Polls: Romney Surging in Florida

Discussion in 'Politics & Law Enforcement' started by kwflatbed, Jan 29, 2012.

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    Arizona Governor Brewer endorses Romney

    Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is endorsing Mitt Romney in her state's Republican presidential primary on Tuesday.
    Brewer says she had looked at all the candidates and decided to endorse the former Massachusetts governor.
    Brewer says Romney's business background appealed to her.
    She says, "I think he'd serve Americans the best of all the candidates," adding that she thinks he's the candidate who could win November's election.

    Read more: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2012/02/26/arizona-governor-brewer-endorses-romney/#ixzz1nW2vSLmM
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    When will Gingrich & Paul put their egos aside and withdraw for the good of the party and the country?
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    White House mocks Romney's narrow Michigan victory

    White House press secretary Jay Carney said that President Barack Obama's address to the United Auto Workers was not meant as a political foil to the Michigan primary — noting that the election was never expected to be competitive and taking a potshot at Mitt Romney's narrow win at the same time.
    "The UAW set its conference a long time ago," Carney said. "It was probably scheduled at a time before any of you would have predicted that the Michigan primary would be a significant event."
    "That was supposed to be a non-event primary because one of the contestants was born there and his father was governor," Carney said.

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    I can't find the link now, but I read an article that said huge numbers of unenrolled Democrats voted for Santorum in the Michigan primary because they know Romney is a stronger candidate against Obamessiah.

    I know that I (an unenrolled Republican) voted for Deval in his first Democratic primary run for governor, because I thought he would be the weakest candidate in the general election.

    That one didn't quite turn out the way I had hoped. :oops:
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    Sydney Morning Herald
    poll shows Romney with big lead over Santorum
    Fox News - ‎59 minutes ago‎

    WASHINGTON - A new national poll shows Mitt Romney increasing his lead to 11 percentage points over top challenger Rick Santorum as the Republican presidential campaign intensified ahead of Super Tuesday's crucial votes in 10 states.
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    Santorum is still a legitimate candidate, but Gingrich & Paul seriously need to check their egos and bow out at this point.
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    Love it or hate it ROMNEY is the man. Like you said he has a chance at being a Reagan ish figure of he can get in amd fix the economy.
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    I don't see that happening anytime soon.
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    I have the feeling that Santorum will leave the race if he doesn't do well on Super Tuesday, but Gingrich's massive ego will keep him in until the bitter end, and Paul is just nuts....it wouldn't surprise me if he ran as a third-party candidate after the GOP convention, just to appease his cult-like following.
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