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Discussion in 'Politics & Law Enforcement' started by Irish Wampanoag, Jan 8, 2008.

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  1. Irish Wampanoag Subscribing Member

    I am confused on who is the best candidate for president. I am unenrolled however have been voting republican and independent for at least 15 years. I see my choices as follows

    2 McCain
    1. Romney
    (OH I hate this guy however his views and ideas are the most matched with mine)

    Any other views??
  2. Big.G In Tactical Mode....

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    Romney can kiss my ass. All he has done is put on a big show.

    I've liked McCain. After the VT shooting, he had the balls to stand up for the 2nd Amendment even after coming under heavy fire for it. I saw the debate a 2-3 months ago (?) where they said McCain did extremely well, which he did, since then I've stuck with him.

    There are a lot of people don't support McCain because of his age. That sounds like back before the 2004 election where the people that I spoke with that supported Kerry said they did so because he was a better public speaker. At the time I had strong support for Bush for taking action after 9-11 starting the "War on Terror." I was disgusted that people wouldn't support Bush at the time because he had poor public speaking skills. I care more about the decisions they make than their skills speaking to the public. Since 2004 Bush has made a lot of bad decisions and almost everyone hates him. I'll tell you right now that overall I dislike Bush now based on some recent decisions he has made. But when I look back at the 2004 election, I'd still take Bush over Kerry.
  3. chiefwiggum MassCops Member

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    I have voted Republican for President since I was old enough to vote. Recently though I've been disgusted and disapointed by Bush. I thought by this point we would be getting free oil out of IRAQ, I don't see any improve ment with Illegal imigration or Border Control some of my biggest issues. The reality is Clinton gave us much more money for Local Police Dept's. as far as getting $$ to hire more cops. I'm not impressed with the way Bush has run this War that I was 100% behind from the start. I didn't pay any less in taxes. Since Bush I've done a complete turn around and I can see myself voting Dem. and I voted last 2 times for Bush.
  4. screamineagle Masscops Therapist

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    I vote KOZ for president!!!!! :rock:
  5. chiefwiggum MassCops Member

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    I was a big McCain fan for years but his recent views on Illegals blows my mind. He wants to give them amnesty and allow them to collect Social Security for acrewments made while they were here illegally. Amnesty is fine but only after the borders are secured.
  6. Big.G In Tactical Mode....

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    And how are Obama or Clinton any better?
  7. justanotherparatrooper Pissin' in liberals cheerio's for 40 years :)

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    The last president I supported was Reagan. I was active duty when the peanut farmer was president and let me tell you there was a HUGE change in attitude with alot of military when he was put out of office.
    The current crop is disappointing to say the least...on BOTH sides of the ticket. McCains support of the McCain/Feingold bill which was DIRECTED at the NRA really turned me off to him. I generally vote SECOND AMENDMENT. I find that if they trust me to own /carry firearms that they usually vote the right way on the other issues I care about such as taxes, right to life,deathpenalty, etc... Romney/Gulliany I think are conservative in name only.
    Sadly I'll vote for whatever Republican gets the nomination because the crappiest one is MILES better then the best dummycrat.
  8. HousingCop Czar of Cyncism and Satire

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    Amnesty is fine? What's in your pipe, crack? Round up the drug dealing scrumbag criminaliens first, then go for the layabouts who suck our systems dry. Then go round up the ones who have who snuck in to work, or overstayed their work / student visas and their "anchor" babies and send them back to wherever they came from.

    Remember, criminaliens can't work here legally, so those who are getting paid cash are cheating the IRS and state out of taxes. Those criminaliens who work here under bogus SS #'s are guilty of identity theft and falsifying federal documents. They are bad for the system with their big old fat hands, palms up, waiting for the next freebie to come along. Be it housing, WIC, EBT, and a host of other acronyms I care to conveniently forget.

    I am voting for the guy who will seal our border, kick these criminals in the nuts and send them back to where they belong.
    ......and for all his frailties GW will be considered in the future as one of the better modern Presidents of our time. Harry Truman comes to mind. He was maligned for years for dropping the A-bomb and ending WW2 sparing countless US lives.
  9. justanotherparatrooper Pissin' in liberals cheerio's for 40 years :)

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    Let it all out HC....its not good to internalize
  10. chiefwiggum MassCops Member

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    I'm really not sure if they are, but I'm starting to think after Bush that Republicans really don't due shit.... I have oil heat in my house and it pisses me off when I have to fill my tank up. I see the same illegals driving unlicensed and working every where with no worries.
    As much as I hated Clinton I have to give him props on the way he helped Ireland and we really saw an influx of cash into law enforcement. I guess I've just lost all faith in Republicans. Romney blew it to in my opinion. He raised fees for every thing he could. Ya I guess he didn't raise taxes but he forced the Cities and Towns to raise local taxes. Also there were hiring freezes every where under Romney.
    At least if we get a Democrat in maybee they'll give us some $$ to make the streets a little safer.
  11. Big.G In Tactical Mode....

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    Sadly, I probably will too.

    I don't know about the statement about the crappiest Republican being miles better than any Dem. Romney, as far as I'm concerned, is a lying and deceiving POS. I hate him almost as much as I hate Obama and Clinton.
  12. justanotherparatrooper Pissin' in liberals cheerio's for 40 years :)

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    Res...I LOVE your signature about veggies, needed the laugh, THANKS!
  13. chiefwiggum MassCops Member

    Re: Who do you like for President?

  14. Big.G In Tactical Mode....

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    I guess you'll feel better knowing Clinton and Obama both support giving illegals driver's licenses then. :rolleyes:

    I'm not really concerned about Bill at the moment. He's not running for prez...

    He sucks. Romney is just putting on a big show. About a month before he officially announced his bid for president, he joins the NRA. All of a sudden he's for the hunters and gun owners. What has he done for us? The fee for a FID/LTC went up to $100 from $25. For a period of time a FID/LTC went from being valid for (I think) 6 years down to 4. Now they're back up to 6 for whatever reason.

    Romney keeps using the fact that he got MSP the authority to arrest illegals. How many illegals did the MSP arrest before Patrick rescinded the measure?

    That just touches the tip of the iceberg with Romney. He puts on a big show, he flip flops on issues, he just sucks.

    The New England Police Benevolent Assoc. just gave their endorsement to Giuliani. I know it doesn't say much when you look at Patrick after he got the endorsements of many police unions.

    As a hunter and a gun owner, I can't bring myself to vote for either Obama or Clinton, and I believe that one of them will get the nomination from the party. Not sure which one, not that I care because I'm not voting for them anyway. I believe that if either one of them gets in, they will screw this country up as bad, if not worse, than what Patrick is doing in Mass.

    No prob. I love shitting on the anti's!

    That may be so to a degree. Democrats do shit. The only thing is when they do, they tend to screw things up worse than they already were.
  15. kwflatbed Subscribing Member MC1+MC2 +MC3 89K+Poster

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    The whole truth to the matter is there is not one of them worth voting for.
  16. Inspector Subscribing Member

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    Well the Inspector can't stand Romney so I'll probably vote for McCain in the primary. If Romney gets Rep nomination I'm sorry to say I'll have to vote for the Democrat. Right now, up in NH, it looks like Obama is going to get that nod. I'm looking at our local polling place and he has the right people from town out there proudly holding his signs.Horns are tooting support from arriving voters and neither a Hillary worker nor a Republican supporter have yet to appear in this town where Republicans used to be the vast majority only eight years ago.
  17. kwflatbed Subscribing Member MC1+MC2 +MC3 89K+Poster

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    I don't know how much truth there is to this but it is going around the internet,I have recieved it six times already.

    Please read and then decide for yourself.

    Obama mentioned his church during his appearance with Oprah. It's the Trinity Church of Christ. I found this interesting.

    Obama's church: Please read and go to this church's website and read what is written there. It is very alarming. Barack Obama is a member of this church and is running for President of the U.S. If you look at the first page of their website, you will learn that this congregation has a non-negotiable commitment to Africa. No where is AMERICA even mentioned. Notice too, what color you will need to be if you should want to join Obama's church... B-L-A-C-K!!! Doesn't look like his choice of religion has improved much over his (former?) Muslim upbringing. Strip away his nice looks, the big smile and smooth talk and what do you get? Certainly a racist, as plainly defined by the stated position of his church! And possibly a covert worshiper of the Muslim faith, even today. This guy desires to rule over America while his loyalty is totally vested in a Black Africa!

    I cannot believe this has not been all over the TV and newspapers. This is why it is so important to pass this message along to all of our family and friends. To think that Obama has even the slightest chance in the run for the presidency, is really scary. Click on the link below:

    This is the web page for the church Barack Obama belongs to:


  18. CJIS MassCops Member

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    I don't like any of them they all suck
  19. chief801 Subscribing Member

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    Funny, I went to the website and I don't know where the author of this post came up with his/her garbage. Why are people so paranoid about celebrating one's heritage? Why does ethnic pride or reverence for one's heritage (black or white) instantly equal racism to some people?

    Translation of the original poster's message - Don't vote for Obama...he's black! OMG!
  20. Big.G In Tactical Mode....

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    I heard Obama participated in some walk for Black rights. So I honestly wouldn't put it past Obama to be a racist. Granted I haven't read about it from a reliable media source, but there is enough out there where the possibility of him being racist can be reasoned.

    Here's something on Obama:


    How do you like them apples Obama supporters?
  21. kwflatbed Subscribing Member MC1+MC2 +MC3 89K+Poster

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    I went Digging:

    Barack Obama's Racist Church

    If Sen. Obama rejects the Rev. Wright’s warped view of this country, why does he continue to attend his church?

    Monday, January 7, 2008 10:16 AM

    By: Ronald Kessler

    Imagine if Mitt Romney’s church proclaimed on its website that it is “unashamedly white.”
    The media would pounce, and Romney’s presidential candidacy would be over. Yet that is exactly what Barack Obama’s church says on its web site — except in reverse.
    “We are a congregation which is unashamedly black and unapologetically Christian,” says the Trinity United Church of Christ’s website in Chicago. “We are an African people and remain true to our native land, the mother continent, the cradle of civilization.”
    That’s just the beginning. The church has a “non-negotiable commitment to Africa,” according to its website, and its pastor, the Rev. Jeremiah A. Wright, Jr. subscribes to what is called the Black Value System.

    Full Article:

    [SIZE=+1]Who Is Jeremiah Wright? (Obama's Racist Pastor)[/SIZE]

    The Wall Street Journal ^| May 1, 2007 | James Taranto
    Posted on 05/01/2007 1:38:01 PM PDT

    He is pastor of Chicago's Trinity United Church of Christ and the man who led Barack Obama "from skeptic to self-described Christian," reports the New York Times. And he has some ideas and history many Americans will find troubling:
    In 1984, he traveled to Cuba to teach Christians about the value of nonviolent protest and to Libya to visit Col. Muammar el-Qaddafi, along with the Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. Mr. Wright said his visits implied no endorsement of their views. . . .
    Mr. Wright preached black liberation theology, which interprets the Bible as the story of the struggles of black people, who by virtue of their oppression are better able to understand Scripture than those who have suffered less. That message can sound different to white audiences, said Dwight Hopkins, a professor at University of Chicago Divinity School and a Trinity member. "Some white people hear it as racism in reverse," Dr. Hopkins said, while blacks hear, "Yes, we are somebody, we're also made in God's image."
    Mr. Wright's political statements may be more controversial than his theological ones. He has said that Zionism has an element of "white racism." (For its part, the Anti-Defamation League says it has no evidence of any anti-Semitism by Mr. Wright.) On the Sunday after the terrorist attacks of 9/11, Mr. Wright said the attacks were a consequence of violent American policies. Four years later he wrote that the attacks had proved that "people of color had not gone away, faded into the woodwork or just 'disappeared' as the Great White West went on its merry way of ignoring Black concerns."

    (Excerpt) Read more at opinionjournal.com ...

    Is Barack Obama’s Trinity Church Racist?

    February 18, 2007

    The blogosphere is all agog, and it’s because presidential candidate Barack Obama’s home church, Chicago’s Trinity United Church of Christ once adopted a Black Value System that, among other things, disavows the “Pursuit of ‘Middleclassness’.”

    Trinity United Church of Christ adopted the Black Value System written by the Manford Byrd Recognition Committee chaired by Vallmer Jordan in 1981. We believe in the following 12 precepts and covenantal statements. These Black Ethics must be taught and exemplified in homes, churches, nurseries and schools, wherever Blacks are gathered. They must reflect on the following concepts:
    1. Commitment to God
    2. Commitment to the Black Community
    3. Commitment to the Black Family
    4. Dedication to the Pursuit of Education
    5. Dedication to the Pursuit of Excellence
    6. Adherence to the Black Work Ethic
    7. Commitment to Self-Discipline and Self-Respect
    8. Disavowal of the Pursuit of “Middleclassness”
    9. Pledge to make the fruits of all developing and acquired skills available to the Black Community
    10. Pledge to Allocate Regularly, a Portion of Personal Resources for Strengthening and Supporting Black Institutions
    11. Pledge allegiance to all Black leadership who espouse and embrace the Black Value System
    12. Personal commitment to embracement of the Black Value System.
    "The nation's only black senator, Barack Obama, D-Ill., asked voters at two black churches and at a Nashville rally to elect [Harold] Ford, a Democrat who is trying to become the first black senator from the South in more than 100 years. 'I know that all of you are going to work the next couple of days to make sure it happens, because I'm feeling lonely in Washington,' Obama said at the Mt. Zion Baptist Church. 'I need my dear friend to join me.' "--Associated Press, Nov. 5
  22. Loyal MassCops Member

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    Romney gets my vote. Of course he had to raise fees - better to raise user fees on people getting a particular service than screwing everyone with a tax hike like the demorats wanted to do. He had to reign in the deficit that the liberals created. What else could he have done ? The demorat controlled house and senate vetoed over 200 of his budget cuts. The demorats are against the death penalty , Romney is for it, they gutted the federal $$ that was granted to build a border fence that the GOP passed when the Republicans ran Congress, the demorats went after the Quinn Bill and screwed it up-(ie: no more credits for the police academy, but you get credits if you squander your $ on irrelevant courses),they went after police details (Cohen/Demarco bill), etc, etc... George Bush cut taxes and gave us a rebate - how many of the people bashing him gave that $600 check he gave you, back to the IRS ? Demorats are whiney, criminal pandering, reverse discrimination loving, morons. BTW -look at the games they played by pushing that BFD candidate from 683 on the list to the top....Real men vote Republican
  23. Delta784 Guest

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    Romney gets my vote; I owe him at least that for saving the Quinn Bill.
  24. roccopd MassCops Member

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    McCain is the Man! He is 100% what this country needs. No nonsense!!!
  25. Big.G In Tactical Mode....

    Re: Who do you like for President?

    I do like McCain out of all the candidates, but I don't think he is 100% what this country needs. He has some flaws just like all the other candidates.
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