RI State Police: Diversity Outreach Training Academy

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    Law Enforcement in the 21st century has drastically changed from the procedures, protocols, and hiring practices that we once knew. To be a modern-day successful law enforcement agency, the agency must first mirror the community in which it serves. The Rhode Island State Police has and will continue to take a pro-active position, to continue to break down barriers, and promote communication, inclusiveness, and diversity. As the Division Stetson badge worn by every Trooper says, "In the service of the State."

    The Rhode Island State Police has and will continue to take a pro-active position to diversify our rank and file. To this end, the Rhode Island State Police is seeking honest, intelligent, hard working, and dedicated men and women to apply for the 1st Rhode Island State Police Diversity Outreach Training Academies scheduled to commence August 2006.

    These Training Academies will be comprised of one (1) week designated for female candidates and one (1) week designated for minority candidates. This training orientation will be hosted by the Rhode Island State Police Training Academy located in Foster, RI. Men and women who represent all of the diverse communities served by the State Police, who are interested in State Police procedure and protocol, or in exploring a career with the State Police are invited to submit an application. Thirty-five (35) individuals will be selected to spend a week with Rhode Island's finest. All selected candidates will be provided a stipend for the week of training.

    The Diversity Outreach Training Academy will encompass mentoring sessions with Division members also from diverse backgrounds, who will share their experiences, answer questions, and describe their exciting careers. Candidates will also experience a taste of life as a Rhode Island State Police Training Academy candidate including firearms instruction, military drill, physical training, emergency vehicle operations course (EVOC), and some practical exercises.

    Targeted individuals who wish to be considered for the Diversity Outreach Training Academy must meet the following general requirements:

    • Must be eighteen (18) years of age to apply.
    • Must be a citizen of the United States.
    • Must possess a valid motor vehicle operator's license.
    To be considered, applications must be sent via the Internet, or U.S. mail to the below address, and must be postmarked or completed on-line no later than midnight:

    Sunday, May 21, 2006

    Rhode Island State Police
    Training Academy
    P.O. Box 250
    North Scituate, RI 02857
    * On-Line application submission is encouraged *
    Computer terminals have been installed in the lobby of Rhode Island State Police Headquarters, State Police Lincoln Woods Barracks, State Police Hope Valley Barracks, and State Police Wickford Barracks for applicants in need of Interent access. The Department of Labor and Training has also offered Interent access for applicants at any of their statewide satellite offices. To find the nearest satellite office near you, please contact the Department of Labor and Training at (1-888-616-JOBS).

    Candidate / Alternate Selection Procedure:

    All qualified individuals who submit an application will have their names placed into a lottery. The public lottery drawing for the selection of all candidates/alternates into the Rhode Island State Police Diversity Outreach Training Academies will take place on Thrusday, May 25, 2006, 1:00PM, at the Department of Administration Building, located at 1 Capitol Hill, Providence, RI.

    "The Rhode Island State Police is committed to diversity and will take whatever steps are necessary to achieve this goal. I encourage all women and members of the minority community to take the first step and accept the challenge."</EM>

    Colonel Steven M. Paré

    Take the first step; click on the link to your future

    MEN - 2006 Diversity Outreach Training Academy
    August 6 - 11, 2006

    Click the link below to download an application form
    [​IMG] Diversity Outreach Application form

    The Rhode Island State Police is an equal opportunity employer.
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    Interesting idea... normally I am opposed to singling out minorities for any special treatment (being that I am a minority myself), but if anything, this is good PR exercise.

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