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    Another department requiring the full time academy! Self sponsor to the academy instead of a 4 yr college kids!
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    Or better yet do that Fitchburg State 5 year program and graduate with a Masters and full academy. Wish that existed back in the day.
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    Marlborough wants minimum 2 year degree with full time academy, bachelors preferred.

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    In regards to Fitchburg state's 4 and one program I believe it's called, that's where most police departments in Massachusetts will be hiring from. It reminds me of police corps, all those graduates had guaranteed jobs. As more departments are leaving civil service, the more opportunities will be available for trained people to shop around.

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    I work in Marlborough currently and as one of the few guys to vote down getting out of civil service, I can see your point. We have been told that we will be having a entrance exam in the fall which will be similar to the civil service test but that remains to be seen. I know the supervisor also voted in requiring at least an associates to be promoted to Sgt and a BA/BS for anything above. So our mayor is definitely pushing education though he doesn't want to give percentages to us non-Quinn guys.
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    I'm all for education. It's just unfortunate that towns are valuing the full time academy over education. Kids gettting out of high school are pushed so hard to go to 4 year schools so they think they're doing the right thing, just to get out and find out they still won't be able to get on anywhere.
  8. j809

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    It's a combination of full time academy and degrees form most departments and that will continue to be the case. Some Pds require a bachelors degree and even send you to the academy like Grafton, Wellesley and Northboro that I know of. By requiring a bachelors degree it professionalizes the job more and I think that it is very important for the future. The job will pay more and we will finally be seen as a professionals. If you really want it bad enough you fight for it. Go to school part time but show that you're doing it. I don't want to hear the BS that I can't afford it etc. No excuses, just do it. I put myself through the full time academy and worked doubles in the weekend and went to school three nights a week.

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    Well said, agreed 100%
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