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Discussion in 'MassCops News' started by Peter T Davis, Apr 30, 2012.

  1. Peter T Davis Webmaster

    Hey guys, sorry that the site is running slow today and kicking errors. On a normal day, the forum gets between 2,000 and 3,000 visits. On Saturday, it started with 6,756 people visiting, then on Sunday we had 21,272 visitors. We've had over 8,000 people already today and they're still coming in fast.

    Seems that one of the articles that someone posted is getting passed around on Facebook. I can't imagine it lasting much longer, but I've got a support ticket in with our hosting company to see if they can't bump up our server's resources temporarily.
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  2. cc3915 Masscops Angel

    You don't happen to know which article is getting all the attention do you?
  3. HistoryHound Supporting Member

    I just looked at the "Who's on line" list and it looks like the majority of the guests are looking at the story about the two jackasses that broke into the marines' house.
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  4. Peter T Davis Webmaster

  5. Peter T Davis Webmaster

    yep, that's the one
  6. Johnny Law Nemo me impune lacessit

    Hahaha, that's why there is a sudden influx of n00b's!
  7. LawMan3 Moderator

    Currently online: 16 members and 506 guests?! WTF OVER?!
  8. cc3915 Masscops Angel

  9. ShmitDiesel Radio

    So what is the over/under on how long before some mamma/sister/friend of the dead idiots comes on here and starts complaining?
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  10. 7costanza Supporting Member

    Judging from the supportive comments from the new members it looks like its being passed around in Military circles, seeing as most Military people are Conservative its a good thing.
  11. Deuce screw you...

    Well then, here's my message to them: I'm glad your son/family member/home boy is dead.. Fuck them, I hope they have fun burning in hell. Parents, I blame you. Family members, tough shit I don't care what you think.. Homeys, fuck off, your time will come..

    Great job marines, thanks for removing those air wasters, and thank you for your service..
  12. HistoryHound Supporting Member

    You know when that time comes it will be MassCops gold.
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  13. Dan Stark Tears of a Clown

    Posting in an epic thread.

    Edit : and failing HARD

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