Southeastern Mass. could get a foot of snow

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    Southeastern Mass. could get a foot of snow
    Updated: 11:54 PM EST Jan 6, 2017

    BOSTON —

    Winter storm warnings are issued for much of Massachusetts from 7 a.m. Saturday through 4 a.m. Sunday, with some areas being issued blizzard warnings.

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    Forecasts indicate the storm will begin to develop Saturday morning, and then overspread the state by the afternoon. Moderate to heavy snow could be falling as early as 1:30 p.m. The storm should be ending early Sunday morning, but not before it dumps several inches of snow.

    From Boston to Providence along I-95, 8-12 inches of snow could accumulate. Plymouth County, Cape Cod and the Islands could be also smacked by a foot of snow when all is said and done. A blizzard warning is in effect for the Cape and the Islands along with Norfolk and Plymouth Counties.

    "There may be an area that maxes out somewhere over southeastern Mass. or the South Shore over a foot," StormTeam Chief Meteorologist Harvey Leonard said. "All afternoon Saturday and the first half of Saturday night will be when the snow falls heaviest."

    State officials issued a situational awareness statement warning of treacherous driving conditions.

    Travel will be very difficult on Saturday with heavy snow and gusty winds.

    StormTeam 5 Meteorologist Mike Wankum said visibility will drop off tremendously Saturday afternoon. "We're talking about zero visibility, strong winds, really close to blizzard-like conditions that will be out there," Wankum said. Conditions are expected to improve Saturday overnight.

    "With the amount of cold air in place, we have to consider the fact that this will be a fluffier snow, which will tend to accumulate more quickly," Leonard said. "We will also have some wind with this storm, which we did not have with the last storm," Leonard said of the 30-40 mph wind gusts that are possible Saturday night.


    Frozen Fenway was postponed until Sunday due to Saturday's forecast. The doubleheader will be played Sunday with Boston University taking on UMass at 1:30 p.m. followed by Boston College taking on Providence College at 5 p.m.

    Blizzard warnings issued ahead of dangerous storm that could dump a foot of snow
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    Oh boy, here we go, Halliburton Hurricane Machine ready to drop snowflakes on the snowflakes...Global Warming MY ASS...
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    Filling up the tank and buying the milk as we speak :cool::D:)
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    I'm lucky to have gotten on my PD after we switched all the line cars to SUVs. I couldn't imagine trying to respond to a hot call in a Crown Vic.

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    They were fun to whip around in parking lots after dark but a nightmare to get across town in. I'm glad my admin saw the light and decided to go with all SUVs

    We had Caprices for awhile after the Crown Vic's but they were just as awful in the snow not to mention what mechanical nightmares they were. Any car that you have to remove a tire to change a headlight bulb isn't worth having. At least they were fast though :D
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    Work in plainclothes so only have the choice between crown vic or caprice. They both suck in the snow. The caprice has already been back to the dealership 3 times this year.
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    I hope you remembered bread.
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