Massasoit Community College Police

Discussion in 'Massachusetts Employment' started by Irishpride, Jul 28, 2011.

  1. mpd61 Federal Auxiliary Police

    You naughty boy Yimmy!!!! Somebody actually believed you about the two going to MPOC! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  2. Delta784 Guest

    He's a long-time, established member....why would anyone not believe him?
  3. j809 Subscribing Member

    It did sound good, but seriously Bridgewater State College will send you!!
  4. niteowl1970 Big In Japan

    Fify.... College is so 2010.
  5. j809 Subscribing Member

    Yes, yes my bad!!
  6. niteowl1970 Big In Japan

    It would of been a significant thing but all it did was cause the "Universities" to spend millions of dollars switching everything over.
  7. j809 Subscribing Member

    I wonder if they upped the officers to UMass Pay?
  8. Delta784 Guest

    If they adopted a UMass-style merge it would have made more sense; Massachusetts State University-Bridgewater/Framingham/Westfield/etc.
  9. mpd61 Federal Auxiliary Police

    The state...making sense ?!?!? WTH!
  10. niteowl1970 Big In Japan

    I've found that the best thing a state employee can do is to embrace the horror.
  11. mpd61 Federal Auxiliary Police

    Or do what I did and go back Federale'
  12. Inspector71 Duke of Campus Police

    You're lucky you jumped MPD! Chief Jimmy would have scratched himself to death if you stayed any longer!
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  13. mpd61 Federal Auxiliary Police

    Yimmy! Talked with the Sarge! Pre-trial conferences and witness list being worked up!!
  14. j809 Subscribing Member

    He called me today and i spoke with him, I hope it all works out very well for him
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  15. Kilvinsky Will Work for Beer

    A nice hanging would be good, then a nice payoff.
  16. FAPD MassCops Member

    If there is any justice to be had, this gets before some kinda jury. How does a case like this work? Is this gonna end up before a hearing officer or a real judge?
  17. j809 Subscribing Member

    I think real judge because they don't wanna settle. It's been 5 long years that he has been out of work. What a travesty
  18. RROD MassCops Member

    I'd like to know what exactly (off-line if necessary) that Massasoit PD has that makes it the PREMIER professional PD serving ANY community college? Honestly, I do want to know. Being armed is not a PD's decision, it's the college so please other than being armed. I do want my department (QCC to be the best it can be).
  19. FAPD MassCops Member

    Come on buddy! Being armed can't really be ignored can it? I mean they've been the only community college carrying for OVER a decade and there's been no safety issues or excessive force stories, That department seems to be leading the way and blazing the trail for the others to follow. Fact is they were armed years ahead of some of the big State Colleges. But I'll play devils advocate with you and lets forget about the guns. There's something about Hemi Chargers and working Chapter 90 in Brockton under the Chief and Sergeants that are there now. You might be very professional and enthusiastic at QCC, but you ain't able to respond as well equipped and led as those folks!
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  20. RROD MassCops Member

  21. RROD MassCops Member

    I agree that the community college (private security, security, campus police, public safety, police) departments are many years away. For the record, I am not in charge of my department so I can't fight the good fight that the Chief in Massasoit has fought and won in that community. Although we don't exercise Chapter 90, we have been fortunate enough to make arrests and criminal summonses off of charges like "suspeneded license or revoked license", all within our campus borders. Unfortunately the city we occupy doesn't value us the same way as Brockton obviously values what MPD has to offer. I am 100% behind stopping violators not only for the safety of the community (by getting bad drivers off the streets) but also the prevention portion of it. A police officer visibly enforcing the law has a great impact on others. Anyway, it seems like the Chief and Sergeants and their efforts are key components for MPD success.
  22. j809 Subscribing Member

    I used to work at Mpd for five years and it's the closest thing to a municipality as a matter of fact I did more there in 2 years then where I'm at in almost 10 years. We did it all, we averaged 1600 mv stops a year, lots of arrests and lots of calls. We had no dorms so we just dealt with lots of people that drove through. We had at the time a great relationship with BPD. I worked with guys from drug and gang unit, we scooped up shitbags together. We would scoop up students on warrants from their classrooms and even a teacher. I guess they got lots of equipment now and nice new cruisers. I was there when we got armed and it was because of a mv stop where a guy had a sawed off shotgun. We had lots of training anything you want to go to they sent you. Only one guy got denied for a 5 day homicide training class in fort lauderdale.
  23. mtc High Priestess

    UNarmed in the City of Champions is damn foolish and dangerous to boot!

    Glad that's changed.
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  24. csauce777 Supporting Member

    There's still plenty of police work being done over there.
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  25. new guy Subscribing Member

    I don't know much about Massasoit PD or QCC but the formula for being a premier professional PD (anywhere) starts with hiring quality people and providing them with the training, equipment, and leadership that they need to do their job.
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