Pearl Harbor Day

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  2. kwflatbed

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  3. kwflatbed

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  4. kwflatbed

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  5. LA Copper

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    They won't admit it, but these guys are true heroes. God Bless them all and may they all rest in peace.
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  6. Fuzzywuzzy

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    Abe won't be apologizing. Unconditional surrender.
    RIP Pearl Harbor heroes.
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  7. mpd61

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    I had the privilege of buying Escape from Battleship Oklahoma and had it signed by the author Stephen Bower Young. A real deal survivor. Then I had the pleasure of photographing a veteran of the USS Pennsylvania who was aboard her during the attack. That was at a ceremony onboard the USS Massachusetts in 1997. Both of these guys said I was braver than them for having served in submarines, but I know the truth; These guys came from a generation of men, not pussies!!!!!!!!
  8. Kilvinsky

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    Still, never underestimate your contribution there, Woody old boy.

    It's funny how the Germans went to the far right to make up for WW2, to the point of absurdity but the Japanese still act like the victims simply because we hit them with two atomic bombs. And how screwed up is it that it TOOK A SECOND ONE?
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  9. Goose

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    They called our bluff, Kilvinsky.
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    Listening to sports radio yesterday and the guy was saying how his little league coach came home from the war with one arm but still used to hit grounders out to the kids and smoke a cigarette the same time :cool:

    Bonafide badasses all around back in the day. We got lucky, got the bomb first and wern't afraid to use it !
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