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    A long time member here once wrote that he was throwing the towel on the frustrating, often asinine process of getting on the job in MA. At the time, I couldn't imagine doing such a thing. Ever since I was a young child, my lifelong dream was to be a Police Officer in my hometown. 4/15/13 reinforced that dream in a way that I never could have imagined. I did some things I thought would help me get on the job (CJ degree, RI academy), but stupidly didn't go the .mil route out of High School and never had the cash to go without an income for six months to self-sponsor FT. The RI academy did get me to a job, and I worked with some fantastic people, many of whom I know will go on to successful careers with bigger campus departments, municipalities or MSP. I saw and did some crazy shit and generally enjoyed and made the most of the opportunity I was given. But at some point, practicality needs to drive one's career choice. In the campus PD world, you live or die by the support given to your Department by the administration, and lets just say... we didn't get much. When Police Officers are getting assigned to open the bathrooms in the morning, check the expiration dates on fire extinguishers, and chauffer administrators to the airport... you get the picture. And learning that you make less than the maintenance people and even some of the secretaries doesn't exactly make you feel any more valued at work. I needed a change, and the job, or even a decently paying Police job just wasn't coming up. I interviewed with several Departments, did well in the process, and all too often found myself displaced by a FT academy grad at the last minute. After all, nearly every MPOC that graduates brings with it new self-sponsors ready to fill open positions.
    Recently, I was fortunate to be offered a very well paying job with a state agency. I don't want to say too much about the job, but it's not LE related, although it does offer a good salary with OT, good benefits and a lot of career advancement potential. So what to do now? For the time being, I've gently placed the towel on the ground. I'm no longer actively looking on Indeed every morning and applying to 10+ jobs a month. I do plan to take the CS exam again, and if something good happens, I would certainly pursue a municipal or MSP job, even if it meant a pay cut from my current job, but the active, ongoing job hunt is over for now. There is a mixture of sadness and relief in saying this, but I will always be grateful to the supportive people here at MC for the advice, laughs and debates over the past several years. Those of you who are mentoring a young person who is interested in an LE career, tell them to stay the hell away from college CJ degrees. They're worth the paper they're printed on. Visit the recruiting station. Barring that, skip college, work for a few years out of HS, then self sponsor to an FT academy when you're 21-22 and have some cash saved up from a few years of FT work.

    Godspeed, stay safe, and vote Trump this November
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    Out of every bit of advice I've received in the 4 (5?) years I've been on this site, this has put things into perspective more so than anything else.

    Congratulations on your job offer, I'm sure you'll grow into it/enjoy it more than you know.
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    Hi Woody.

    Bummer on not getting your dream job, that stinks. Having "been there done that," I totally understand.
    Congrats on the State job but if you're still looking to be a cop and want to do it in the big city, we're always hiring and I'd be happy to help you through it.

    Come out to the Meet and Greet this weekend and we can talk about it. Otherwise, good luck with the new job.
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    Sorry for the delayed response here. Thank you to everyone for your support.
    Visible, I'm glad to provide some perspective, but don't get discouraged. You seem like someone who would be an asset to any department that hires you and I wish you much success.
    LA, thank you for all that you do for the members of this site who are seeking to get on with your job. I'd highly encourage anyone on here to accept your gracious offer and be OTJ potentially a lot sooner than in MA. I'm out for the time being, but I certainly appreciate the offer and the support that you've offered to people on this site.
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    That sucks dude.
    Better to get off the merry-go-round now then languish in a dead end job like i did for 22yrs :(
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    I'm still going to the state, just a different department than you. Same circus, different clowns.
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    Hugs and Kisses!
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    Just realized that I never updated this. So after about six months with the state, I realized that I really missed the job and the new job wasn't all it was made out to be. Meanwhile, things were on the upswing at the Department I had left. A couple of months ago, I approached the Chief to discuss returning. I received a generous offer to return (we're non union so things can be negotiated to a certain extent), and I am glad to have accepted it. Things are noticeably better than even just a year ago, and we have a fantastic command staff that is taking the department in the right direction.
    I was talking to someone in another department on the campus the other day and I think she said it best, Sometimes you have to date someone else to know how good you have it

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