Liberal Movie Critics Decry Pro-Military, Pro-American ‘Act of Valor’

Discussion in 'Entertainment & Literature' started by cc3915, Feb 26, 2012.

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    The new film “Act of Valor” doesn’t accuse U.S. military members of war crimes, nor does it paint them as cold killing machines.
    That simply won’t do for many film critics, who cling to the kind of anti-military movies which routinely flop at the box office. “Valor” uses amateur actors – active duty Navy SEALs – and certainly can be faulted for their flat line readings. And the episodic nature of the movie also invites fair critiques, even if it’s remarkable the cast routinely acted around live gunfire. But many critics went beyond the call of duty to smite a film that dared to show SEALs as heroes, and their efforts to stop terrorists a noble endeavor.
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    The fact that they hate it makes me want to see it even more.
  3. Hush

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    Saw it last night, its definitely worth seeing and supporting. Went with the large popcorn, to conceal my SEAL boner.

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  4. Pvt. Cowboy

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    I saw it.

    I didn't expect their acting to gain Emmys, but it wasn't horrible acting for SEALs who probably haven't done so much as a high school play. The action is top notch, because it has a level of realism that can't be faked. These guys do it, and live it for real, not like real Hollywood actors. Liberal bullshit critics have zero concept of what it takes to make sure they sleep comfy in their beds every night, can run their mouths all they want. They have no clue. This movie is about things that they will never know or comprehend, because liberalism is a brain disorder. It's about Valor, Camaraderie, ensuring no man is left behind, and fighting to make sure that terrorists who want us dead, for no reason other than our beliefs, are neutralized before they can hurt our families.

    SLIGHT SPOILER: This movie WILL make your eyes water.
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  5. Meat Eater

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    I saw the movie last night with the wife. She was covering her eyes during part of the movie. It makes you feel even prouder of the SEALs after seeing what they go through. The acting wasn't to bad for beginers. Screw the liberal critics they probably pissed their pants during the first fire fight!
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  6. justanotherparatrooper

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    I think it was a good movie, my girlfriend also covered her eyes a few times during the torture scene. That it pisses off the libs is just gravy.
    Worth going to see
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  7. Foxy85

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    Acting was pretty terrible.....Some early scenes in the movie are tough to watch, not in a good way either. But the movie as a whole was good. The action was top notch. Definitely worth seeing once.

    Also questionable (which the wife spotted) was the gentleman who went to go see the movie with his friends, doning his BDU's......lame.......
  8. Hush

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    Kleenex needed, but not for tears.

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  9. LA Copper

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    Just saw the movie and thought it was excellent. Who cares about their acting abilities (which I didn't think were too bad) as long as they know how to do their "day jobs" well. Makes me proud to be an American.
  10. corsair

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    This is for the most part a military movie, probably only really appreciated by former and current military folks. It shows the great capabilities of the Naval Special Warfare community in the age of global terrorism. The acting was a little force, but then again this guys are not actors, the main parts are played by real Team guys and Boat guys. I highly recommned reading the book prior to watching the movie.
  11. Wiggum_1

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    Yeah, the acting might have been bad, but those guys are warriors, not actors.
    The storyline, and action scenes, were awesome ( my favorite scene was when Chief Miller was interrogating the smuggler on his boat, "Crisco??").
  12. HuskyH-2

    HuskyH-2 G-Rap made me do it!

    I wasn't going see it, because it just looked like a bad movie (which it seems to be).

    however i may just see it out of spite to those who want to dog it for moonbat poltical reasons.
  13. Kilvinsky

    Kilvinsky I think, therefore I'll never be promoted.

    What do the liberals want, a scene in which the Seals sit around and say: "Maybe if we just talked to those people and tried to understand what THEY'RE going through, the world would not need us."? Then they renounce violence and send birthday cards to Jane Fonda. REALLY?
  14. LA Copper

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    It's not a bad movie, just look at what those of us who have seen it are saying. Unless you're anti American and anti military, you won't think this is a bad movie. (And when I use the term "you," I don't mean you specifically, I'm generalizing.)
  15. Johnny Law

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    Did you get extra butter to make the hole at the bottom of the tub less likely to friction burn your johnson?
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  16. 7costanza

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    Something happened at the end of this movie i havent seen or heard happen in years......applause. The acting was good enough considering. The reason liberals hate this movie ( imho ) is that it 1) Shows US Troops as what they are, professional,family men, and most importantly honorable, a trait they always seem to leave out.. 2) It depicted a very real scenario that will most likely happen involving Mexico, illegals and Muslims , which does not fit with their open borders agenda and pro Muslim and illegal stances. All in all I liked the movie, I loved knowing that money was in some small way going to the right people for once in a blue moon. I also heard there was an anti Jewish theme which I couldnt find with a magnifying glass if i tried. It's amazing that libtards will back Obama in stabbing Israel in the back, ignore open and repeated anti semitism and then claim that this movie was in any way anti semitic...typical.
  17. Hush

    Hush Moderator Staff Member

    Saw it twice. Renting a wheelchair van to take my uncle (suffering from MS) and his father (both Naval Submarine Officers) and cousin to a show this weekend.
    A little about the real Acts of Valor that inspired the movie..
    Today, I’d like to offer my thoughts and perspective on the recently released Act of Valor movie. I’m not a movie critic, or even someone who’s got any operational experience outside of BUD/s (Basic Underwater Demolition/SEAL Training) and what I was taught there. What I do offer with my write-up is the perspective of someone who has been through and overcome adversity side-by-side with members of the Naval Special Warfare community I’m proud to call my friends.
    Words will never fittingly describe, nor do justice to the adversity that each one of these guys encountered in training and faces every day of their lives. What I mean by this is the continuous training, workup and deployment cycle they go through and all they sacrifice on a daily basis that most will never understand.
    “We sleep safely at night because rough men stand ready to visit violence on those who would harm us.” ~ Sir Winston Churchill​
    Act of Valor

    The opening line of Act of Valor starts with the statement that the movie is based on “real acts of valor.” As you’ll read in this write-up I was able to spot at least three different occurrences that were based on real life incidents that the Teams encountered. Before I go any further, I wanted to mention that the Navy SEALs are commonly referred to as “the Teams” or an individual SEAL as a “Team Guy.” Just a heads up in case you didn’t know.
    I went into this movie expecting to see one of the most realistic movies ever produced about the Teams and I wasn’t disappointed. I knew going into it that all the SEALs in the movie were active duty Team Guys. I had mixed feelings about this and whether it was a publicity stunt from the NSWC PAO (Naval Special Warfare Command Public Affairs Officer) office to help push enlistment of guys going to BUD/s. Back in 2007 it was announced that by this year the command wanted to have an additional 500 SEALs.
    I have no doubt that this movie using active duty SEALs was allowed to be made to help up the numbers. That’s certainly not to discount the active duty guys and their involvement, but having their faces on the big screen would definitely preclude them from ever being in certain SEAL units. I say this for the reader’s knowledge, not theirs.
    I’m a strong believer in the SOF Truths, particularly that “SOF cannot be mass produced.” We’re still seeing this with the NSWC’s new numbers of guys going into BUD/s. When I was in, our class (251) started with around 170 guys and we wound up with 70 after Hell Week. This was also a very high number around the time I was there (2004). Funny thing is that the larger classes that are going through now, which have upwards of 250 guys, are still getting these same numbers after Hell Week. I mention this just to say that upping the numbers isn’t going to necessarily get the result the command is looking for. There will always be gatekeepers in the community who rightfully refuse to relax the standards. All BUD/s instructors are active duty Navy SEALs with the exception of a few Navy Divers in 2nd Phase and other select positions.
    Something I appreciated reading was that this movie was produced at no cost to taxpayers. With most military movies, the usage of equipment, etc. is agreed upon and set up particularly for that film. With Act of Valor everything was shot in the training cycle and nothing was officially scheduled, which is why they’d been filming since 2006, as the “actors” still had to deploy and they shot where and when they could. Every battle scene utilized live fire and I was really glad to see the only use of automatic fire was for the purpose of suppressive fire as it should be.
    One of my biggest gripes with Hollywood is the overabundance of fully automatic fire and with how many people I run across think that our troops run around dumping magazine after magazine (not clips!) into a bad guy. Ammunition is scarce and why you’ll only see fully auto used to suppress enemy fire.
    Real Act’s of Valor

    I’ll try to summarize the plot without giving away too much of the movie, but if you want to stay totally in the dark and see this for yourself first, it’s probably better that you stop reading at this point. Again, I’ll try to not give away too much.
    The plot of Act of Valor is based on real exploits by the Teams and the premise is based on the overall global anti-terrorism mission that the Teams are currently chest deep in. This is portrayed with a mission to rescue a kidnapped CIA agent that leads to the discovery of a terrorist plot to funnel suicide bombers into major US cities with a new “undetectable” mass destruction technology.
    The Bandito Platoon, that really seems to be more of a single squad in most scenes, is dispatched to stop the terrorist attack that “will make 9/11 look like a walk in the park.” Something I really appreciated throughout the movie was that the Team Guys were allowed to speak as they normally would. You could tell they weren’t actors, but I actually appreciated the candor that came across. I particularly liked the familiar language and talk I remember so fondly from the community.
    My favorite SEAL/actor was the salty Senior Chief that threw out some great terms of endearment that made me smile and laugh my ass off. I especially enjoyed the interrogation scene dialogue between Senior and the terrorist cell financier, Cristo. The constant purposeful name mispronunciation and quotes like “shit filter’s full,” was exactly how I remember a certain Senior Chief I knew talked. Actually I heard worse come out of his mouth, but I won’t repeat it here.
    Throughout the initial rescue of the CIA agent and successive operations to stop the terrorist cell, a SEAL is shot in the eye, another jumps on a grenade to save his teammates and finally one is shot dozens of times and continues to fight. These are the real acts of valor I recognized from the film.
    The SEAL that was shot in the eye I believe to be the recently departed Ryan Job, whom I got to know while we were in BUD/s together. Job was a true hero and an inspiration to everyone, I’ll never forget his kindred spirit and his dive sup check dance that always had everyone laughing in Second Phase with Class 251. As in the movie, the shrapnel that struck him in the face didn’t kill him, but cost him his eye and eventually his complete vision. Job unfortunately passed because of a mistake in a facial reconstruction surgery more than three years after the original incident. A great quote from the movie was after the SEAL was evacuated from the operation, a teammate is trying to help calm him down and says “You took one to the face, you’re a hard m*****f*****!”
    Later in the movie, the LT (Lieutenant) is the first to see a grenade that’s thrown into a room with himself and his teammates. He subsequently dives on top of it with his body armor and is killed in the blast, but saves the lives of his teammates. This act of valor is based on Michael Monsoor‘s unselfish act that saved his teammates lives and saw him posthumously awarded the Medal of Honor....(cont in article)
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    lol, I felt I had to like your movie review book Hush :D
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