Obama's Muslims: Family of 'Clock Boy' sues school officials

Discussion in 'National' started by kwflatbed, Aug 8, 2016.

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    A few clicks and its not hard to find the real story of how this whole thing was planned start to finish. He took the external housing off of a Radio Shack clock and put it in a brief case, not much of scientist.
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    All was planned well in advance by father - Sudan presidential candidate, friend of various known dictators and war criminals. Kids his age are making AI robots and self driving cars. Stay in Qatar, Ahmed .... You belong there
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    I'm just surprised this kid hasn't got a cabinet seat yet.

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    Did anyone not see a lawsuit coming? I'm just surprised it took this long.
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    It's the American way.
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    Federal Judge Tosses 'Clock Kid' Ahmed Mohamed's Discrimination Lawsuit

    A federal judge in Texas has dismissed a discrimination lawsuit brought by Ahmed Mohamed, the 9th grader who wasarrested in 2015 for bringing a clock to school.

    U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay on Thursday ruled the boyfailed to prove discrimination, according to CBS News. The judge gave the teen’s legal team until June 1 to file an amended complaint against Irving Independent School District, high school principal Daniel Cummings and the city of Irving.
    Federal Judge Tosses 'Clock Kid' Ahmed Mohamed's Discrimination Lawsuit

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