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    I am going to stick this thread and add the news items till iris can fully correct the posting problem.

    Amtrak train kills a Hyde Park woman


    Police cordoned off the site of last night's death of a woman, Patricia Jeannetti, who was struck by a train at Hyde Park Station. (John Bohn / Globe Staff)

    By Gabrielle T. Dunn

    Globe Correspondent / December 25, 2008

    A Hyde Park woman was struck and killed last night by an Amtrak train headed for Washington, D.C., MBTA police and a spokesman for Amtrak said.
    Patricia Jeannetti, 48, was hit on the tracks at Hyde Park Station by a Northeast Regional train just before 6 p.m., police said.
    Jeannetti's family in Hyde Park declined to comment last night, saying they were still trying to learn more of the circumstances surrounding her death. They confirmed that she was killed by the train.
    Amtrak spokesman Cliff Cole said last night that Jeannetti had walked onto the tracks, and officials were still investigating.
    Her death was followed by a delay of an hour-and-a-half for the 233 passengers on board, Cole said. At about 7:20, the train continued with all its passengers to the nation's capital.
    No passengers or crew members were hurt, Cole said.
    The train will be examined for evidence by Amtrak police in Washington, said MBTA Joe Pesaturo, spokesman for the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority.
    Trains used the Dorchester branch last night to avoid the investigation at the station. Pesaturo said ridership was light because of the holiday and only three commuter rail riders needed to be bused from the Fairmont line to Hyde Park.
    At the scene, MBTA and Amtrak police cordoned off all three of the tracks to conduct preliminary investigations.


    Mayor seeks cuts in police and fire pay

    The city could lay off police and firefighters to deal with an anticipated cut in state funding. Mayor Susan Menard said she is asking police and fire unions to make concessions over wages and benefits. Her request was made as Governor Donald Carcieri warned that he may propose reducing aid to cities and towns to deal with a massive state budget deficit. The cuts in state aid will be outlined in a budget that Carcieri hopes to submit before lawmakers return early next month. In a letter released to The Woonsocket Call, Menard said that if the unions do not make concessions, she will resort to layoffs. Union leaders said the mayor has threatened to eliminate the jobs of 45 firefighters and 30 police officers. (AP)


    State Police barracks is also hit by shots

    The Vermont State Police barracks is among the targets that have been hit in nine shootings in the Derby area in the last month. No one has been injured as shots have struck three churches, three private homes, an unoccupied vehicle, a country club, and the barracks. State Police Detective Lieutenant J.P. Sinclair said that on Dec. 20, one bullet went through a barracks window and hit a display case. (AP)

    Fall River COURT DISPOSITIONS 12-25-08

    GateHouse News Service
    Posted Dec 24, 2008 @ 03:06 PM

    Fall River —

    The following dispositions were recorded in District Court:

    Aimee L. Camara, 31, 194 Fifth St., breaking and entering for a misdemeanor and breaking and entering vehicle/boat in daytime for a felony, continued a year without findings; shoplifting and larceny more than $250, to be dismissed, $200 court costs; breaking and entering vehicle/boat in daytime for a felony, dismissed at request of commonwealth.

    Jeoffrey Camara, 17, Swansea, assault and battery and reckless driving, continued two years without findings; malicious damage to motor vehicle, dismissed, $500 restitution; possession of marijuana and carrying dangerous weapon on school grounds, to be dismissed, 20 hours of community service.

    In jury of six session:

    James D. Coyle, 22, 19 Paula St., Somerset, assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, selling/possessing electric stun gun and breaking and entering in nighttime for a felony, not guilty.

    Fall River Police News

    GateHouse News Service
    Posted Dec 24, 2008 @ 02:37 PM

    Fall River —
    Police have made the following arrests:

    Nicholas C. Pacheco, 27, 139 18th St., charged with possession of a Class D drug, receiving stolen property less than $250 and disturbing the peace.
    Timothy J. Mello, 17, 282 Sprague St., charged with domestic assault and battery and intimidating a witness.

    Alberta S. Smith, 18, and Davina A. Smith, 21, both 836 Globe St., each charged with domestic assault and battery and assault with a dangerous weapon.

    Rose M. Oliveira, 34, 538 Buffinton St., charged with domestic assault and battery and intimidating a witness.

    Antonio J. DaSilva, 42, 886 Cambridge St., charged with domestic assault and assault with a dangerous weapon.

    Police arrest wanted gang member

    By John Moss
    Herald News Staff Reporter
    Posted Dec 24, 2008 @ 01:21 PM
    Last update Dec 24, 2008 @ 01:23 PM

    New Bedford —

    A known Latin King affiliate, wanted in connection with an attempted murder three months ago, was apprehended Tuesday after collaborative efforts by city police and the U.S. Marshals Service.
    Felix Gonzalez, 18, was arrested about 6 a.m. at 78 Chestnut St. after being on the run since the Sept. 28 incident outside 136 Deane St. in which a 55-year-old man was shot twice in a leg by two men.
    State police assisted local police and the federal marshals in executing an arrest warrant without incident.
    Jerimiah Nichol, 22, and Gonzalez were “almost immediately determined as the two suspects responsible,” said police spokesman Lt. Jeffrey P. Silva.
    Nichol, also known as a Latin King affiliate, was arrested shortly after the incident and a firearm with obliterated serial numbers
    was recovered that night, Silva said.
    Officer Jason Gangi of the department’s gang unit investigated the whereabouts of Gonzalez that led to his arrest.
    Gangi was assisted in the arrest by Trooper David Reis of the state police Violent Fugitive Apprehension Section and the marshals.
    Gonzalez and Nichol are being held without bail and have been charged with numerous felonies, including armed assault with intent to murder. If convicted of all charges, the suspects could expect to serve 20 years or more in state prison, Silva said.

    Roadblocks crop up in cop's case

    By Dan McDonald/Daily News staff
    MetroWest Daily News
    Posted Dec 24, 2008 @ 09:09 PM
    Last update Dec 24, 2008 @ 09:14 PM


    While attorneys for the town and a former police union head have agreed in principle to resolve a dispute regarding overtime pay, there are at least three snags that still need smoothing before a settlement can be reached.
    According to a documents filed in federal court earlier this week, both sides need more time to draft, negotiate, and file a "proposed stipulation," but "the parties continue to work in good faith to see if a settlement can be achieved."
    Duarte Calvao, on behalf of the Framingham Police officers, brought the town to court in 2005, alleging Framingham violated the Fair Labor Standards Act through not including education incentives, shift differentials, specialty assignment payments, and other regular elements of compensation.
    Calvao, former president of the union who serves as a detective in the department, was seeking overtime pay for hours that passed the 40-hours-per-week threshold during a three-year stretch earlier this decade.
    A Tuesday court filing signed by both Jack Canzoneri, attorney for the Calvao, and Petrini indicates, "three outstanding issues remain, namely whether the town is entitled to a credit for meal periods going forward, whether various types of off-duty police details worked by the plaintiffs should be treated as actual hours worked under the (Fair Labor Standards Act), and the computation formula to be utilized by the Town in calculating regular hours, overtime hours, regular and overtime rates, and other calculations required under (the act) going forward."
    In the past, the town has maintained the officers are on a 24-day work cycle because of their five-days-on, three-days off rotation, which makes it tougher for police to accrue overtime.
    They have to work 147 hours in the 24-day time frame before overtime pay kicks in, said Town Counsel Christopher Petrini in August.
    Under the 40-hour-per week OT barometer, police "are much more likely to work five, six, seven days in a row," to reach overtime.
    Also, altering payment calculations, vacation days, personal days, and sick days are not accrued as hours worked under the 24-day structure - only "real time worked" counts toward the overtime threshold.
    More than 50 officers signed documents objecting to what they deemed to be unfair overtime compensation, claiming the town violated the Fair Labor Standards Act earlier this decade.
    Three years of alleged violations, according to plaintiffs' claims, resulted in a complaint that was filed in U.S. District Court on April 13, 2005.
    In his claims, Calvao says he worked weeks where he, as well as his fellow plaintiffs, were entitled to time-and-a-half overtime pay but did not receive their due.
    "During such work weeks the Town has failed to include the computation of each plaintiff's overtime rate amounts received from the town," including holiday compensation, shift differential, weekend differential, fingerprint photography and breathalyzer pay, evidence officer pay, detail officer pay, investigator pay, education incentive pay, hazardous duty pay, longevity pay, and defibrillator pay," states his claims.
    Last year, Petrini told Town Meeting that if the court found in favor of all the officers' claims, Framingham could take a $1.2 to $1.4 million hit.
    However, that amount could be less.
    Earlier this year, District Judge George O'Toole Jr. issued a summary judgment indicating the town was within its legal rights to calculate police officer overtime on a 24-day payment scale rather than the time-and-a-half rate predicated n a 40-hours-per-week structure.
    Mediation sessions were held Dec. 17 and Dec. 9 regarding the case.

    Cops: False name didn't fool officer

    By Norman Miller/Daily New staff
    MetroWest Daily News
    Posted Dec 24, 2008 @ 08:56 PM


    A former Framingham man riding in a car stopped by police gave a false name but that didn't fool the officer who stopped him. The officer knew a man by that name was already in jail, police said.
    Michael Wilder, 23, who now says he lives in Miami, Fla., was arrested after the 10:13 p.m. stop on a rape warrant, police spokesman Lt. Richard Briggs said.
    Officer Doug Grout was on patrol on West Union Street when he stopped a car for speeding around 10 p.m.
    Sgt. Greg Wildman assisted Grout at the scene and recognized Wilder. Briggs said Wildman recognized the man because Wilder was arrested in June and charged with raping a woman outside of a party, Briggs said.
    However, when questioned by Wildman, Wilder denied he was the same person.
    "He originally gave Sgt. Wildman a fake name," said Briggs. "It was someone Sgt. Wildman knew, and it was someone he knew to be incarcerated."
    The officers ordered Wilder from the car and was going to arrest him on the outstanding Framingham District Court warrant that charged him with rape, indecent assault and battery, possession of marijuana, possession of cocaine, attempting to commit a crime and defacing property.
    Wilder had posted bail after his arrest, but has failed to return to court for subsequent hearings.
    Wilder tried to avoid arrest.
    "Wilder began resisting and tried to run away," said Briggs. "Grout had to assist Wildman, and finally a third officer had to help to handcuff him. Even after he was arrested, Wilder was uncooperative, yelling and screaming in the back of the cruiser.
    Along with the warrant, Ashland Police charged Wilder with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.
    Wilder pleaded not guilty at his Framingham District Court arraignment yesterday and was ordered held on $1,000 bail.
    Even if he posts the bail, he would not be released. A judge revoked Wilder's bail on the rape case, ordering him held without bail in that case.
    He is due back in court next month.

    MetroWest Police News

    By Staff reports
    MetroWest Daily News
    Posted Dec 24, 2008 @ 08:57 PM

    Milford man arrested on warrant
    WAYLAND - A Milford man was arrested yesterday at 9:28 a.m. on a warrant, police said.
    Paul J. Rooney, 46, of 26 Zain Circle, had a warrant that charged him with motor vehicle infractions, police said.

    Man arrested on OUI charge
    HOPKINTON - A Sutton man was arrested Tuesday at 11 p.m. after a traffic stop, police said.
    Brett Duhn, 28, of 41 Mumford Hill Road, was charged with driving under the influence of liquor, police said.
    According to police, Duhn was also cited for a marked lanes violation.

    Framingham man arrested on warrant
    FRAMINGHAM - A Framingham man was arrested Tuesday at 12:44 p.m. on a warrant, police said.
    Ronan M. Queiroz, 21, of 551 Worcester Road, had a Framingham District Court warrant that charged him with armed robbery, assault with the intent to rob and breaking and entering, police said.

    Framingham man faces license charge
    FRAMINGHAM - A Framingham man was arrested Tuesday at 1:12 p.m. after a traffic stop, police said.
    Joel Floresrubio, 19, of 111 Kendall St., was charged with driving without a license, police said.
    According to police, Floresrubio was also cited for not having an inspection sticker.

    R.I. man arrested on multiple charges
    FRAMINGHAM - A Rhode Island man was arrested Tuesday at 2:57 p.m. after a traffic stop, police said.
    Thomas Farrell, 38, of 744 High St., Cumberland, was charged with driving with a suspended license and possession of a Class E substance, police said.

    Dorchester residents charged with larceny
    FRAMINGHAM - Two people from Dorchester were arrested Tuesday at 5 p.m. after police said they stole $300 worth of video games from Walmart.
    Charnette A. Singleton, 39, of 21 Nazina St., was charged with larceny of property worth more than $250, police said.
    According to police, Jermaine D. Wall, 35, of 48 Bowdoin St., was charged with larceny of property worth less than $250.

    Worcester man arrested in Northborough
    NORTHBOROUGH - A Worcester man was arrested on a warrant Tuesday at 6:27 p.m. on charges of driving with a suspended license, police said.
    Christopher D. Cann, 31, 83 Brookline St., Apt. 3, was also charged with making an improper turn, police said.

    Local man arrested on assault and battery charge
    NORTHBOROUGH - A local man was arrested Tuesday at 9:34 p.m. on Gale Street, police said.
    Mark E. Duggan, 44, of 10 Gale St., Apt. 1, was charged with assault and battery, police said.

    Thursday, December 25, 2008 Police say man assails other in car

    Violence breaks out during ride


    1 comment | Add a comment


    LEOMINSTER— Police said a Leominster man punched and choked a passenger in a car while it was traveling on Route 13 early yesterday.

    William F. Haley Jr., 46, 556 Central St., Apt. 179, was being held on $1,000 cash bail, or $10,000 with surety, after being arraigned in Leominster District Court on charges that included attempted murder.

    Court documents provided the following account:

    Mr. Haley was at his ex-girlfriend’s house in Pepperell and had been drinking when he asked that she drive him home to his apartment in Leominster. Because she felt unsafe driving him, she asked two male friends of hers to come along for the ride.

    As she was making her way along Route 13, Mr. Haley became agitated because the woman and her two other passengers were talking and he apparently didn’t like that. She told police he told her passengers to shut up, and then, for no apparent reason, said he was going to kill her. She told police that at that point, when they were near Evergreen Cemetery, she felt in fear for her life.

    One of the other passengers, a 22-year-old man, told Mr. Haley not to talk that way. Mr. Haley turned around to the back seat, where the 22-year-old was sitting, and punched him in the nose.

    Mr. Haley then went over the front seat into the back seat and started to choke the 22-year-old man. The other back-seat passenger, age 16, tried to get Mr. Haley off of the 22-year-old but to no avail.

    At that point, the woman stopped the car and started screaming for help because she could not find her cell phone. A passing motorist stopped and called police.

    Before police could get there, the 16-year-old jumped out of the back seat and started to pull on Mr. Haley’s jacket to stop him from choking the 22-year-old. The woman told police the 22-year-old was starting to turn blue in the face. Once she knew police were coming, she helped the 16-year-old pull Mr. Haley off the other man.

    Mr. Haley ran away from the car and toward the center of the city.

    Police arrived and interviewed the alleged victims, then requested more officers to help in the search for Mr. Haley.

    At about that time, police got a call from a local taxi company that a man matching Mr. Haley’s description was asking that a taxi pick him up at a convenience store not far from where the incident took place.

    Police went to the convenience store shortly after 1:30 a.m. and arrested Mr. Haley, who was identified by the alleged victims.

    He was charged with attempted murder, assault and malicious damage to a motor vehicle. He pleaded not guilty during his arraignment in front of Judge John J. Curran Jr. and is scheduled back in court Jan. 15.

    2 People Killed In Mendon Head-On Crash


    A two-car crash has killed two people in Mendon Wednesday night.

    According to police, a Chevy Blazer and a Toyota Prius crashed head-on while driving on Providence Highway.

    A 93-year-old man riding in the SUV was killed. The driver and another passenger were taken to Milford Regional Hospital for treatment of their injuries.

    The driver of the Pruis, a 39-year-old man, was pronounced dead at UMass Memorial Medical Center in Worcester.

    The cause of the crash is still under investigation.

    Teen Struck, Seriously Injured Crossing Street

    State Police Investigate Crash

    QUINCY, Mass. -- A teenage girl was seriously injured when she was struck by a car on Quincy Shore Drive on Christmas Eve.

    The 14-year-old girl was crossing the street near Bayfield Road at about 6:20 p.m., when she was struck by a minivan driven by Peter J. Newman, 44, of Weymouth, State Police said.

    The teen was taken by ambulance to Boston Medical Center. A 13-year-old boy who was crossing the street with her was not injured.
    The crash was under investigation by the Norfolk County District Attorney’s Office.

    Minister Victim Of E-Mail Scam

    E-Mail Asks For Money To Be Sent To Africa


    PLYMOUTH, Mass. -- When the phones at his church and home started ringing off the hook, Pastor Neil Eaton knew something was wrong.

    [​IMG]Watch Report

    “There was a girl from my church who was concerned, because she knew that I wasn't in Africa,” Eaton said.
    In fact, Eaton was in Plymouth, Mass., where he leads a small non-denominational church. But an e-mail sent from his Gmail account to everyone he knew read that during a mission against poverty he was stranded in Ghana and desperately in need of money.

    “I am really stranded in Ghana, because I forgot my little bag in the taxi where my money, passport, documents and other valuable things were kept on my way to the hotel,” the e-mail read.

    “Who ever did this was asking for $1,600 sent to this new e-mail address that he created,” Eaton said.

    The hoax e-mail went on to say:

    “I am now owning (sic) a hotel bill of $ 550 and they wanted me to pay the bill soon, else they will have to seize my bag and hand me over to the hotel management.”

    Eaton said scammers hacked into his Google e-mail account saying, “He got my password and got in my Gmail and took it over.”

    Goggle said they believe Eaton was a victim of phishing and may have inadvertently given his password to someone seeking personal information. However, they told Eaton they are investigating.

    Eaton, who contacted the FBI, said he does not believe that any of his parishioners were fooled in to sending cash to Africa. From now on, he said he will change his password often to deter future attempts to hack into his account.

    Father Faces Child Endangerment Charges

    Police Say Father Encouraged Son In Fight

    DERRY, N.H. -- A Derry father is facing charges of encouraging his 15-year-old son to fight with another boy.

    The fight took place at a bus stop, and the whole thing was caught on camera. Instead of calling the police, someone used their cell phone to tape the fight and then post it on the Internet.

    That footage helped lead to the father's arrest.

    While two 15-year-old boys are seen fighting in the video, which was posted on YouTube, an adult voice is audible in the background saying things like "grab him by the throat."

    The fight took place on Oct. 23 at a bus stop on South Range Road in Derry.

    Police said 35-year-old Robert Dearborn's son was the aggressor in the fight. They also say that Dearborn watched it all, shouting instructions from the side lines. He has been charged with child endangerment.

    Police started getting calls about the incident as soon as the video went on the Internet. They said it didn't take long to connect the video to Dearborn.

    Residents in the area where the fight took place said it's upsetting to known a grown man would condone a fight.

    Derry police say they have seen similar fights on social networking sites.

    Not long after arresting Dearborn, Derry police said they arrested George Primeau on similar endangering the welfare of a child charges. Police said Primeau drove his son to another boy's home in November and instructed the two boys to fight.

    To make students and parents more aware of the dangers behind fights like these the Derry School District will hold an Internet safety night Jan. 15.

    Police say bank
    robberies may be linked

    Auburn/Wilbraham robberies could be


    • Kara Dominick
    AUBURN, Mass. (WWLP) - 22News is following a possible connection between two bank robberies -- one just down the Mass Pike in Auburn and one here in Western Massachusetts last week.

    Police say a woman handed a note to the teller demanding money at the Central One Credit Union in Auburn on Monday.

    Auburn police say she then rabbed the cash and got into a vehicle that was stolen in Springfield just 30 minutes before.

    Auburn police compared photos of the bank robbery with a picture taken at arobbery last Thursday at the Hampden Bank Branch in Wilbraham. Police say they believe the same woman was involved in both robberies.

    22News called Wilbraham police whosaid they are also looking into the similarities of the two robberies.

    The stolen car was last seen heading toward Worcester.
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    Friday December 26 news posts

    Hub Christmas carnage kills 1, wounds 3 others

    Photo by Lisa Hornak
    SAD HOLIDAY: A police cruiser is parked outside a home on Harvard Street in Mattapan, where a man was shot and killed yesterday.

    It was a bloody holiday on city streets as two shootings and two stabbings on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day sent three to the hospital and one man to the morgue.
    The violence comes as the city is poised to record its third straight decline in the number of murders after peaking at a 10-year high in 2005. With one week left in 2008, the city has recorded 61 murders on the year including yesterday’s victim. If that number holds, the city would see an 18 percent decrease in the number of murders since 2005.
    But the raw statistics were little comfort to residents of Harvard Street in Mattapan who, early yesterday morning, were startled awake by the unmistakable pops of fatal gunfire and screeching tires. A party on the second floor of a two-family home crowded the block with cars, neighbors said, but was not too loud or rowdy until 3:36 a.m., when someone inside fired several bullets.
    The gunfire struck a 36-year-old man inside the home multiple times. He was rushed to Brigham and Women’s Hospital, where he was later pronounced dead. One neighbor said she heard a woman screaming a man’s name.
    In the minutes after the shooting, dozens of people poured from the home - some dressed in fancy evening wear, others wearing jeans and coats - and ran to their cars, other neighbors said.
    Police hope a partygoer or another witness will come forward with information about the shooter. Anyone with information is asked to call 800-494-TIPS, or text the word Tip to CRIME (27463).
    Meanwhile, on Christmas Eve, three men were rushed to the hospital because of violence. A man fighting in front of the Pine Street Inn suffered a life-threatening injury after he was stabbed. A teenager in South Boston also was hospitalized for a stabbing on Old Colony Avenue, and a man admitted himself to the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. All are expected to survive, police said.

    [​IMG](3) Comments | Post / Read Comments

    Foxboro police aid diabetic after robbery, find equipment

    FOXBORO - A "severely diabetic" worker picketing outside the Chestnut Green construction site watched helplessly last week as a motorist grabbed the cooler bag containing his insulin and blood testing kit off the sidewalk and sped away.

    The victim, a Franklin resident, did get some help from Foxboro paramedics and from police officer Charles Gallagher, who also knows a few things about diabetes.

    "He was very, very upset," Sgt. Michael Grace said of the worker, who said he ran after the car, yelling "that's my stuff," and then ran into the public safety building across the street with another worker to report the theft.

    He said a man driving a gold-colored sedan had snatched a bag containing vital medical supplies, his diabetes monitoring and treatment kit. The incident was Dec. 17.

    "He couldn't believe that at this time of the Christmas season that someone had taken those items, and took off - and they were all his medical supplies for his diabetes. He didn't know if he could afford to replace them." Grace said the victim is out of work, and has been part of a small group of union tradesmen silently protesting the use of non-union labor at the construction site.

    An alert was put out on the police radio. The worker said he hoped one of the cameras outside the station would give police a clue about the suspect car, but the incident, at the corner of Chestnut and Payson Road, was not picked up on video, Grace said.

    Grace said Foxboro paramedics came out and checked the man's blood sugar levels, and lent him a testing device, and he went home. The vehicle was never found.

    But that afternoon, while driving his cruiser to the after-school traffic control assignment at the head of South Street, Gallagher spotted a bag on a curb on Rockhill Street. Stopping to inspect, Gallagher recognized the equipment and reported the find.

    "Officer Gallagher, being very alert, observed the bag on the curb near the Orpheum Theater with no one around it," Grace said.

    Police contacted the owner, who came to the police station. Gallagher personally handed the bag to him. "He was so grateful, I thought the two men were going to hug," Grace said.

    Grace said Gallagher is close to a diabetic relative and volunteers each year for a motorcycle escort for the annual diabetes run in Foxboro.

    Grace said that, for him, the incident put another face on the meaning of today's ailing economy. "When a guy's out there informational picketing, that's a sign of the times."
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    Friday December 26 news posts

    Mother, son arrested in drug raid in Plymouth

    PLYMOUTH, Mass. -- A Plymouth mother and her son are facing charges of selling drugs following a police raid on the woman's home.
    Police tell the Patriot-Ledger of Quincy that they raided the home at about 5 p.m. Tuesday and arrested 56-year-old Janet Evans and seized 70 small bags of heroin, Suboxone and Seroquel pills, marijuana, and a small amount of cocaine with a street value of about $1,500.
    Evans faces various charges including possession of heroin with intent to distribute.
    Her son, 21-year-old Ross Evans, who lives at a different address, is charged with possession of cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and prescription pills.
    James O'Brien was charged with heroin possession as a subsequent offense.
    All three pleaded not guilty at arraignment Wednesday.

    Person Of Interest In Stabbing Found

    Man Found Fatally Stabbed In Meriden

    MERIDEN, Conn. -- Police have located a man named a person of interest in a fatal stabbing in Meriden.

    Meriden police had been searching for Joseph Halladay for questioning in a stabbing on Christmas Eve.

    Police said a man was found fatally stabbed on Sams Road Wednesday.

    Authorities have yet to release the identity of the victim.

    Teen Fatally Struck By 3 Cars

    Police: Girl Was Walking In Travel Lanes

    MERIDEN, Conn. -- An 18-year-old girl died after being struck by three vehicles on Route 15 in Meriden Wednesday, police said.

    The teen, identified as Melissa Cahill, of Wallingford, was walking in the road's travel lanes, police said.

    Police said Cahill was struck in the northbound lanes near exit 67.

    The first vehicle to strike Cahill fled the scene, but the other two drivers stopped. No arrests have been made.
    The incident remains under investigation.

    Anyone who may have witnessed the crash is urged to contact the state police by dialing 203-393-4200.

    Police: Cousins Found With $1M In Cocaine

    Cocaine Bust Biggest In Town's History, Police Say


    MANCHESTER, Conn. -- Police said cocaine with a street value of $1 million was seized during a drug bust in a Manchester parking lot.

    Police said the Hartford Drug Enforcement Agency received information that a large drug deal was to take place in a parking lot on Spencer Street early Wednesday morning.

    After setting up surveillance, police said cousins Franklin and Luis Payano were arrested at about midnight. They said the cousins were found with 5 kilograms of cocaine with an approximate street value of $1 million.

    The Payanos were charged with numerous drug charges and their bonds were set at $1.5 million each. Frankin Payano is from Hollywood, Fla., and Luis Payano is from The Bronx, N.Y.
    Police said the 5 kilograms is largest amount of cocaine ever seized in the town.

    One dead in Brockton shooting

    By Elaine Allegrini
    The Enterprise
    Posted Dec 26, 2008 @ 09:25 AM


    One person is dead after an early morning shooting on Weston Street. Police were called to the scene at 88 Weston St. shortly after midnight, according to Sgt. Bryan Maker.
    He did not release the name, age or address of the male victim. State police assigned to the Plymouth County district attorney's office are investigating.

    Grinches on the loose: Burglars steal Christmas presents from Weymouth home and apartment

    By Sydney Schwartz
    The Patriot Ledger
    Posted Dec 26, 2008 @ 08:45 AM
    That wasn’t Santa a couple heard rummaging around their living room Christmas morning. It was a pair of grinches stealing presents and trying to haul away a wide-screen TV, too.
    Weymouth police were called to a home on Off Lake Street shortly after 5 a.m. Thursday for a reported burglary.
    The homeowner told officers that he woke up Christmas morning and thought he heard someone downstairs. When he went to check, presents were missing from under the tree and the TV was gone. The man’s wife opened the front door and saw two men carrying the TV to a pickup truck parked in front of the house. When she screamed, the men dropped the set and ran, one to the truck and the other down the street.
    The woman’s husband ran up to the truck and banged on the window, cutting his hand. Police later found a truck matching the description the couple gave them parked behind condominiums on Russell Whiting Street. The passenger side window was bloody.
    Police say someone with no holiday spirit hit an apartment in Jackson Square late Christmas Eve. The residents came home at about 11:50 p.m. Wednesday after doing some last-minute shopping to find that all of the presents under their tree were gone. The stolen gifts were worth an estimated $1,000, police said.

    Police officers deal with emotional aftermath

    2 Plymouth police officers – and entire department – try to cope after man shot and killed

    By Sydney Schwartz
    The Patriot Ledger
    Posted Dec 26, 2008 @ 06:13 AM


    Police say an officer’s training takes over when he or she responds in potentially life-threatening situations.
    But the actions that officers take in those instances can affect them after the fact, as they deal with the emotional aftermath.
    Two Plymouth officers are now on paid administrative leave after they shot and killed a Plymouth man in his home on Ship Pond Road.
    They were responding to a domestic-disturbance call just before midnight Monday when, police say, Jeffrey Curran, 39, pointed a shotgun at them during a confrontation in a basement room.
    The officers were not injured.
    But Plymouth police Chief Michael Botieri said incidents like this can take an emotional toll on officers involved – and on an entire department. It is important, he said, to make sure officers have the resources they need to cope.
    “Officers are trained to respond to certain things. The hope is that the training takes over, and the right thing is done,” Botieri said. “There’s a lot more to deal with once its over. The emotional part of things takes a toll. We have to make sure we take care of our people.”
    After such incidents, Botieri said, officers are brought to a quiet place to calm down. The department encourages officers involved to talk to colleagues with whom they are close and a chaplain and makes sure their families are notified.
    Officers involved in a shooting such as this are placed on paid administrative leave. The department also sets up a stress debriefing with a unit from the Plymouth County Stress Team. The department keeps in contact with the officers and makes sure those directly involved do not return to work until they are ready.
    When Curran was shot this week, his wife, Lisa, 38, and the couple’s two school-aged children were at the residence, but not in the basement room. Presents were under the tree and decorations were up, inside and outside of the house.
    Botieri said incidents involving children can be especially traumatic for an officer who has children around the same age. Officers may become anxious that they might be called to a similar incident in the future. Additionally, he said, they become concerned about the family of the suspect.
    “They’re always going to run things through their mind, ‘if this; if that. ...’ We try to deal with that as best we can,” he said.
    After a shooting in Quincy last year, Chief Paul Keenan said, the officers directly involved were put on leave and evaluated at Quincy Medical Center.
    There was a group debriefing with the department’s two stress officers and a team of stress specialists from the Boston Police Department. The department checked in with the officers periodically. They were returned to duty when they felt comfortable.
    Quincy Police Sgt. Rich Gilmore, one of two trained stress officers, said officers handle incidents differently.
    The most important thing, he said, is that officers have access to someone to talk to help process what has happened.
    “Police officers are trained to do certain things,” he said. “A lot of times the most stressful thing could just be how to talk to people.”

    Abington man charged with shooting at truck

    By Allan Stein
    GateHouse News Service
    Posted Dec 26, 2008 @ 07:45 AM


    An Abington man faces charges after allegedly shooting at a truck at the corner of routes 18 and 139.
    Police arrested Charles H. Audette IV, 32, of 38 North Ave. on Wednesday night.
    According to police, a person called police to report a person had kicked his truck and then “threw or fired something” at his vehicle. The caller refused to give any more information over the telephone, but police said they received two more calls from people who said they heard gunshots in the area of North Avenue.
    Audette was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, discharging a firearm within 500 feet of a dwelling, possession of a firearm without a firearm identification card, possession of an infernal machine, disorderly conduct, unlawful possession of ammunition and malicious damage to a motor vehicle.

    Quincy District Court

    The Patriot Ledger
    Posted Dec 26, 2008 @ 08:57 AM

    QUINCY —

    Todd M. Donahue, 29, of 11 Marshfield Road, Braintree, pleaded innocent to unarmed robbery and larceny of more than $250. Bail was set at $3,000 because of his criminal record and because he was on probation following a conviction on a breaking and entering charge when he was arrested. He was scheduled to return to court Jan. 26.
    Police allege that Donahue stole $2,513 from the manager of Pet Supplies Plus, where he worked, as she was making a night deposit at the Citizens Bank on Quincy Avenue in Quincy on Dec. 12.
    Wearing a hooded sweatshirt and a bandana covering his face, Donahue allegedly jumped out from behind some bushes, told the woman to give him the money, grabbed the money bag and fled.
    Donahue was arrested after the manager told police that she recognized the robber’s voice. A bandana, sweatshirt and the money bag containing checks was found in a yard on Water Street, a short distance from the bank.

    Richard T. Brothers, 42, of 326 Ralph Talbot St., Weymouth, pleaded innocent to vandalism and making threats. Bail was set at $1,000 because of his record of convictions and his history of drug abuse or distribution, and he was scheduled to return to court Jan. 23. Brothers allegedly damaged a former girlfriend’s car Dec. 18 in Weymouth.

    Mark Bourglas, 21, who was listed of Quincy but homeless, was found guilty by Judge Kevin O’Dea of larceny from a person, breaking and entering, breaking into a motor vehicle and receiving a stolen credit card and given a 9-month sentence. Bourglas confronted a man Nov. 21 in Quincy, telling him to give him money and threatening to stab him, according to court documents. He was arrested shortly after the incident. Resisting arrest and marijuana possession charges were dismissed.

    The Patriot Ledger
    Posted Dec 23, 2008 @ 12:41 PM

    QUINCY —

    Kerry A. Eaton, 25, of 21 Summer St., Quincy, pleaded innocent to possession of Suboxone and larceny of less than $250 and larceny of less than $250. She was told to return to court Feb. 18. The offenses allegedly occurred Dec. 12 in Quincy.

    Fatimatu Sulaiman, 40, of Walpole, who was charged with larceny of more than $250 and possession of burglary tools, was put on pretrial probation until Sept. 22 by Judge James McGovern. The charges will probably be dismissed if Sulaiman stays out of trouble until then. She was ordered to stay away from South Shore Plaza in Braintree where offenses allegedly occurred on on Aug. 9.

    Timothy Foster, 51, of Brockton, pleaded innocent to assault with a dangerous weapon and two counts of larceny of more than $250. He was told to return to court Dec. 30. The larcenies allegedly occurred at March 11 at Lord & Taylor in Braintree.

    Charges of larceny of more than $250 and receiving stolen property worth more than $250 against Heather A. Palermo, 21, of 55 Tinson Road, Quincy, were continued without a finding until Dec. 8 by Judge Kevin O’Dea. The charges will probably be dismissed if Palermo stays out of trouble until then. She was ordered not to use drugs or alcohol, to submit to testing and to stay away from South Shore Plaza in Braintree. The offenses allegedly occurred Nov. 26 at Lord & Taylor in Braintree.

    A charge of larceny of more than $250 against Wayne M. Timcoe, 19, of 17 Hull St., Quincy, was continued without a finding until Dec. 8 by Judge O’Dea. The charge will probably be dismissed if Timcoe stays out of trouble until then. The offense occurred Oct. 13 in Quincy.

    Gabriel Gomez, 37, of Boston, pleaded innocent to possession of heroin and Suboxone. He was told to return to court Feb. 19. The offenses allegedly occurred Dec. 16 in Quincy.

    Shautay G. King, 35, of Boston, pleaded innocent to larceny of more than $250 and possession of burglary tools. She was told to return to court Jan. 7. The offenses allegedly occurred Dec. 16 at the Sports Authority in Braintree.

    Brian D. Pearl, 48, of 307 Union St., Holbrook, pleaded innocent to assault and battery with a dangerous weapon. He was told to return to court Jan. 26. Pearl allegedly assaulted a man with a knife on Aug. 10 in Holbrook.

    Jarrod Fleming, 25, of 590 Middle St., Weymouth, pleaded innocent to second offense drunken driving and failing to stay in marked lanes. He was told to return to court Feb. 11. The offenses allegedly occurred Dec. 17 in Quincy.

    Nevin A. King, 17, of 26 Billings St., Quincy, pleaded innocent to possession of marijuana with intent to distribute, violating the drug laws near a school or playground and conspiracy. Bail was set at $500, and he was scheduled to return to court Jan. 9. The offenses allegedly occurred Dec. 17 in Quincy.

    Hingham District Court

    The Patriot Ledger
    Posted Dec 23, 2008 @ 12:29 PM

    QUINCY —

    Tyler J. Barnes, of 1172 Nantasket Ave., Hull, and Daniel R. Berardi, of Middleboro, both 19, each pleaded innocent to five counts of breaking and entering into a motor vehicle, two counts of larceny of less than $250 and single counts of larceny of more than $250. They were told to return to court Jan. 28. The offenses allegedly occurred Nov. 24 in Scituate.

    A charge of larceny of more than $250 against Michael Doucette, 24, of 736 Beech St., Rockland, was amended to larceny of less than $250. Judge Patrick Hurley found him guilty and ordered him to serve 30 days of a 60-day sentence. Doucette stole money from his employer June 20 in Rockland.
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    Friday December 26 news posts

    Police in northern border towns investigate series of shootings

    By Wilson Ring
    Associated Press

    MONTPELIER, Vt. — State, local and federal law enforcement officers are out in force in an area of northern Vermont after a series of nine shootings over the last month that have targeted homes and public buildings.
    No one was injured in the nine shootings, which included a shot fired into a Vermont State Police barracks in Derby, but the thousands who live in this area of loggers and dairies are unnerved.
    "No one is going to feel safe," said Andre Mathieu, assistant manager of the Derby Shortstop convenience store. "If it can happen at the state police barracks it can happen anywhere."
    Derby is about 51 miles northeast of Montpelier, in an area of the state known as the Northeast Kingdom.
    "It's the Northeast Kingdom. It's rural. We don't have a cop on every block," said State Police Detective Lt. J.P. Sinclair. "All the other agencies have been trying to put extra people on. If we get another one of these, there's going to be an army swarming into that area."
    The shot fired into the barracks on Dec. 20 went through a window and an empty conference room and hit a trophy display case in a little-used hallway, he said.
    Investigators determined the bullet had been fired from U.S. Route 5, which is next to the building.
    The most recent shooting, on Dec. 22, struck a country club in nearby Newport. Three churches, three homes and an unoccupied vehicle have also been hit, but only one home and the barracks were occupied at the time.
    Sinclair called the targets random.
    "The private residences, the churches and the state police barracks, where do you find the common thread among those?" he said.
    Sinclair said all the shootings took place in the evening and several were committed with a .40-caliber firearm, probably a handgun. Detectives have recovered bullet fragments.
    "We are running with the assumption they are related," Sinclair said.
    State police detectives were investigating with the federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives as well as the Border Patrol and other local law enforcement officials, he said.
    Russell Ingalls, the general manager of Mulkin Automotive about a quarter mile from the Derby barracks, said the police presence was intense, but comforting.
    "It's hard to go up there without seeing a (police) presence," Ingalls said. "It makes you kind of proud when something like that happens and they are out there in force. It is reassuring."
    Sinclair hopes residents will help solve the puzzle. "Go ahead and give us a shout," he said. "Maybe it's a key piece that means something to us."

    [​IMG]Wire Service
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    Friday December 26 news posts

    Mass. commission upholds firing of police officer

    CHICOPEE, Mass. -- The state Civil Service Commission has ruled that Chicopee's mayor was justified when he fired a police officer who falsified a report.
    The Republican of Springfield reported Friday that Mayor Michael Bissonnette fired Officer Joshua Mozeleski after Mozeleski failed to document a traffic stop in his daily report and lied about the incident during an internal investigation.
    The woman Mozeleski stopped last year filed a lawsuit claiming he requested sexual favors in exchange for not arresting her.
    Mozeleski, a four-and-a-half-year veteran with a previously unblemished record, denied the woman's claims.
    The Civil Service Commission ruled this month only on the false report.
    Mozeleski has a month to appeal to Superior Court. His lawyer did not immediately return a message Friday.

    Women Shot Leaving Bar, Drive To Hospital

    Injuries Not Life Threatening

    BOSTON -- Two women leaving a Roxbury bar early Friday drove themselves to the hospital after both were shot and grazed by bullets fired by an unknown gunman.

    Police said they were called to Boston Medical Center about 1:30 a.m. on reports of two female gunshot victims.

    The women said they were leaving the bar at the intersection of Columbia Road and Stoughton Street when they heard three to four gunshots from an unknown direction.
    One of the victims, a 31-year-old woman, said she felt a burning sensation in her back and her 22-year-old friend said her knee was also grazed by a bullet.

    The pair then got into a car accompanied by a friend and drove to the hospital. Their wounds were determined to be non-life-threatening.

    This incident is under investigation. Anyone with information is urged to call the CrimeStoppers TipLine at 1-800-494-TIPS or text TIP to CRIME (27463). The Boston Police Department said it maintains the identity of all who wish to remain anonymous.

    Woman charged in stabbing of boyfriend in Warwick

    [SIZE=-1]Friday, December 26, 2008

    WARWICK –– A woman stabbed her boyfriend in the chest with a kitchen knife on Christmas Eve after he ordered her out of the house because she was intoxicated, the police said.
    Susan LaPlume, 43, of 22 Larochelle Ave., was arrested and charged with assault with a dangerous weapon, while rescuers tended to the boyfriend, Angel Gutierrez, 36. His injuries were minor, the police said.
    Just a week and a half ago, LaPlume pleaded no contest to a charge of driving under the influence and lost her license for three months, according to court records. She was also ordered into substance abuse counseling after pleading no contest to a charge of reckless driving in January 2007.
    LaPlume is expected to face arraignment on the assault charge today in District Court.

    Providence man wounded in shooting

    [SIZE=-1] December 26, 2008

    PROVIDENCE –– A 28-year-old Providence man was shot last night in his upper right thigh and found bleeding outside 6 Bodell Ave., which is in the Hartford Park housing complex, according to the police.
    Providence fire rescue crews transported the man to Rhode Island Hospital shortly after the shooting was reported at 9:23 p.m.
    Providence Lt. Luis San Lucas said the man’s condition was “stable.” He declined to release the man’s name.
    Police detectives continued to investigate leads last night around 10:45 p.m. No arrests had been made, San Lucas said.
    The man told the police that two men unknown to him had chased him and one of them shot him once, San Lucas said. Detectives were also investigating whether a stray bullet had entered an apartment on Bodell Avenue, San Lucas said.
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    Saturday December 27 2008

    MetroWest Police News

    By Daily News staff
    MetroWest Daily News
    Posted Dec 26, 2008 @ 11:57 PM

    Homeless man arrested after disturbance
    NATICK - A homeless man was arrested Tuesday at 1 p.m. after a disturbance on Rte. 9, police said.
    Pamphra Mulondo, 29, was charged with disorderly conduct, police said.

    Wellesley man faces driving charges
    NATICK - A Wellesley man was arrested Wednesday at 8:15 p.m. after a traffic stop on Rte. 9, police said.
    Ezeline Rindlaub, 49, of 11 Iverness Road, was charged with driving under the influence of liquor, failing to stop for police and driving negligently as to endanger, police said. Rindlaub was also cited for speeding.

    Framingham man charged with A&B
    FRAMINGHAM - A Framingham man was arrested Thursday at 4:10 a.m. after a domestic dispute, police said.
    Silverio Mazariegos, 26, of 16 Freeman St., was charged with assault and battery, police said.

    Framingham man arrested on warrant
    FRAMINGHAM - A Framingham man was arrested Thursday at 8:33 p.m. on a warrant, police said.
    David Tetreault, 43, of 83 C St., had a Framingham District Court warrant that charged him with driving with a suspended license and failing to pay a court fine, police said.

    Accident injures one in Marlborough
    MARLBOROUGH - At least one person was taken to the hospital after a two-car accident on Farm Road yesterday, police said.
    Police closed down part of the street after the accident, which occurred about 4 p.m., near 234 Farm Road.
    The accident is under investigation.

    Police arrest woman on warrants
    MARLBOROUGH - A 23-year-old Marlborough woman was arrested Thursday on two warrants, police said.
    Erica L. Richards, of 300 Lincoln St., was arrested on her street about 2:05 a.m., police said.

    Police charge man with vandalism
    MARLBOROUGH - A 41-year-old Marlborough man was arrested Wednesday and charged with vandalizing property, police said.
    Thomas P. Baker III, of 425 Pleasant St., was arrested on his street about 6:25 p.m., police said.

    Milford Police News for Saturday, Dec. 27, 2008

    By Staff reports
    Posted Dec 26, 2008 @ 11:32 PM

    Woman charged with assault with butcher knife
    MILFORD - A Milford woman was arrested Thursday at her home after threatening someone with a butcher knife, police said.
    Linda G. Harris, 49, of 16 Claudette Dr., Apt. #4, was charged with assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery, police said.

    Newton,Waltham Police News

    By Brad Spiegel/Daily News staff
    Daily News Tribune
    Posted Dec 25, 2008 @ 11:17 PM

    Man charged with disturbing the peace
    WALTHAM - Police arrested a Waltham man who was playing loud music early Wednesday morning.
    Joseph Wright, 34, of 10 Maple St., Apt. 3, was charged with disturbing the peace, police said.

    Man charged with assault
    WALTHAM - Police said an argument between a boyfriend and girlfriend turned violent Monday evening around 10:50.
    Police said the man punched the woman in the face with a closed fist and kicked her in the stomach. The man left and tried to come back into the apartment, but the door was locked, police said. Police said the man then tried to kick down the door.
    Paul Weaver, 41, of 45 Judith Lane, Apt. 12, was charged with two counts of assault and battery, and malicious destruction of property, police said.

    Man charged with OUI
    WALTHAM - A man who police said rear-ended a car in front of 1096 Lexington St. Monday at 5:08 p.m. was charged with drunken driving.
    Validis Smits, 63, of 12 Bishops Forest Drive, was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol and improper care when stopping, police said.

    Man faces drug charges
    NEWTON - A Waltham man who was staggering on Crafts Street near Watertown Street was arrested Tuesday at 2:32 p.m., police said.
    Many witnesses called police to report a man walking dangerously in the street. When police arrived they determined that he was under the influence of drugs. Police said they found needles in his jacket and two packets of heroin.
    Timothy Driscoll, 27, of 59 Taylor St., was charged with possession of a Class A substance, police said.

    Saturday, December 27, 2008 Party yields six arrests

    Police: Revelers ignored noise warnings; pepper spray used on two suspects


    1 comment | Add a comment


    Five adults and one juvenile were arrested early yesterday morning after not heeding police warnings to disperse a loud gathering at 1 a.m. that was taking place at a Terrace Drive apartment.

    Police said Noel Velez, 30, of 148 Spruce St.; Michael J. Nunez, 26, of 50 Pearl St.; Josue Santiago, 23, of 186 Fourth St.; and a woman, Saritza Guadalupe, 27, of 50 Pearl St., were each charged with assault and battery on a police officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace. Luis A. Jusino, 22, 162 Adams St., was charged with resisting arrest, disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

    A 14-year old juvenile was charged with disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

    All of the adults pleaded not guilty at their arraignment yesterday in Leominster District Court in front of Judge Mark E. Noonan. They were released on personal recognizance and are due back in court Jan. 15 for pretrial conferences. No arraignment information was available on the juvenile.

    According to court documents, Officer George Beauvais had been called twice about a loud gathering at 37A Terrace Drive, Apt. 8. He wrote in his police report that he told those at the apartment that if he had to come back a third time, he would have to arrest them for the disturbance.

    When police received another call about the loud gathering, Officer Beauvais requested more officers be sent because it would be difficult to get the group to disperse in a peaceful manner. Additional police were sent. When police arrived, the gathering was still in progress and loud music was playing. A woman answering the door at the apartment reportedly slammed the door in one officer’s face.

    According to the report, when people at the apartment were asked to leave, they refused. Some became combative, taking physical action against the police. Police said pepper spray had to be used against Mr. Nunez and Mr. Santiago, after they made threatening moves against the police.

    Police reports stated the spray was used sparingly because young children were present and awake in the apartment. Officer Kyle D. Mimnaugh reported that he asked two women in the apartment to take the children out of the living area and into another room, to get them away from the situation. Officer Mimnaugh made this observation: “It was obvious neither female was concerned with the safety of the children and were more concerned with aggravating the situation.”

    After the six people were arrested, the children were removed from the apartment so it could be cleared of the spray.

    Robber Strikes Luxury Shopping Street

    Four Robberies Reported During Christmas Week


    BOSTON -- Boston police are looking for the public’s help in arresting a holiday robber who has hit one of Boston's high-end shopping areas.

    A man, whose photo was released by police Friday night, is a suspect in four robberies on Newbury Street during the week before Christmas.

    The last robbery took place on Christmas Eve. In each case, the man passed a note saying he had a gun.
    Police said they believe he may be connected to other robberies in the Longwood Avenue hospital area.

    Anyone with information was asked to call the CrimeStoppers Tip Line at 800-494-TIPS.

    Police Make Arrest In Baby Death Investigation


    WILTON, Maine -- Authorities said a Wilton man has been arrested on a manslaughter charge in last month's death of his girlfriend's 17-month-old toddler.

    State police said David Cook, 25, was arrested Friday at his mother's home in Wilton. He is charged in the death of Brandy Swett's son, Matteo Hansen.

    Matteo died Nov. 29 after falling down a flight of stairs at his mother's Wilton apartment. Police say Cook was alone with the boy and his 3-year-old sister while Swett was at work.
    The arrest followed a ruling by the state Medical Examiner's Office that the death was a homicide. Details of the toddler's injuries were not immediately released.

    Cook will make his initial appearance Monday in Lewiston District Court.

    Police Look For Bank Robber


    SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (abc40) -- The Springfield Police Department is searching for a man who robbed a city bank late Friday morning.
    Sgt. Roy H. Carter told abc40 that a black man of average build, weighing about 200 lbs., and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt walked in to the TD BankNorth at 1800 Boston Road around 11 a.m. The suspect passed a note to a teller demanding cash. The note also said he was armed. He then walked out of the bank with an unknown amount of cash.
    If anyone has information related to this robbery, please call Criminal Investigations at 413-787-6355.

    Body Of Missing Woman Found Near Crash

    Woman Last Seen Mailing Christmas Gifts


    MANCHESTER, Conn. -- The body of a missing Manchester woman was found near a crashed car Friday.

    Patricia Engelbrecht, 77, was reported missing on Monday by family members. They said she was last seen mailing Christmas packages.

    Police said officers found Engelbrecht's car on its roof down an embankment on Hilliard Street. They said her body was found near the car.

    Manchester police said the crashed car appeared to have been down the embankment for an extended period of time.
    Police said the initial investigation showed that Engelbrecht was driving westbound on the street when her car left the roadway and rolled after going down the 30 to 40-foot embankment into the woods.

    The incident remains under investigation.

    Previous Stories:

    December 24, 2008: Woman Disappears After Mailing Packages

    Neighbor Sought In 85-Year-Old's Death

    Woman Found Stabbed In Waterbury Apartment


    Video: Neighbor Sought In Elderly Woman's Slaying

    WATERBURY, Conn. -- Police have named a person of interest in the stabbing death of an 85-year-old Waterbury woman.

    Laura Orso was found stabbed several times in her Wesley Street apartment last Saturday. Police said they believe Orso was killed during a robbery on Friday night.

    Police said Orso's body was found on her kitchen floor by a friend. They said there was no sign of forced entry and that Orso more than likely opened the door for her killer.

    Police said Orso lived alone for five years after her husband's death. They said they believe her killer knew she lived alone and was vulnerable.
    Waterbury police named Ervis Mecollari, 21, as a person of interest in the investigation. Police said Mecollari lived in the apartment beneath Orso's and that he disappeared around the time her body was discovered. Police said Mecollari has not been seen since.

    Police said Mecollari had a woman buy him a one-way bus ticket from Waterbury to St. Petersburg, Fla. They said the ticket was purchased on Saturday afternoon, shortly after the discovery of Orso's body.

    Police believe that Mecollari got off the bus in New York City and never made it to Florida.

    Detectives have traveled to both New York and Florida in search of Mecollari, police said.

    Mecollari was reported missing by his family on Monday.

    Anyone with information regarding Orso's death or Mecollari's whereabouts is urged to contact the Waterbury Police Department by 203-574-6941 or Crimestoppers at 203-755-1234. Police said a $15,000 reward has been posted for information in the case.

    Previous Stories:

    December 26, 2008: Elderly Woman Found Stabbed, Robbed

    Police: Web Page Led To 'Most Wanted' Arrest

    Putnam's 'Most Wanted' Suspect Found In Town


    PUTNAM, Conn. -- Putnam police are crediting a posting on the department's Web site with leading to the arrest of one of the town's most wanted suspects.

    Police said Sean Osborne's photo was recently posted on the site as one of the department's "most wanted." They said four arrest warrants dating back to 2004 had been issued for Osborne.

    Putnam officials said police received an anonymous e-mail on the site about Osborne's whereabouts.

    Officers surrounded a home on Laconia Avenue Friday morning and said Osborne was arrested as he attempted to flee the home.
    Osborne was charged with larceny, operating a motor vehicle under suspension, larceny and violation of probation.

    His bond was set at $13,750 and he is scheduled for arraignment on Monday.

    Rape charge dismissed, Brockton cop set to return to work

    Officer arrested in 2005 preparing to return to work

    By Elaine Allegrini
    Posted Dec 26, 2008 @ 07:55 PM
    A city police officer is preparing to return to the job after a rape charge brought against him three years ago was dropped.
    The case against officer Daniel MacIntosh, 31, was dismissed by superior court Judge Paul Troy this week after lingering in the courts since May 2005.
    MacIntosh has remained on suspension without pay while the case made its way through the courts. He was initially arrested in May 2005, the same day the woman alleged she was sexually attacked, following an investigation by state police and the Plymouth County district attorney’s office.
    Attorney Kevin Reddington, who represents MacIntosh, said the court dismissal came after “lengthy motion hearings and varied proceedings.”
    The alleged victim also failed to appear in court at any time, he said.
    “Obviously her failure to appear was a strong indicator of the weakness of the case,” Reddington said.
    “I always felt Dan had a very strong case,” added Reddington. “He’s a decent guy, a good family man and will be a very, very good officer when he returns to work.”
    MacIntosh joined the Police Department in January 2004. A Navy veteran, he is married with young children.
    Reddington said the date of MacIntosh’s return has not been determined. He expects the city solicitor’s office to look into the issue of wages that may be due MacIntosh.
    “We just want to get him back to work,” Reddington said.
    Police Chief William Conlon was not available for comment Friday.

    Man held in alleged carjacking

    Faces hearing on competency on Tuesday

    By Allan Stein
    Posted Dec 26, 2008 @ 07:54 PM


    A Stoughton man accused of carjacking a pickup truck and assaulting the elderly driver is being held in the county jail pending a competency hearing on Tuesday in Stoughton District Court.
    Philip R. Nardi, 35, of 33 Station St., was arraigned Friday on charges of carjacking and assault to commit a felony. Judge Paul McCallum ordered Nardi held without bail at the Norfolk County House of Correction in Dedham.
    A hearing on Tuesday will determine whether Nardi is competent to stand trial on the charges.
    Stoughton Police Sgt. Paul McCallum said that at 11:45 a.m. on Friday, Nardi allegedly stopped a 1993 Ford Ranger on Central Street and forced the 73-year-old male driver from Sharon to drive him and his 4-year-old daughter to Cobbs Corner on Washington Street in Canton.
    Nardi then forced the driver out of the vehicle and drove to Shaw’s Supermarket in Canton, where he began crying for help and that his daughter had been raped, McCallum said.
    The driver was not injured.
    Nardi, barefoot and distraught, told police that the night before he heard his daughter crying and thought he saw someone going down the apartment fire escape.
    Nardi was handcuffed and his daughter was taken to Brockton Hospital for a medical examination, police said.
    “At this point it is still under investigation,” McCallum said.
    McCallum said the girl’s mother told police that Nardi has been under pressure at his job in Boston and had made “off-the-wall statements.”
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    Saturday December 27 2008

    Plymouth District Court

    The Patriot Ledger
    Posted Dec 26, 2008 @ 05:53 PM

    Darleen Beaton, 39, of 25 David Road, Carver, pleaded innocent to charges of third-offense drunken driving and failure to stop or yield. She was released on her promise to return to court Feb. 6.
    Plymouth police charged her on Dec. 7.

    John P. Smith, 43, of 100 Main St., Kingston, pleaded innocent to charges of second-offense drunken driving, driving with a suspended registration, lane violations, and driving with an open container of alcohol. He was released on his promise to return to court Feb. 3.
    Plymouth police charged him on Dec. 5.

    Aaron DeCosta, 45, of Hyannis pleaded innocent to charges of larceny from a building, larceny under $250 and credit card fraud under $250. He was released on his promise to return to court Feb. 11.
    Duxbury police charged him with stealing a woman’s credit card on Aug. 22.

    A charge of rape against Craig K. Ennis, 23, of 15 Cedar St., Kingston, was dismissed at prosecutors’ request after the victim’s father said he did not want his son, 16, to testify.
    Plymouth police charged Ennis on June 1.

    Lisa Vosmus, 23, of 29 John St., Marshfield, pleaded innocent to a charge of malicious damage to a motor vehicle. She was released on her promise to return to court Jan. 27.
    Marshfield police charged her with damaging a 2001 Ford Taurus on Sept. 1.

    Kristin Morrill, 27, of 23 Temple St., Whitman, pleaded innocent to charges of third-offense drunker driving, lane violations, and driving without a license. She was released on her promise to return to court Jan. 16.
    Plymouth police charged her on July 20, 2007.

    Charges of drunken driving and lorazepam possession against Michael R. Osmanski, 53, of 21 Charlestown St., Marshfield, were continued without a finding for one year. A responsible finding for lane violations was filed.
    Pembroke police charged him on Aug. 19.

    Patricia I. Milloy, 18, and William J. Detoma, 20, both of 145B Taylor Ave., Plymouth, pleaded innocent to charges of heroin possession. Detoma pleaded innocent to an additional charge of assault and battery. They were released on their promises to return to court Feb. 12.
    Plymouth police charged them on Dec. 7.

    Andrew J. Heinstadt, 24, of 22 Main St., Kingston, pleaded innocent to charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault and battery, and two counts of violating a restraining order. He was released on $1,000 bail and is due back in court Dec. 30.
    Kingston police charged him with throwing a deodorant stick at a woman on Dec. 5.

    Matthew G. Etro, 23, of 3 Pierce Road, Rockland, pleaded innocent to two counts of armed robbery. He was released on $500 bail and is due back in court Feb. 12.
    Marshfield police charged him with robbing two people with a knife on Dec. 5.

    Steven M. Brousseau, 41, of Bridgewater pleaded innocent to charges of marijuana possession with intent to distribute and drug violations near a school. He was released on his promise to return to court Feb. 18.
    State police charged him in Kingston on Dec. 9.

    Michael A. Bruni, 18, of Macfarlane Drive, Kingston, pleaded innocent to two counts each of breaking and entering in the night with intent to commit a felony and larceny under $250 and charges of receiving stolen property under $250 and possession of nitroglycerine pills. He was released on his promise to return court Feb. 5.
    Kingston police charged him on July 8 and Dec. 10.

    James B. Hirsch, 52, of 35 Queens Brook Road, Pembroke, pleaded innocent to charges of second-offense drunken driving, lane violations, and driving to endanger. He was released on his promise to return to court Feb. 18.
    Pembroke police charged him on Dec. 9.

    Thomas M. Ellis, 38, of Bridgewater pleaded innocent to charges of second-offense drunken driving, lane violations, and driving with an open container of alcohol. He was released on his promise to return to court Feb. 5.
    Plympton police charged him on Dec. 6.

    Steven M. Devereaux II, 28, of 43 Stockade Path, Plymouth, pleaded innocent to charges of indecent assault and battery on a person over 14, photographing an unsuspecting person in the nude, and dissemination of the photograph. He was released on his promise to return to court July 13.
    Plymouth police charged him on July 13.

    Ryan P. Vickery, 21, of 3 Plymouth St., Marshfield, pleaded innocent to charges of malicious destruction of a motor vehicle and assault and battery. He was released on his promise to return to court Feb. 5.
    Kingston police charged him with damaging a car window on Sept. 20.

    Charges of assault and battery with a dangerous weapon, assault with a dangerous weapon and two counts of assault and battery against Jay M. Correira, 42, of Bridgewater were dismissed after the victim refused to testify.
    Plymouth police charged him with threatening James Coots Jr. with a frying pan and shattering glass on him on June 25.

    A reduced charge of drunken driving against Paul R. Harper, 71, of Plympton was continued without a finding for one year. He was originally charged with second-offense drunken driving. A responsible finding for lane violations was filed.
    Kingston police charged him on Aug. 9.

    James P. Moore Jr., 31, of 6 Squanto Road, Plymouth, pleaded guilty to charges of larceny over $250 and threatening to commit a crime. Judge Ronald Moynahan sentenced him to one year in jail on the larceny finding and six months in jail on the threats finding. The sentences will run concurrently.
    Kingston police charged Moore with stealing tools from Lowe’s on Oct. 31.

    Brett M. Rougeau, 37, of 57 Cordage Terrace, Plymouth, pleaded guilty to charges of assault with a dangerous weapon. Judge Gregory Baler sentenced him to one year in jail and suspended the sentence for two years. Rougeau received 60 days of time-served credit. Charges of kidnapping and assault and battery were dismissed.
    Plymouth police charged him with threatening Sarah Palmer with a lit cigar on Oct. 7.

    William T. Sullivan Jr., 26, of Bourne pleaded innocent to charges of home invasion, possession of prescription pills and marijuana possession. He was released on $200 bail and is due back in court Jan. 13.
    Plymouth police charged him on Dec. 13.

    Michael J. Gaynor, 26, of East Falmouth pleaded innocent to a charge of larceny over $250 by a single scheme. He was released on his promise to return to court Feb. 2.

    Plymouth police charged him with stealing money from Dunkin’ Donuts on July 28.
    A charge of arson of a dwelling against Franklin L. Yax, 45, of 11 Lincoln Road, Plymouth, was dismissed at prosecutors’ request.
    Plymouth police charged him on June 9.

    Elizabeth B. Wheeling, 28, of East Wareham pleaded innocent to a charge of larceny over $250 by a single scheme. She was released on her promise to return to court Feb. 3.
    Plymouth police charged her with stealing $1,366.59 in a false return scheme at the Jos. A. Banks store in October.

    Craig A. Solari, 37, of 20 Station St., Kingston, pleaded innocent to a charge of malicious damage to a motor vehicle. He was released on his promise to return to court Feb. 24.
    Kingston police charged him with damaging Catherine Maher’s 2005 Toyota Camry on Sept. 7.

    Charges of assault with a dangerous weapon and assault and battery against William C. Wool III, 23, of 27 Edgewater Drive, Pembroke, were continued without a finding for one year. He was ordered to refrain from consuming alcohol, submit to random urine tests, and complete an anger management program.
    Plymouth police charged him with threatening a man with a tire iron on July 8.

    Charges of intimidation of a witness and assault with a dangerous weapon against Edmund J. King Jr., 58, of 12 Schofield Drive, Kingston, were dismissed over prosecutors’ objections when the victim did not show up for the trial.
    Kingston police charged King with driving at Catherine Martin on Nov. 19, 2007.
    Another charge against King, assault and battery on a disabled person over 60, was also dismissed, after the victim invoked his Fifth Amendment right.
    Kingston police charged King with beating a man on July 31.
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    kwflatbed Subscribing Member MC1+MC2 +MC3 109K+Poster

    Saturday December 27 2008

    Walpole Coach Charged With Rape Of A Child Over 14

    [​IMG] Danny Villa on the sidelines earlier this month as Walpole beat Mansfield for the Div. 2 Super Bowl title at Gillette Stadium
    Kraft Sports Productions

    The man who led Walpole High School to the Division 2 Super Bowl title earlier this month is now facing several charges, including rape of a child over 14.


    Danny Villa, 44, was Walpole's football coach and athletic director.

    Earlier this week, he resigned, leaving his players and the community stunned.

    Initially, it was not known why Villa abruptly left. Police would only say there was an allegation of misconduct that was brought to the attention of the Walpole Superintendent Lincoln Lynch, who then contacted police.


    On Friday, police issued a warrant for Villa's arrest.

    He is charged with three counts of rape of a child over 14 and three counts of enticing a minor.

    According to police, Villa's whereabouts are not known at this time.


    Villa coached the Rebels for eight years and was the Division 2 Coach of the Year. Villa's Rebels were undefeated this season, winning their first Super Bowl in 11 years.

    He played 12 years in the NFL as a guard, most of them with the New England Patriots. The Pats drafted Villa out of Arizona State in 1987.

    Burger King manager shot during attempted robbery


    RANDOLPH, Mass. -- A Burger King night manager was shot several times during an attempted robbery.
    The man was leaving the restaurant with the day's returns Friday night, when he was held up at gunpoint.
    He refused to give up the money and was shot.
    The manager was able to make it back into the store after being wounded.

    Boston cab driver severely beaten


    CAMBRIDGE, Mass.- State police are looking into the assault of a cab driver that happened Saturday morning.
    The incident took place on Memorial Drive at around 430am.
    That driver was taken to Mount Auburn Hospital after suffering a severe beating.
    The police are investigating the incident.
  11. kwflatbed

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    Sunday December 28 2008

    Newton man is sought by police

    Suspect had allegedly assaulted Boston woman

    [​IMG] Boston Police officers at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center yesterday. The hospital would not comment on their presence. (George Rizer/Globe Staff)

    December 28, 2008

    Boston police searched for a 33-year-old Newtonman yesterday who allegedly assaulted a woman shortly before dawn in her West Roxbury home, then called his mother and said he wasn't afraid to be killed by police, a police spokesman said.
    After Hosea Richardson's mother hung up the phone yesterday morning, she called police, concerned for her son's safety, said Officer James Kenneally, a spokesman for the Boston Police Department. Officers across the city were quickly notified about the threat of "suicide by cop."
    Kenneally said that Camilla-Joy Richardson-Gates said in her call that "her son was acting strange and she was in fear for his safety and well-being."
    Hosea and the woman had been dancing at Vincent's nightclub in Randolph, according to a police report. But at about 5 a.m., after they returned to the West Roxbury apartment, Richardson allegedly turned on his 32-year-old companion. He kicked her and punched her in the face repeatedly until she escaped and fled to a friend's house in Hyde Park, according to a police report.
    The friend's husband, a Boston police officer, called police who rushed to the West Roxbury apartment but Richardson had left, the report said. The woman said Richardson had taken her cellphone and smashed it, the report stated. She told officers they were friends but that Richardson wanted to be her boyfriend, the report said.
    Soon after the attack, Dedham police received a call from Richardson's mother who told them her son was acting strangely and had said he wasn't going back to jail.
    Richardson-Gates met with her son in the Dedham mall area, but Richardson, who according to his mother had two kitchen knives on him, fled when Dedham police arrived. The officers chased him, but he eluded them, heading toward the Stimson Street area.
    Later, Richardson-Gates began receiving texts from her son in which he threatened "suicide by cop," the report said.
    Last night, Richardson-Gates anxiously waited in her Newton Centre dining room for any news about her son.
    "It's very sad. I wish there was something I could do to help him, but what can I do but pray?" Richardson-Gates said.
    "There's no way I condone what he's done. I'm the first to tell him. But I'm his mother. A mother's love doesn't die," she said.
    Richardson-Gates said her son has suffered from mental illness since childhood but that he is loving and charming.
    "He's very charismatic. He always has been. He has personality," she said. "He's had trouble. . . . He's a young man that just has problems."
    Police described Richardson as a light-skinned black man, 5 feet 9 inches tall, weighing between 190 and 200 pounds, and last seen wearing blue jeans and a black shirt. Police did not identify the alleged victim.
    Yesterday afternoon, police officers stood guard outside the West Campus entrance to Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, with two special operations sport utility vehicles.
    A spokeswoman for Beth Israel would not comment on the police activity, citing hospital policy against commenting on security issues.
    Neighbors on Bryant Road said it is a tight-knit street and most of the residents have lived there for decades. Joan McNamara, 64, said she was surprised to see a patrol car parked this morning on her quiet cul-de-sac.
    "It's a very nice street. I've been here for 24 years, and I was shocked to see the police," she said.
    No one answered the door at the house where the alleged victim lived. A patrol car was parked at the curb, and neighbors said it had been there all day.
    A spokeswoman for Suffolk District Attorney Daniel F. Conley said she would not comment on the alleged assault or the search for Richardson, since the case remained under investigation.
    Yesterday morning, police issued an alertover the area-wide police radio band to warn officers that Richardson posed a danger to himself, police, and the public and was to be considered armed and dangerous.
    "Officers have been notified and warned that this individual has stated that he is not afraid if officers or police were to do harm to him," Kenneally said.
    In August 2007, Richardson was charged with two counts of assault after a confrontation with his supervisor when he worked at Vox Populi restaurant in Back Bay, according to a statement released by Boston police at the time.
    Police said he showed a gun, then threw a stool at the supervisor after he was not allowed to leave work early.
    As the manhunt for Richardson continued into the night, police said they had few leads on his whereabouts.
    In her home, Richardson's mother wept at the thought of losing her son.
    "He's only 33, but I do understand that an officer has to carry out his duty," she said with a quiet reserve.
    "He's only 33. I don't want to lose him. Not to a bullet."

    Woman is charged in boyfriend's death

    December 28, 2008

    A Somerville woman was arrested and charged with murder in the stabbing death of her boyfriend yesterday, said Corey Welford, a spokesman for Middlesex District Attorney Gerry Leone. Police arrested Kimberly C. Savini, 30, after responding to reports of a stabbing on Greenville Street about 2:30 p.m. Her boyfriend, Arnaldo Amado, 42, was unresponsive and suffering from an apparent stab wound when police arrived. Amado was taken to Massachusetts General Hospital where he was pronounced dead. Savini will be arraigned tomorrow morning in Somerville District Court.

    Fall River Police Logs

    GateHouse News Service
    Posted Dec 28, 2008 @ 12:30 AM

    Fall River —
    Police have made the following arrests:

    Kathleen Busby, 28, 106 Pitman St., charged with shoplifting, possession of a Class C drug and two counts of possession of a Class E drug.

    Eric M. Harris, 26, Brockton, charged with driving under influence of alcohol, negligent operation and driving with a suspended license.

    Rodrigo S. Ziliotto, 30, 166 Snell St., charged with driving under influence of alcohol, negligent operation, driving without a license and speeding.

    Fall River Court News

    GateHouse News Service
    Posted Dec 28, 2008 @ 12:27 AM

    Fall River —
    The following dispositions were recorded in District Court:

    Josh Tobin, 45, 423 Milford Road, Swansea, operating under the influence of alcohol/drugs with a .08 reading, second offense, guilty, probation for two years, 45-day loss of license, $550 fines and participation in 24D alcohol-prevention program; operating under the influence of alcohol/drugs, dismissed; negligent operation of a motor vehicle, continued without a finding for one year; failure to stay within marked lanes, filed, and unsafe operation of a motor vehicle, not responsible.

    Jason C. Munroe, 32, 78 Lazywood Lane, Swansea, disorderly conduct, guilty, $300 fine.

    Erika Ward, 20, 47 Sea Cliff Road, Rochester, N.Y., assault and battery, continued without a finding for two years with random drug testing; attempted larceny, continued without a finding for two years and $90 fine.

    Zachary Mooney, 20, 40 Railroad Ave., Swansea, leaving the scene of an accident after causing property damage, continued without a finding to March 23 and $50 fine; violating a motor vehicle bylaw, not responsible.

    Shirley A. Holmes, 70, 243 Robeson St., negligent operation of a motor vehicle, probation for one year and agreement not to drive before taking a road test; stop sign violation, filed.

    Juliette H. Humphries, 33, 343 Hultleston Ave., Fairhaven, soliciting sex for a fee, guilty, filed for one year.

    Reginald J. Travassos, 43, 48 Whipple St., Apt. 1W, driving with a suspended license, guilty, six months in the house of correction, probation for one year and $1,000 fine.

    Peter Gagnon, 21, 21 Forge Road, Somerset, operating under the influence of alcohol/drugs with .08 reading, continued without a finding for one year, $600 fine and participation in 24D alcohol-prevention program.

    William Marshall, 366 Division St., Apt. 1, driving a motor vehicle with a suspended license, guilty, 90 days in the House of Correction, suspended with probation for one year; speeding, not responsible; invalid inspection sticker, not responsible; driving on a suspended license and without insurance, both dismissed.

    James Cronan, 53, 4079 Riverside Ave., Somerset, assault and battery, dismissed with $100 fine.

    Edmond Larve, 28, 6 Kenny Drive, Warren, R.I., negligent operation of a motor vehicle, continued without a finding to June 1, 2010; driving a motor vehicle with a suspended license, guilty, probation to June 18, 2009 with $50 fine.

    Miguel Figueroa, 38, 221 Sunset Hill, driving with suspended license, 10 days in house of correction, suspended with six months probation; motor vehicle operator refusing to identify self, guilty, filed; motor vehicle lights violation, responsible, filed.

    MetroWest Police News

    By Krista Perry and John Fenuccio
    MetroWest Daily News
    Posted Dec 27, 2008 @ 11:03 PM

    Hopkinton man charged with OUI
    HOPKINTON - Police arrested a Hopkinton man early yesterday morning on Lumber Street and charged him with drunken driving, police said.
    John Lewis Karlin, 22, of 156 Pond St., was arrested at 1:15 a.m. and charged with driving under the influence of liquor after he was involved in a car crash. No further information was available.

    Milford man faces alcohol charge
    MILFORD - A Milford man was arrested Friday after a motor vehicle stop, police said.
    Juan Bunay Yupa, 34, of 9 Purchase St. Apt. 2, was charged with selling or delivering liquor to a person under 21 and unlicensed driving, police said. He was also arrested on an unspecified warrant charge, police said.

    Suspects flee with thousands from Newton mall


    NEWTON, Mass. -- Police are searching for a crook that got away with $18,000 worth of Chanel bags.
    A man walked into the Bloomingdales at the Chestnut Hill Mall and ran out the rear door with the valuable merchandise.
    He jumped into a waiting SUV and took off.
    The thief was caught in surveillance photographs during the robbery.
    Police are investigating.

    Women found beaten,
    raped and naked

    Victim discovered by Springfield
    Police officer


    • Sy Becker
    • Matt Caron
    SPRINGFIELD, Mass. (WWLP) - A women was found severely beaten, raped, and naked in a Springfield parking lot at 4:00AM, Saturday morning.
    A passing police cruiser saw the women and came to her aide.
    Springfield Police Lt. Cheryl Claprood said the woman, believed to be in her 50's, was found at the intersection of Main Street and Mill River Lane.
    Her body temperature had dropped to 80 degrees and she had major facial trauma.
    The woman was rushed to the hospital where she underwent immediate emergency surgery. Police are not certain of her condition.
    Lt. Claprood said she believes the victim would have died if she was not discovered by the officer.

    Police Obtain Arrest Warrants For Home Invasion Suspects

    Investigators Say 3 Of 4 Men Already In Custody


    NEW HAVEN, Conn. -- Police in New Haven have issued arrest warrants for four men wanted in connection with a home invasion robbery earlier this year.

    Investigators said three of the four suspects are in custody. Harry Vega, 35, of Branford, and Jonas Magnotti, 42, of New Haven, are already incarcerated on unrelated charges.

    Authorities said a 17-year-old turned himself into at New Haven police headquarters Friday morning, but the fourth suspect, Daniel Hirst, 19, of Putnam, is still at large.

    Detectives secured arrest warrants for the four suspects as a result of a lengthy investigation into the burglary and assault that occurred on March 24, at an apartment on 206 Wooster St.
    A female victim told a responding officer that she was assaulted by three to six unknown men that entered her apartment as she slept. Also in the apartment at the time of the burglary and assault were the victim's roommate and her 10-year-old son.

    Anyone with information about the incident or the whereabouts of Hirst, is urged to call the New Haven Police Department at 203-946-6316.
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    Sunday December 28 2008

    West Roxbury Assault Suspect Surrenders To Police

    BOSTON (WBZ) ―

    Boston Police have arrested the man wanted for allegedly assaulting a woman in her West Roxbury home after hanging out at a nightclub together Friday night.

    The victim told police that Josia Richardson, 33, of Newton punched and kicked her.


    When police arrived at the scene, Richardson had already left.

    The victim was taken to a local hospital for treatment of non-life threatening injuries.

    Shortly after the incident, police in Dedham received a call from a relative of Richardson who said the 33-year-old was acting strange and was talking about hurting himself. The relative added that Richardson said he was not afraid if the police attempted to harm or hurt him.


    Richardson, who police say is wanted for other crimes, allegedly threatened the hospital where the victim was being treated. That prompted police to put the hospital in lockdown and move the victim to a different location.


    According to police, Richardson surrendered at the Reflecting Pool at the Christian Science Center in Boston Sunday morning. Police said he was taken into custody without incident.

    Richardson faces several charges, including assault and battery. He will be arraigned on Monday in West Roxbury District Court.

    Police investigate death in Westbrook, Maine

    WESTBROOK, Maine -- Police in Westbrook, Maine, are investigating what they describe as a suspicious death.
    WCSH-TV says officers responding to a call early Sunday discovered the body a 25-year-old man believed to be from Naples. Officers say the man appeared to have died from some sort of trauma, but they aren't releasing specific details.
    Maine state police are assisting local officers in the investigation.

    Man Charged With Sexual Assault, Leading Police On Chase

    WAKEFIELD, N.H. -- An Ossipee man is under arrest after police say he sexually assaulted a woman then led them on a car chase the day after Christmas.

    Officials say Michael Cheney, 48, was armed when he assaulted a 57-year-old woman in Wakefield.

    They say he then stole her car and personal belongings.

    After a 911 call police spotted the missing car in Ossipee.

    When Cheney wouldn't pull over police used a spike strip to stop him he then rammed a police cruiser before crashing.

    Cheney is facing more than half a dozen charges and is being held at the Carroll County Jail. No has bail been set.

    Hero arrested for drug

    Just after alerting families of
    apartment fire

    • Sy Becker
    HOLYOKE, Mass. (WWLP) - A Holyoke man saluted for helping evacuate seven families from a burning apartment building was in trouble with the law just a few hours later.
    Holyoke Police Lt. Michael Higgins told 22News, 26-year-old Neltali Romero was charged with possession of heroin Saturday night on Hamilton street, not far from where he alerted residents that their 620 South East street apartment house was on fire Saturday afternoon.
    Lt. Higgins told 22News that one of Romero's winter gloves reportedly contained five bags of heroin with a street value of fifty dollars.
    Romero had told 22News how we had gone about knocking on doors during the fire and helping to get the residents out of the building.

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