Ohio Police Make Large Drug Bust

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    Steubenville police said they took 2.2 kilograms of powdered cocaine off the streets Saturday, making it one of the biggest reported drug busts in at least a decade.
    Police said they had been watching three local men for weeks before making the arrests.
    "Three suspects here locally were taking a trip to Detroit, Mich., to bring back a large amount of cocaine back to the Steubenville area," said Detective Jason Hanlin of the Steubenville Police Department.
    Police said Cornell Jones III , of Steubenville, Thomas Staudacher of Mingo Junction, and Nicholas Blackburn of Steubenville headed to their Detroit supplier Friday night, in a silver Acura.
    Ironically, on their way back, Hanlin said their car got a flat tire and they pulled off right in front of him at a rest stop to change it. Hanlin said they kept going in and out of the trunk where the drugs were allegedly hidden.
    After the trio got the doughnut on, they rolled right into police at the intersection of Route 7 and University Boulevard where the car was searched, according to detectives.
    Police opened the trunk, and said 2.2 kilograms of cocaine were stashed inside a gym bag.
    "A street value of $100 per gram, about $200,000 on the street," said Hanlin.
    They also seized several cell phones and impounded the car, which police said will help their investigation.
    "We'll now start to track these drugs to their source back to Detroit as well as locate the potential customers here locally," said Hanlin.
    All three suspects were charged with felony possession as major drug offenders. They're being held in the Jefferson County Justice Center on $250,000 bond each, and will face a judge Monday.
    Steubenville police worked with the Brooke and Hancock County Drug Task Force during the investigation and had assistance from the Harrison County Sheriff's Office and Ohio State Highway Patrol.

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