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Discussion in 'Massachusetts Employment' started by CO_Fitz, Jun 16, 2017.

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    Hello all. I've been reading a lot of the threads here and I figured I would throw out a call for help/advice. I'm a 30 year old deputy sheriff in Massachusetts. I have 11 years on the job. I served 6 years in the army guard but never deployed so I don't have vet status. I currently have no college unfortunately. My questions are 1.) Honestly, Does my experience working in corrections help me at all when being considered for employment as a police officer? 2.) I was infantry in the army, I know that I don't qualify for vet status but does the fact that I was enlisted at all come into play? 3.) I want to enroll into college and take classes but the costs worry me. Would being student working towards a degree help my chances? 4.) Would having the intermittent academy help when applying to full time towns at all? 5.) Does my age hurt me in the vetting process?

    I have tried applying to a few college police departments and can't get a call back or an interview from anyone. I took the civil service test and I am awaiting the scores. Im also taking other tests for non CS towns in hopes of getting hired. I'm just trying to figue out if I realistically stand a chance at getting on a department or what other steps I should take. I would like to self sponsor for the full time academy but with my work schedule I would have to quit because there is no way that I can find to go to the academy with the way the scheduling (manditory overtime, rotating shifts, ect.) at my department work.

    Thank you in advance for the help. Im not sure where to go from here.
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    1. 11 years in corrections would definitely be a help, in my opinion (but I'm not an expert)

    2. Any military service is also usually favorable (but more so with a non-cs department, because as you pointed out, you don't have the vet preference). Have you considered re-enlisting and hopping on some orders or deployment?

    3. Working toward a degree is just another "plus factor" that can't hurt, but again, it is a coin toss on whether it will make a big difference or not. Aren't all deputies "state employees" now? So don't you get free tuition remission at state schools? If not, maybe that would be another reason to go back into the guard so you can get the 100% tuition and fee waiver for state schools. What about the G.I Bill?

    4. I don't think it would be that much of a help if the towns you're applying to don't utilize part timers. But, can't hurt. It would help to get a part time gig to get road patrol experience.

    5. Don't know enough about it to comment on the age part

    I've never heard of a college department that doesn't at least require the reserve academy and degree, so you can get SSPO powers. That's probably why you weren't getting a call back. The only people I've heard of colleges sending to an academy are officers that started with the reserve degree and are now getting sent to a full academy, or civilian employees already at the college PD such as security guards or dispatchers that have proved their worth and are now being given a shot.

    The golden ticket really is the full time academy. You have a major life decision to make on whether quitting your current job is worth it to go through the academy. If you think it is, grab all the overtime you can before hand to save so you can live off that savings while going through it. And I'm pretty sure you can still use the G.I Bill for the academy.
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    It honestly depends how bad you want it. You have to put in the leg work. Research towns near you, that are non-cs and apply. Some towns, only hire by word of mouth and usually make you start as a reserve. For CS towns, if you don't have residency, then you're wasting your time. Look out of state etc. Right now, I think it boils down to luck of the draw, I have seen 24 year old kids get hired off their first test and I have seen good candidates get bypassed. Good luck.
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    Thank you for the insight. It really means a lot. I'm hearing a lot of the same things from what you have said. I can't afford to quit unfortunately (financially speaking) but I hear the part time academy is coming up so I will at the least knock that out and get some college classes going. We are state employees but from what I could gather from my HR department is they will do re-embersment for a degree once you get it (and it's only a $1000 bonus once a year is what I was told ) but it's something I guess. Just gotta hope I get lucky but I still got to keep taking steps to move forward. Thank you again.
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    That sounds like the education incentive, not the reimbursement. Read through your union contract or contact someone at the school where you wanna go. I'm pretty sure it's universal now that state employees get free tuition at state schools. Unfortunately you have to do a lot of your own legwork these days because HR is less than helpful on some stuff.

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