Massachusetts Crime History

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    Trooper Mark Charbonnier

    Don't forget Trooper Charbonnier who died heroically in a 1994 gun battle on with a convicted murderer on Route 3.
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    Re: BPD Officer Walter Schroeder Killed by Anti-War Activists from Brandies University.

    Claire Schroeder was a lieutenant on the Waltham PD, but is now retired. I had her as an academy instructor, I remember her telling us she never thought Katherine Ann Power would ever be captured. I'm glad she was wrong.

    Her younger sister, Erin, who was a baby when her father was killed, is now with the Boston PD.

    The bank has changed names about a bazillion times, but it's circular-shaped, and there is a memorial plaque for Officer Schroeder outside.
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    Re: BPD Officer Walter Schroeder Killed by Anti-War Activists from Brandies University.

    I can't think of a circular bank (or any other kind of circular building) on Harvard Ave. There's a Peoples Savings Bank in Brighton center with a curved facade, it's on the corner of Wash/Market.
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    The infamous Depositors Trust bank burglary in Medford on Memorial Day weekend 1980.
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    Ya and it was all done by fellow brothers.
  6. HousingCop

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    I don't consider coke snorting thieves my fellow brothers. I just consider them criminals.
    I find it sad that you'd consider them brothers though. I thought you had more sense than that.

    It actually is a very intricate case and a great read if you have read the books on the subject. Now if only that scumbag Clemente will write a second book........
  7. no$.10

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    Re: BPD Officer Walter Schroeder Killed by Anti-War Activists from Brandies University.

    The bank is on Western Ave. Near what used to be Star Market.
  8. O-302

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    Case-Study of US Domestic Terrorism
    The United Freedom Front

    In the early 1980s, a group known as the United Freedom Front was active in the north-eastern United States. When broken, the group appeared to be very much like a fringe European group, a tiny cell known of the sort known in France as a groupuscule. This provides a useful basis for a case-study, as the UFF represents one common type of terrorist group or movement, that is very distinct from other types that would also be generally known as "terrorist".

    This has important implications for law-enforcement, as a counter-terrorist tactic designed for application in one case might be wildly unsuccessful if used against another type of movement. Imagine for example the very different tactics that might be required to deal with one of the following comparable types of organization active in the 1970s and 1980s:

    • a groupuscule, a tiny cell of a dozen or less members, tightly knit by long-standing ties and almost impossible to infiltrate.

    • A local branch of a much larger international group, probably tied to governments and their intelligence services.

    • A mass, domestically based group firmly rooted in the wider community.

    Note the variables that decide the shape of a particular group (and the three above represent only a few of the possibilities):

    1. Scale
    -size and numbers

    2. Theater of operations
    -active in the group's own country, or any international links/ alliances

    3. Objectives
    -nature of targeting - civilian or military; attitude to causing physical casualties

    4. Audience
    -nature of ideology and propaganda. Left and right; separatist, communal, nationalist? religious?
    -do they seek and or receive public support? How does the group publicize its views and opinions?
    -does the group have legal front organizations or ties with legitimate political parties? Does it have a supporting newspaper or radio station?
    -Is there a wider basis of activist supporters who support and assist the overt military acts of the militants?
    -does the group seek to recruit?

    5. Official Connections
    -pro or anti-government? Connected with security forces or intelligence in some clandestine fashion?
    -state connections, either domestic or foreign.
    -how does the group obtain its arms?

    6. Goals
    Also what are they trying to achieve, and how they define success or victory?

    The United Freedom Front

    With these considerations in mind, let us now look at the United Freedom Front. The group was formed in the early 1970s by Thomas Manning and Raymond Levasseur, two Vietnam veterans who were both in a Massachusetts prison at Walpole. Manning was convicted of robbery; Levasseur for dealing marijuana. On release, the two became active in a Maine prison reform organization. In 1974, the two formed a "Sam Melville/Jonathan Jackson group, a militant organization named after two black leaders in the prison struggle c 1970-1971. The group expanded very slowly, incorporating a select group of spouses and close friends. The respective wives of Manning and Levasseur joined in 1974. Jaan Laaman and Christopher King joined in 1980. Richard Williams joined in 1981, Barabra Curzi in 1982

    By 1982, the group had a maximum of eight members, though the Levasseurs and Mannings both traveled with their several children The core members were all in their early thirties by the late 1970s:

    Thomas Manning (born 1946) and his wife Carol Ann Manning (1956)
    Jaan Laaman (1948) and his wife Barbara Curzi-Laaman (1948)
    Richard C Williams (1948)
    Raymond Levasseur (1946) and his wife Patricia Gros (1955)
    Christopher King (1951)
    The group was active - albeit on a very low level - over much of the north-east, and over a nine year period (1975-1984) In all, the group was accused of nineteen bombings and attempted bombings; plus ten bank robberies which netted some $900,000 in cash to fund operations. A total of ten bombings and one attempted bombing occurred between December 1982 and September 1984. Banks robbed included targets in Maine, Connecticut, Vermont, New York, and Virginia. From 1976 to 1979, the "Sam Melville/ Jonathan Jackson group" undertook some eight bomb attacks. From 1982, the group took the name United Freedom Front, and intensified their campaign.

    Their ideology can be described as generic New Left. Manning is quoted as saying that "We are revolutionary anti-imperialist freedom fighters". Richard Williams justified violence as "aggressive self-defense, that if you're attacked, you attack back". Levasseur asked, "Who are the real criminals? Those who oppose racist acts in South Africa or those who support government interests in South Africa?" Imperialist wars were another target of their rhetoric.

    The UFF Campaign
    They undertook the following attacks:

    1975 - attempted murder of a Portland, Maine police officer after a bank robbery

    April 1976 - bomb at Suffolk County Courthouse, MA.

    December 1981 - murder of New Jersey state trooper.

    February 1982 - attempted murder of two Massachusetts state police in North Attleboro.

    Bombing attacks occurred on courthouses - eg Middlesex County in Lowell, MA; on corporate offices - Union Carbide in Needham MA and Tarrytown, NY;

    -Mobil Oil in Wakefield and Waltham, MA., and Eastchester, NY.

    -South African Airways procurement Office in Elmont, LI.

    -two IBM corporation buildings in Harrison, NY

    -Honeywell Corporation and Motorola in Queens, NY

    and military facilities. eg Army Reserve Centers in Uniondale, LI and the Bronx; Naval Reserve Center in Queens, NY.

    Investigation intensified in late 1981 with the murder of the Jersey trooper, and the increased awareness of domestic terrorism after the Nyack Brinks robbery. An interstate/ federal task force was established in 1983. In 1984, a crucial breakthrough occurred when investigators checked aliases used to register a car in Connecticut. This led to another use of the UFF name in Ohio, where five members were arrested in Cleveland in November 1984. Thomas and Carol Manning were seized in Norfolk, VA in April 1985. Explosives and automatic weapons were seized. (Note incidentally that both sites were on the fringe of the main area of operations in the north-east). For several years after that, the activists ("the Ohio Seven") were involved in repeated trials, including the murder of the New Jersey trooper; and a major bomb trial in Brooklyn, NY. The most dramatic trial occurred in 1987, when the group was acquitted of the draconian charge of seditious conspiracy - that is, an attempt or conspiracy to overthrow the US government. Sentences were very steep: Manning for example got life in the trooper murder, and 53 years for the New York city area bombings. Williams was acquitted in the murder.

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    New Years Eve 1975 murders in Tewksbury:

    Thirty years ago, on New Year's Eve 1975, four men left Room 115 at the Tewksbury Holiday Inn, got into an early-model Oldsmobile and headed toward the secluded residence of Dr. Hugh F. Mahoney and his family. Three of the four men were armed with .38-caliber guns, their pockets stuffed with ski masks and long shoelaces. Their intentions were clear: Once inside the house, they would use the laces to tie up the family and then order the doctor to open a hidden wall safe that they had been told contained over $10,000 in cash and jewelry.

    At approximately 9 p.m. that same evening, Inspector Richard Landers and Detective Sgt. Paul Johnson were tending to normal business at Tewksbury police headquarters when Maureen Mahoney, the doctor's middle daughter, burst into the police station screaming, "Something horrible has happened."

    Neither Landers nor Johnson could have known how right she was.

    Within minutes, the detectives were drawing their guns as they entered the front door of the Mahoney home at 922 Whipple Road. As Landers passed through the door leading to the den, he discovered the grisly scene. Lying in close proximity to each other were the bodies of Mahoney, 60, his wife, Ruth, 48, and their 15-year-old son, John Patrick.

    The brutal scene sparked one of the most intensive murder investigations in the history of the commonwealth and culminated six months later with the arrests of three men: Robert Smith, 26, Robert Wilson, 27, and Terrance Milan, 29, each of whom were subsequently convicted. The fourth man, Donald Wilson, 29, the driver of the getaway car, testified for the state in exchange for complete immunity.

    (from the Lowell Sun)
  10. rg1283

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    This one has always stuck with me, I was 10 at the time, when I heard about it on Channel 5 News about the wife, then came the kids :confused:

    Boston Globe
    June 18, 1992
    Author: Patricia Nealon, Globe Staff
    Estimated printed pages: 3
    DEDHAM -- Kenneth G. Seguin, the software executive charged with the April bludgeoning death of his wife, was indicted yesterday in the murders of his two children, whose bodies were found in a Franklin pond three days after their mother's body was discovered floating in the Sudbury River. Seguin, 35, of Holliston, was indicted yesterday by a Norfolk County grand jury in the stabbing deaths of his son, Daniel, 7, and his daughter, Amy, 5. The children were last seen alive at a soccer game with their father the night they are believed to have been killed.
    Seguin, who was indicted by a Middlesex County grand jury last week in the murder of his wife, Mary Ann, 34, now faces two additional murder charges in the deaths of his children.

    Seguin pleaded not guilty last week in Middlesex Superior Court to the charge of murdering his wife and is being held without bail at Bridgewater State Hospital. He will be arraigned on the two additional murder charges today in Norfolk Superior Court.

    The children's bodies were discovered in Norfolk County, prompting the separate set of indictments. Norfolk District Attorney William D. Delahunt said he would confer with Middlesex District Attorney Thomas F. Reilly about possibly consolidating the charges.

    Since the discovery of the childrens' bodies on May 2, Seguin has been identified by authorities as the prime suspect. An investigative grand jury sitting in Norfolk County heard from nearly 60 witnesses before returning the two murder indictments involving the Seguin children.

    "We're satisfied that the grand jury's work has been thorough, meticulous and exhaustive," Delahunt said. "At the same time, this is such a tragedy, anyone would have ambivalent emotions. Sadness that this ever occurred, and the same time satisfaction that justice is beginning to be done."

    The murders of Mary Ann Seguin and her children are among 19 homicides blamed on domestic violence in Massachusetts this year. Though they apparently did not fall into the pattern of domestic murders, Delahunt said he had seen similar cases before, most notably the 1978 murders of a Cohasset family by its patriarch. Those killings prompted Delahunt's office to organize a specialized domestic violence.

    "While the usual case involves escalating violence," Delahunt said, "we have had cases where a single incident led to the ultimate tragedy."

    Police say that Mary Ann Seguin was bludgeoned to death in the Seguin family's home before her body was dumped in the Sudbury River in Southborough. It was discovered on April 29.

    The two children were stabbed to death on April 28 at the Franklin pond where their bodies were found four days later, according to Delahunt.

    Police found Kenneth Seguin wandering in the woods near Hopkinton State Park on April 29, about eight hours after his wife's body was discovered. He was bleeding from knife wounds to the wrist and neck that investigators have said were self-inflicted.

    According to court records released last month, Seguin initially told police that two men had broken into his house, drugged his children and then struck his wife in the head with an ax.

    Seguin told police that the intruders dumped his wife's body in an undisclosed spot before driving him to a waterfall in Natick where, he said, they slashed his wrist and neck. He was later driven to Hopkinton, according to the statement he gave police.

    Court records indicated that the couple had been having marital problems and that Seguin had considered suicide several months before his wife and children were killed.

    During a search of the home, police found a bottle of the antidepressant drug Prozac, which has been said to cause suicidal or violent behavior in a small number of cases. A US Food and Drug Administration panel, however, has said that no link between the drug and aberrant behavior has been proven.

    Investigators have downplayed any link between the drug and the murders, saying that the prescription was more than a year old and only a few pills had been taken. Caption:
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    Kenneth Seguin got 2 consecutive life terms for the Murders and is now at MCI Walpole.
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    I knew someone would chime in on that one.

    I meant of course that they were on the job prior to that shit.

    I think they are lower than the shit on the shit on the bottom of my shit.

    However I am sorry for stating that they were fellow brothers regardless of BEFORE or AFTER.

    Thanx for pointing out my error.

    By the way, I love Johnny Cash,Ted Kennedy as a child,Jesus,and Pigs. (not neccasarily in that order}
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    Richard Rosenthal hacked his wife to death with a butcher knife and impaled some of her organs on a stake in woods behind their Framingham home.

    Mr. Rosenthal, a 40-year-old senior financial officer for the John Hancock Mutual Life Insurance Company in Boston, told the police that he had fought with his wife about burning a pasta dish.
  14. Irish Wampanoag

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    Burnt Ziti if I do remember 1995
  15. HousingCop

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    Rosenthal's brother is quite a weatherman too.
  16. Irish Wampanoag

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    Berverly MA 1992

    Jamie Fuller 17 killed his girlfreind Amy Carnevale 14 behind the Beverly Memorial Middle School stabbing the young girl at least 10 times in heart chest and breast one stab went all the way through the other side cutting through her spine. Once Amy was dead with the help of his friend Michael Maillet 19 moved Amy's body to Beverly's Shoe Pond placed he on a raft pushed her out and stated according to court records "It Sucks To Be You Amy"
    According to the defense he used the steriod defense. He claimed he was out of his mind when he commited the murder with drugs and alcohol mixed with his abuse of steriods which obtain from a Canadian company through the mail. Jamie Fuller was convicted of first degree murder life without the possiblity of parole.
    This was amoung many cases in Massachusetts with prompt the state to pass or enforce stronger domestic laws in the early 90s.
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    Dr. Richard Sharpe, the cross dressing millionaire dermatologist. Convicted of murdering his estranged wife.
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    I'm trying to think of the murder in Needham back in 1987-88. I believe it was on Paul Revere Rd. Guy hacked up his Girfriend in the tub...I just can't seem to find it by Googling it.
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    Plymouth Mail Robbery 1962

    BRINK'S ROBBERY In Boston MA 1950

    Lizzy Borden Murder in Fall River 1892

    A good resource:
  20. USMCTrooper

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    In preparing the historical display of the MSP during the Eastern States Expo, I came across the original witness statements for this crime, boxes of them. That was some reading!
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  22. KSB

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    Quincy control to Delta784

    The Dominatrix who's client died in her Quincy dungeon of a heart attack. Her clients body was never found.
  23. Irish Wampanoag

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    Brockton May 15th 1981

    Frank Zadrozny 11 of Carl Ave Brockton, MA and his best friend on the morning of May 15th 1981 walk together and made their way to the Davis Elementry School in Brockton. The boys made a pit stop in the woods near the school to check out their little fort they had made. Frank was never seen alive again. Later that evening Dectectives from Brockton found Franks lifeless body in brush not to far from the fort. The Detectives noticed that the boy had been sexually assaulted and sodomized before he was killed.
    Brockton Police tried to interview the boys best friend but got no cooperation from the boys parents ( In those days the parents had absolute say as far as if their child would cooperate in an investigation) Brockton detectives did go to the friends house shortly after the discovery and notice he was under the table screaming the clowns are going to get me if I say anything repeatedly before the parents closed the door on the detectives face. A short time later the parents and the boy moved to Florida never to be heard of again. Brockton Police recieved several reports of two men in a blue van driving around several days prior to the murder. A warning went out to all schools in Massachusetts telling kids to keep away from blue vans. To this day no one was ever caught for the said crime. However in October of 2003 the Plymouth County DA has reopened it as a cold case which DNA may help in their investigation.
  24. Delta784

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    Michael Lord.

    I didn't see the crime scene, but I've seen the pictures.

    Suffice to say, it's beyond bizarre.
  25. KSB

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    She was well into her 50's. At what age does a dominatrix retire?

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