Residents Hear Plan to Merge Police and Fire Chiefs

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    damn and I thought a shared police and fire dispatcher was bad
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    I think they should merge the police with the taxi companies. :rolleyes:
  3. GD

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    [nomedia=""]YouTube - unbelievable fire truck crash[/nomedia]

    This will be me, if they have police acting as firefighters!!!!:banghead:
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    Fire and police chief jobs will not be consolidated in East Longmeadow

    Fire and police chief jobs will not be consolidated in East Longmeadow |

    The controversial warrant article that proposed the consolidation of the fire and police chief jobs in town was not voted on during the annual Town Meeting Monday.

    Article 20, which was proposed by Board of Selectmen member James D. Driscoll, was met with resistance from firefighters and residents in town. Many attended a public forum about the consolidation to express their concerns about the possible merger.

    Driscoll, who conducted the forum and submitted the article, did not attend the annual Town Meeting on Monday. The article would have joined the positions of fire and police chiefs into one public safety administrator position.

    Fellow members Enrico J. Villamaino and Paul Federici voted to take no action on the article during their meeting held an hour before the Town Meeting. Villamaino and Federici never endorsed the article.
    "There was such an overwhelming distaste for the article among residents that we decided it would be best to pull it," Villamaino said. "We will certainly continue to look for ways to save money in town, but not at the expense of the residents' sense of safety and security."

    Common sense prevails
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    ...and the BOS POS blows off the annual Town Meeting. Time to move along, Jimmy, and take your ill-tempered ducks with you.

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