NYC community board OKs ground zero mosque plans

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    NYC community board OKs ground zero mosque plans

    NEW YORK - After hours of contentious public comment, a New York City community board voted late Tuesday to support a plan to build a mosque and cultural center near ground zero."It's a seed of peace," board member Rob Townley said. "We believe that this is a significant step in the Muslim community to counteract the hate and fanaticism in the minority of the community."
    The vote was 29-to-1 in favor of the plan, with 10 abstentions. The move by the Manhattan Community Board 1, while not necessary for the building's owners to move forward with the project, is seen as key to obtaining residents' support.
    Some board members wanted to postpone a vote until the next meeting to gather more information about the project and the organizations sponsoring it. But the motion failed.
    The meeting was unruly, with project opponents jeering at speakers and yelling comments such as "You're building over a Christian cemetery!" while holding signs that read, "Show respect for 3000," referring to those who died in the Sept. 11, 2001, terror attacks.
    Many said they were not opposed to a mosque — just not one that's two blocks from ground zero.
    The families of Sept. 11 victims "would be wounded by erecting a mega mosque so close to the place where their loved ones were massacred," said Viviana Hernandez, a chaplain. "Even though they may have altruistic reasons, the real terrorists will see it as a win on their side."
    Conservative tea party activist Mark Williams has called the proposed center a monument to the terror attacks.
    The organizations sponsoring the project said they are trying to establish a vibrant and inclusive-world class facility.
    Plans for the Cordoba House include a performing arts center, swimming pool, culinary school, child care facilities and worship space.
    It would provide 150 full-time jobs, 500 part-time jobs and an investment of more than $100 million in infrastructure in the city's financial district, according to Daisy Khan, spokeswoman for the Cordoba House.
    Khan's husband, Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf, executive director of the Cordoba Initiative, one of the project's sponsors, said he understood the pain that people have about 9/11. But he said his community and congregation were among those that died in the attacks.
    "We have condemned the terror of 9/11," he said. "We have worked to ensure that our mosques are not recruiting grounds for terrorists."
    Manhattan Borough President Scott Stringer said in a statement that by supporting the multi-faith community and cultural center, the board "sent a clear message that our city is one that promotes diversity and tolerance."
    Stringer has been the target of disparaging remarks by Williams for supporting the plans and has defended his position and denounced offensive speech directed at him or at Muslims.
    He said before the vote that he understood the sensitivities of the families of 9/11 victims.
    "I don't think anybody wants to do anything to disrespect those families. They made the ultimate sacrifice," he said. "At the same time, we have to balance diversity and look for opportunities to bring different groups together."
    Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly said there were no security concerns about building a mosque in the area.
    The American Society for Muslim Advancement and the Cordoba Initiative have said that they bought the building in 2009 and planned to break ground later this year. It could take up to three years to build the Cordoba House. A Friday prayer service has been held at the building since September 2009.
    Besides the political and social opposition to the project, city officials say the plan also could be hindered by a decades-old proposal to give landmark status to a building that would be replaced by the mosque and center.
    City officials say the current building, constructed between 1857 and 1858 in the Italian Renaissance palazzo style, is historically and architecturally significant.
    Bruce Wallace, who lost a nephew on 9/11, said the center can change the misperceptions about Islam.
    "The moderate Muslim voice has been squashed in America," he said. "Here is a chance to allow moderate Muslims to teach people that not all Muslims are terrorists."
  2. Pvt. Cowboy

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    What a bunch of fuckin' idiots. Voting to approve a center of Muslim worship that close to where fanatical Muslims committed the most massive terrorist attack on US soil.

    This country is going to hell in a hand basket FAST. Common sense is no longer something that's used to determine "Do's" and "Don'ts." We have completely become a country where we walk on eggshells to prevent offending the minority. I've said it before, and I will gladly say it again... A revolution is coming. When the country is OUT of money because it gives free rides to illegals, refuses to take care of it's working people, and decides that welfare and entitlement programs are more important than maintaining an adequately staffed police department... Start barricading your doors, and loading your weapons. The bottom feeders will turn to criminals, stealing what they can to survive, and us like-minded folks will HAVE to stick together.
  3. kwflatbed

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    Fuckin muslim dick suckers.
  4. CJIS

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    I think this in-appropriate.
  5. HistoryHound

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    Since I have nothing kind to say & my self-edit button is malfunctioning in the heat, I will refrain from commenting further.
  6. vttroopah

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    Wow. Just fucking wow.
  7. 8MORE

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    What a great way to give the high hard one to all the NYFD/EMS, NYPD,PAPD and all those who died on 9/11/2001. I nominate the 29 scum on the Manhattan Community Board 1 that thought this was a swell idea be awarded the "Asshole in Perpetuity" label.
  8. MassCops Member

    Completely boggling. Would they build a memorial to Timothy McVeigh in Oklahoma City? How about dedicating a building to Seung-Hui Cho at Virginia Tech? Or maybe they could do a Nidal Malik Hasan flag ceremony at Fort Hood every year. ...Because those seem as obviously insane as this does. Maybe the board members need to review some footage from 9/11, a little reminder of the TERROR those MUSLIM extremists inflicted that day.

    BLUE BLOOD ...---...

    Why don't we just let them put a Benihana on the Arizona after they are done taking a dump and bronzing it at the trade center!
    Honor, reverence and dignity for Americans is tough to come by these days!
  10. mtc

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    I think it safe to say they are acting "Stupidly".
  11. 7costanza

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  12. kwflatbed

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    Another asshole, Obama's muslim brother.

    Patrick backs NYC mosque plan

    Governor Deval Patrick lent his support yesterday to an Islamic Center proposed near ground zero, stepping into the middle of a growing national furor over locating a Muslim house of worship so near the site of the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. (By Stephanie Ebbert, Globe Staff)

  13. DEI8

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    Just another reason to make sure these two asshat never makes it back into office.
  14. Hush

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    Bloomberg said that if we do not allow the terrorists to build their mosque at ground zero, then we will be letting the terrorists win.

    Hey dummy, if you let the terrorists essentially plant their flag at the site of the worst terrorist attack in the entire world...THEY HAVE ALREADY WON.:stomp:
  15. kwflatbed

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    Gov Offers Land Deal
    To Move Mosque


    New York Gov. David Paterson says he will provide state property if the developers of the so-called Ground Zero Mosque agree to move their project farther away from where the Twin Towers once stood, raising questions about logistics and how it would be paid for
  16. jettsixx

    jettsixx Had enough

    If some of the radicals in this country burn the place down, (which I dont agree or condone), How many of the FDNY are going to hurry to save it?????? I know they are professionals but that would be one hell of a position to find yourself in. just sayin.
  17. Hush

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    Unbelievable, what a country we have. Now we're offering these people free land to go somewhere else. What ever happened to just saying NO.
    And I wouldn't mind if some people took it into their own hands to prevent this insult from being built on sacred land. If our government is too cowardly and intimidated to do the right thing, it becomes the responsibility of the people.
    And yes, the firefighters are professionals and will do their job 100%, but wouldn't if be so satisfying to see them just cross their arms and watch it burn?
  18. OfficerObie59

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    Do they have the right to build the mosque. Unfortunately I'd have to say the answer is that they do. Like the exercise of all rights, its up to those exercising them to make sure they do so tactfully and with respect, which is certainly not happening here.

    I also think the motives are suspect, but not for the same reasons most others do. I happen to think this "hell or high water" approach by those wanting to build the mosque is less about trying to be provocative and insulting, but rather an attempt to garner sympathy from Muslims around the world: "Look at how we're being persecuted by the big, bad West." The message used to foster Islamic extremism is that we hate them first and want to kill them, and that the only way to counter that is for Islam to go on the offensive. This protest plays right into those hands.

    Still, I don't support any direct governmental roadblocks here. You know how I would go about solving this? Work stoppages. If there's no one to build the f*cking thing, you have resorted to a completely constitutional remedy without jeapordizing the American values you're trying to protect. Picket the sidewalk in front. Boycott any suppliers and area businesses that help supply, feed, or otherwise aid the project. A shipper is delivering the drywall? Boycott the shipper. A deli is serving the scabs who take the work? Picket the deli and call them out over mass media.

    Don't get me wrong; I'm not in favor of this thing being built--but I don't want to see the government be the ones who stop it. Solve this in a way consistent with the values this country was founded upon and values our soldiers fight for everyday: the ability of free persons to stand up and take action on their own. If you simply count on the nanny state to obstruct the building of this mosque through the bueraucratic process, we not only play into the oppositions message, but it seems to me we loose some of our values in the process and do the exact same thing those who want this mosque to be built would do if they were in power.
  19. Hush

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    Wow, well said Obie! I agree it isn't the governments place to prohibit the mosque from being built, but I just hope the people are strong enough to do it on their own without governmental interference.
  20. 263FPD

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    People are fucking sheep. Hey, come to think of it don't people love Fucking Sheep in the Middle East?
  21. HistoryHound

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    Obama supports plan for mosque near ground zero

    Obama supports plan for mosque near ground zero -

    Guess this is no big surprise. It's interesting how this came out on a Friday. I'd be willing to bet by Monday, none of the news outlets will be talking about it anymore. His argument is that it should be allowed because of this country's foundation on religious freedom. That's a joke. I think we all know his views on religious freedom. I agree with Obie's post in the other thread that the government shouldn't take steps to support it, but I really don't think they should be pushing for it either.
  22. 7costanza

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    Re: Obama supports plan for mosque near ground zero

    As if we needed another reason to hate that pos...keep talking dumbass...the clocks ticking.
  23. LawMan3

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    Re: Obama supports plan for mosque near ground zero

    Hey Obama....GFY.

  24. kwflatbed

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    Re: Obama supports plan for mosque near ground zero

    Obama's Support for Ground Zero Mosque Draws Instant Fire

    • [​IMG]
    • Critics take aim at the president after he jumped into the middle of a cultural clash in favor of building a mosque near the site of the Sept. 11 attacks, elevating the contentious issue to the presidential level ahead of a difficult election season for Dems.

  25. GeepNutt

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    Re: Obama supports plan for mosque near ground zero

    Surprised he didn't agree to fully fund it with stimulus money as well.... :stomp::stomp:

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