Teens Forced To Take Breathalyzers To Attend Prom

Discussion in 'MassCops Gold - The Good, The Bad & The Ugly' started by kwflatbed, May 24, 2008.

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    Originally Posted by Barbrady [​IMG]
    Too bad so sad. A school administrator can administer the breath tests and should be covered by New Jersey vs. T.L.O.

    He is saying that it already has been addressed GENIUS

  2. Barbrady

    Barbrady MassCops Member

    You are one of a few that have a problem with it.
  3. kwflatbed

    kwflatbed Subscribing Member MC1+MC2 +MC3 111K+Poster

    Another mile long post saying nothing but:

    "Other classmates of mine, though they too have had short careers, and though they do not see the variety that I see"

    She gets all the best calls

    "I've got plenty of "real world experience" thank you"

    Another 20 something with ALL of the answers

    "Already on the job I have had to be the one to tell relatives that their loved one had passed and how."

    You think you are the only one who has done this ??

    Sorry I think msp428 at his young age has more sense than you
    will ever acquire.

    The only thing I see In your posts is ME ME ME ME ME ME
    and I know it all.
  4. NoSoupForYou

    NoSoupForYou Adios, muchacho!

    In not so many words all I'm saying is the kids who have gotten in serious criminal trouble have been heading down that way for awhile, it doesn't take a psychologist to figure that out and with a graduating class of less than 200 we all knew each other and it was of little surprise to anyone when certain individuals got into some serious heat. A brethalyzer isn't going to make someone all of a sudden become a criminal, thats absurd. The general response to the brethalyzer rumor was "oh shit I guess I wont pregame" not "oh shit I'm gonna rob a liquor store."
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    The smartest post in this thread so far. MSP428 may not be a psychologist, but he has a part-time job making the smartest person on the planet look silly. Not to mention, the supreme court agrees with him.
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    Oh snap Cmag! She called you a crazy Biatch! I got 5 on ya!

    -and she insulted your knee.
  7. cmagryan

    cmagryan Subscribing Member

    - Is that what that jibberish meant, 5?
  8. USMCMP5811

    USMCMP5811 Administrator Staff Member

    Hello Pot, I'd like you to meet Kettle :rolleyes:
  9. KozmoKramer

    KozmoKramer Administrator Staff Member

    Lol Dd..
  10. Grasshopper

    Grasshopper Guest

    WOW, you just took a big ole ladle and stretched it out for that s--t stir didn't you? You even surpassed Delta on that one! Are things that slow over at the hospital? In our hospitals some pretty crazy things can happen. Oh well, if it's that quiet then I'm sure you can find some nice candy stripers to flirt with.

    Oh yeah, the predictive validity of his psychological assessments of his peers is just overwhelming! Please remind me if I need to do some research for grad school to give this little man a call! The supreme court agrees with him??? There are some on this site or possibly many on this site that consider themselves conservatives. The conservative party-line over abortion would be to over-turn it. Granted, those of us who are officers must uphold the decisions of the supreme court but just because they agree with something doesn't mean that it's just.
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    No, I just happen to know Cmag, and know that she would take it like the joke that it was. I know that everything is bigger and badder in beantown, even your hospitals are badass. I just found your post funny... in that condescending kind of funny that you are. You can spell out shit now, Gil removed the filter.

    Did someones ego get bruised? Yes. The supreme court agrees with him. Barbrady posted the case. If you are equating abortion (clearly a human rights issue) to breathalyzers (drinking really isn't a human right), then I have some apples and oranges we can share.
  12. Grasshopper

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    Heeeeeeeeyyyyyyy really? Shit will appear as shit? Isn't there a rule against profanity? Wow, with filter gone I feel like racking up a certain swear to break a record as south park had done! More badass? Nawwww. Maybe a little nUtTiEr.
  13. kttref

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    Cursing is allowed within reason. If we feel it's being abused a ban comes down...so careful.
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    Found some more Grasshopper fun.
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