State & Local laws around Canine Confiscation

Discussion in 'Ask A Cop' started by Sam1974, Apr 8, 2009.

  1. Sam1974 MassCops Member

    no but you must fill me in now. you just can't go referencing and not explaining yourself. That's the type of infraction that a ball gag could be inserted in your mouth for. LMAO
  2. USMCMP5811 Administrator

    NE2K7 is our resident S&M whipping girl here. Looks like she no longer holds the monopoly :rolleyes:
  3. Sam1974 MassCops Member

    very nice.. atleast i'm not the only one! but you're all naughty, don't tell me you're not because i won't believe u
  4. USMCMP5811 Administrator

    I don't think many will deney it. :mrgreen:
  5. mtc High Priestess

    Everyone likes a lil' spankin' every now and then...
  6. USMCMP5811 Administrator

    HaHa, even Fra. :beat:
  7. Sam1974 MassCops Member

    i'm not a dominatrix tho.. i just enjoy a little roll playing.. :shifty:
  8. USMCMP5811 Administrator

  9. Sam1974 MassCops Member

    just a little :ninja:
  10. USMCMP5811 Administrator

  11. Sam1974 MassCops Member

  12. USMCMP5811 Administrator

  13. Sam1974 MassCops Member

    yea you definitely owe me some of that! don't think i won't collect on that debt..
  14. USMCMP5811 Administrator

    HaHa, Beer, spanking or both?
  15. Sam1974 MassCops Member

    depends on my mood.. probably both at the same time. a spanking while drinking a beer..LOL
  16. mtc High Priestess

    Spanking and beer don't mix... spills the beer.
  17. Sam1974 MassCops Member

    this is true.. i'll have to use a sippy cup..lol
  18. USMCMP5811 Administrator

  19. mtc High Priestess

    (practicing suction)
  20. Nuke_TRT Stirrer of the Pot

    I think he would perfer it if you used a long straw
  21. Sam1974 MassCops Member

    i don't need any practice tyvfm! lmao
  22. LawMan3 Moderator

    whoa whoa whoa I think sam is my new favorite member! I need a cold shower after reading this thread!
  23. OfficerObie59 Public Trough Feeder

    I make one post and there's another 30 on this thread...

    Harry should rename this thread, "When nOOb's get kinky"
  24. Sam1974 MassCops Member

    you missed out on the action babe.. where were you hiding?
  25. OfficerObie59 Public Trough Feeder


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