Police: Mother Let Boyfriend Rape Her 4 Month-old daughter, Then He Raped Her To Death

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    Prosecutors in St. Charles County, Missouri, have charged the mother of a 4 month-old infant girl with abuse and second degree murder after allowing her boyfriend to rape her baby, which resulted in the child’s death.

    Prosecutors say that 25-year-old Jessica Lynn Howell was aware that her boyfriend, Jordan Lafayette Prince, had previous convictions for sexual offense against a minor. Still yet, she sent text messages giving permission for him to have sex with her infant daughter.
    St. Charles Prosecuting Attorney Tim Lohmar said, “In those text messages she suggested and encouraged some unspeakable things. It is very, very disturbing.”
    The complaint goes on to allege that Howell took Ashlynn to Prince’s home to spend the night at the time Ashlynn was murdered.

    The highly disturbing complaint says Ashlynn died from strangulation, and being anally sodomized. The infant suffered petechial hemorrhages to her lower neck, abdomen, neck, chest legs and back. She further suffered contusions to her neck, under her chin and to her thymus. Also, hemorrhages to her thyroid, larynx and trachea. The infant also suffered blunt force trauma to the left side of her head causing a laceration in her ear and a hemorrhage near her skull. She suffered multiple tears to her anus, a massive laceration to her rectum, with massive hematoma in the pelvis area.
    The cause of death however, were the injuries to her anus and rectum, even before the strangulation took place.

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    They do not deserve another breath. She is worse than him.
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    Anyone got a doublewide woodchipper?
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    Vile, disgusting, low life pieces of shit! The wood chipper is too good for them, it's too quick. They deserve the slowest, most painful deaths imaginable, the kind that make 4 Maccabees look like a day at Disney Land.
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    Too good for them. Let the punishment fit the crime... I'm sure some fellow inmates would be happy to arrange a "death by anal rape". These monsters deserve nothing less than what they can dish out. :mad:

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    Seems images of thousands of the most painful deaths come to mind, yet not a one would be brutal enough for this vile scum. I pray they both suffer....
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    I HOPE There is A HELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Liberals need to remember that "people" like this exist.
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    Proof (as if we needed proof...) that evil exists in this world.

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