Quinn Bill to be cut (and other PD money)

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    If I hit that I'd lose a lot more than 10%..

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    Ah, I see. Ok, j, you're limited to 1 post per page..

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    Quinn Bill deal cut in Falmouth

    By Aaron Gouveia / Cape Cod Times
    Saturday, November 6, 2010 -

    FALMOUTH — The chairman of the board of selectman says he made a mistake in signing off on an agreement to give three police department captains more than $50,000 annually without town meeting approval, reports the Cape Cod Times.
    The captains and selectmen reached a settlement in August in response to the state’s decision not to fund the so-called Quinn Bill, a state program that gives law enforcement officials pay increases after earning higher education degrees. Town Manager Robert Whritenour said the deal was dependent on town meeting voters approving a reclassification of the captains’ jobs that would have placed them in a higher pay grade.
    The captains hired a private attorney and were threatening legal action against the town.

    Full Story:
    Quinn Bill deal cut in Falmouth - BostonHerald.com
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    North Reading told to fund officers’ Quinn bill raises

    Judge tosses deal to save costs as state’s share lags

    By Travis Andersen

    Globe Staff / December 23, 2010

    A superior court judge has ordered the town of North Reading to fully fund all pay raises for local police officers under the Quinn Bill, even though the state has sharply cut the town’s reimbursement for the educational incentive.
    In a decision dated last Friday, Judge Kathe M. Tuttman ordered the town to pay for the raises for all officers who qualified for the salary hikes dating back to July 1, 2009. Attorneys for the town and the union representing police could not be reached for comment yesterday.
    Town Administrator Greg Balukonis said that if the ruling stands, it will cost North Reading upwards of $180,000 per fiscal year. He said officials have not decided if they will appeal the decision.

    Full Story:
    North Reading ordered to fund officers’ Quinn bill raises - The Boston Globe

    Who should pay for the Quinn bill?

    Posted 6 hour(s) ago
    A lawsuit challenging whether cities and towns can get out of paying millions in bonuses to college-educated police officers has made its way to the state’s highest court. Who do you think should be responsible for making up shortfalls in funding of the Quinn bill, cities and towns or the state? Take our poll. Post a comment or e-mail us at editpage@ledger.com or letters@enterprisenews.com. Call 781-340-3157 and leave a short message that we might post as an audio letter.

    Who do you think should be responsible for making up shortfalls in funding of the Quinn bill, cities and towns or the state?

    Challenges to Quinn bill funding head to state supreme court
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    This is great news! Here's hoping that the BPD suite has the same victorious results.

    There is one thing I do want to share; I don't doubt that as we win these law suites, that the compensations should be retroactive to the day our bargained benefits were cut. HOWEVER, I strongly believe that we can not be greedy either. I am of the opinion that if our towns and cities restore full Quinn payments going forward, we SHOULD fore go retroactive pay and [in this economy] realize how lucky we are to be in this [victorious] position and the fact that we now get an extra "x" % every paycheck etc....

    Cities and towns are struggling to keep up, yes, we did our part by foregoing increases and the Quinn hit for the past year, but lets be grateful it is bing restored.
    Happy Holidays Ya'll.
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    Going to completely disagree with you here. If it is restored the city/town will look for any and every reason at the next contract to eliminate it. You bargained for it and the city/town breached the agreement and unilaterally decided not to pay, they owe you the money.

    I agree cities and Towns are absolutely scraping by, however it cannot be only on our backs. Where do you see them trying to cut teachers salaries or other department's salaries. Because it's restored does not mean it will be restored for the next contract. You can use it as a tool in negotiations, but you can't just forego what is owed to you.
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    MCOP said no more Mr.Nice guy with the towns as we are getting screwed every chance they get, with the new evergreen clause and home rule petitions to circumvent CBA on medical insurance.
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    Many depts already have language that it's gone forever for new hires (we all saw that coming). But fast forward a few years and we'll see the desparity in pay between those with and those without, for doing the same job.

    The argument should be made that, is there an inherent different set of standards, responsibilities or job descriptions for those officers with a college degree as opposed to those with only HS or a GED? The answer is obviously not. The officer with no college has to do exactly the same workload, case preparation and court testimony as the one with the JD.

    So if we string out that argument it should be noted, as compared with other depts or states of similiar sizes, (I'd have to reference the exact source, just not right this second) that the depts with higher numbers of college grads enjoy the least amount of civil and criminal liabilities on behalf of their officers. Thus making the college incentive more attractive for the employer, not the employee.
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    Does anyone have a link to the decision?
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    Sorry to bring back a zombie thread but I've searched and I can't find the info I'm looking for. I need a list of how State Reps voted over the last few years on Quinn. Any help will be appreciated. Thx.
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    As long as you brought the thread back, I found this on the NEPBA website:

    An Act relative to police incentive pay program
    Prime Sponsor: Representative Stephen Kulik (D)
    SECTION 1. Section 108L of Chapter 41 of the General Laws is hereby amended by adding the following sentences after the first sentence in the fifth paragraph:- Notwithstanding the foregoing and notwithstanding any general or special law to the contrary, an employee of a city or town police department who is covered by this section shall be entitled to one half the amount of such payments during the employing citys or towns fiscal year. The employees entitlement to the remaining one half of the amount of such payments shall be conditioned upon the commonwealth satisfying its reimbursement obligation which is set forth in the first sentence of this paragraph and that amount shall not be due to such employee until and unless the commonwealth makes the reimbursement payment to the employing city or town.
    SECTION 2. In a city or town in which an existing collective bargaining agreement provides for payment of the full amount of career incentive salary increases without regard to reimbursement by the commonwealth, this amendment shall not take effect until the expiration date stated in the agreement but shall take effect thereafter even if the agreement has a provision which provides for automatic extension of the agreement pending entry into a successor agreement.

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