Spring 2012 M&G

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Will You Be Attending the M&G at Owen's on April 15th?

Poll closed Apr 19, 2012.
Damn straight I'll be there! 8 vote(s) 30.8%
Nah, can't make it this time around.... 5 vote(s) 19.2%
"Maybe, maybe not, maybe f yourself." 13 vote(s) 50.0%
  1. justanotherparatrooper Pissin' in liberals cheerio's for 40 years :)

    OK, been a month since the last one, figured we might as well start a thread for the next one
    Dates for late March early April?
  2. mtc High Priestess

    Late enough so our new academy graduate friends can come out and buy our beers !!! :D

    Yeah - well OK and so we can toast 'em !!
  3. kwflatbed Subscribing Member MC1+MC2 +MC3 89K+Poster

    Hopefully on a date that I can make too.
  4. USMCMP5811 Administrator

    Sunday and monday nights work best.
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  5. Delta784 Guest

    I have the feeling that our snow-less winter will come to an end in March, so how about early-mid April?
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  6. adroitcuffs Subscribing Member

    I like Sunday nights. I have school every Tuesday morning & would hate to leave the party at a "respectable" hour, lol.
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  7. Hush Moderator


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  8. MARINECOP MassCops Member

    Early April has my vote.
  9. mtc High Priestess

    I have the same fear... Winter had better not decide "Better late than never" !!
  10. pahapoika Subscribing Member

  11. Dazy5 Filling Female Quota

    April 8th is Easter, so the 1st or 15th?
  12. mtc High Priestess

    Tax day.... yeah that sounds about right !!
  13. fra444 MassCops Member

    April 1st is the Giunta Memorial 5k so we wont be able to make it that night.
  14. LA Copper Subscribing Member

    And to jump even farther ahead, I'm hoping to be back there mid June through mid July, in case you guys want to have the Summer Meet and Greet around that time.
  15. Delta784 Guest

    Do we have a consensus for Sunday, April 15th at the usual spot (Owen's in Southboro)?

    The Red Sox have a 1:35pm game that day, so there shouldn't be a crowd upstairs. Well, except for us.
  16. cc3915 Masscops Angel

    Sounds good to me.

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  17. justanotherparatrooper Pissin' in liberals cheerio's for 40 years :)

    we have a winner
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  18. fra444 MassCops Member

    I like the date. There may be a schedule change for me, (hopefully anyway) so not sure of days off but I will arrange something.
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  19. kwflatbed Subscribing Member MC1+MC2 +MC3 89K+Poster

    I am going to pull a swap I hope to make it,I may need to hit you up for a ride Ray.
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  20. Hank Moody Duder

    I'll bring extra beer for the dog. LOL
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  21. Hush Moderator

    Minty Milk Bones please...
    Ill see what I can drag out for this one

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  22. USMCMP5811 Administrator

    Eye candy's great but, how about not bringing a flaming liberal granola crunching tree huger this time?
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  23. adroitcuffs Subscribing Member

    IN! :p
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  24. mtc High Priestess

    I happen to be off that night.... might just have to bring my DD....
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  25. kwflatbed Subscribing Member MC1+MC2 +MC3 89K+Poster

    Sounds like it will be a good turnout.

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