Investigation: Illegal Gun Buyers Have an Easy Time Online

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    The New York City's mayor's office found an open market for guns sold without background checks, and with few questions asked.

    Easy firearm sales over the Internet, through classified sites like Craigslist, may be to blame for a significant amount of the nation’s gun crime, thanks to a loophole in federal firearm regulations that some private arms sellers are taking advantage of, according to a new investigation released Wednesday.
    In a probe of illegal online firearm sales conducted by the City of New York, undercover investigators found that 62% of private gun sellers they interacted with were willing to sell guns to a buyer who said he could not pass a background check.

    (VIDEO: Second Amendment, The Origins of the Right to Keep and Bear Arms)

    Such weapons, available by the thousands online, fall under a loophole in federal firearm sales laws, and many could potentially find their way into a black market, to the streets and eventually into violent crimes, officials with the New York City mayor’s office said.
    In the report, entitled “Point, Click, Fire,” a team of 15 investigators commissioned by the city’s criminal justice division captured audio and video recordings of online gun dealers. They examined 125 private sellers in 14 states who sold guns on 10 different websites. The sites had few rules on potential buyers identifying themselves, potentially attracting ill-intended customers.

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    What a load of absolute shit. In a private party sale, there is NO LEGAL WAY for a seller to conduct a background check. Background checks occur when a gun is transferred to the buyer by the FFL; form 4473 is completed and called in. ANY interstate sale, no matter how it was initiated, must include a transfer involving a FFL holder. To do otherwise is a federal felony. Therefore, this whole "article" just says that criminals commit crimes, be it a seller who ships directly to a buyer or prohibited person attempting to buy. No "loopholes", no free unrestrained market for thugs to build arsenals. That last paragraph uses the term "potential" thee times. Well, potentially, if bullfrogs grew wings they wouldn't bump their asses hopping.

    If I sell a gun online and the guy buying it can't pass the FBI check, too bad for him. I'm shipping his gun to a verified FFL only after payment clears. If he can't get through the 4473 when he goes to pick it up, he's out his money and the FFL I sent it to just got himself a gun to sell. System works just fine.
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    Once again, the anti-gunners bring up the private sale "loophole". I notice that the article implies out-of-state online sales can somehow be conducted without a FFL, transfer, hence a a background check. Also it fails to point out that most states require a face to face transaction still require showing an LTC, hence again a background check required. Also, I'm skeptical on how exactly their private investigators "implied" they wouldn't pass a background check to potential sellers; it stinks of the so-called "straw sales" that essentially required a dealer to read the mind of his customer. If someone is going to conduct an illegal sale, it's still illegal if they're using the Internet as their mode of communication. There is no "loophole".
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    Even scarier, 98% of guns sold in the US are sent to Mexico for genocide!
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    Is it awesome? Must be nice to be able to write a story and not worry about facts and reality.
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    A year ago or so they did the same thing only they blamed gun shows. [​IMG]
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    Pike eastbound after exit 17 there's a nice reminder about how "evil" those gun shows are.
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    Media does love to crap all over the second amendment, by exercicing their first. Shortsighted liberal a-holes!
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    Someone want to remind me again how many dictatorships allow an armed populace?

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