly believe he's putting out a quality product that's going to help a lot of cops get promoted and do a better job on the street.

    Obviously you should think that I'm biased because I'm a friend of Justin's - but I'm a friend of his because he's an honest hard working family man and I respect his approach to the job. He loves police work and I honestly believe he wants to see other cops be successful too.

    I have taken three civil service promotional exams, in my department. The only guy to beat me has been Justin.
  23. Ross84

    Ross84 MassCops Member

    Thanks Dinky I'll look it up.
  24. Ross84

    Ross84 MassCops Member

    Dinky doesn't like to share but I do...the seminars are June 17 and another two-day June 23 & 24 at the Westford PD but they are not law seminars like I asked Dinky is a little slow:FM:
  25. Ross84

    Ross84 MassCops Member

    I figured he was doing law seminars because he put out criminal law onflash cards (awesome by the way). I took out an old exam that Scheft tried to duplicate and Hanrahan's law cards hit just about every question - could have been luck but I was impressed.

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