Why do people hate Civil Service?

Discussion in 'Civil Service' started by DucatiGuy, Mar 7, 2016.

  1. samadam78

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    Exactly.... Another problem for small towns is that you also get such a limited pool of applicants that you could be missing the best candidate because he lives a town over
  2. visible25

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    It's a sad reality because I really don't want to be 'that guy' who got on because of his connections, but after being on here for so long I've realized that it may be the only way -well at least to get my foot in the door, as the rest will be up to me
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  3. felony

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    Politics really has a minimal impact on CS. That's the whole point of the system, so nepotism is not a factor in hiring (or at least they try to make it that way). My father was a high ranking officer in a CS community. I knew everyone on the department, even the chief was a family friend, guess what? I wasn't a vet and didn't get hired. If it was a non-cs town, I would have gotten on at 19 and been set. Instead, I busted my ass and got on through bettering myself and going out of state.
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  4. samadam78

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    Civil service offers some benefits BUT its an out dated system that is in desperate need of changes and as usual our politicians either dont care or are to stupid to realize that departments are pulling out faster than a frat boy
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  6. OfficerMack

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    I agree with you on that. My town probably hires maybe three officers every two years, if that. I can only claim residency in my town, and I wouldn't get a card unless I have at least maybe a 97 or 98 on the test, if even that. These days it seems that you have to get a 99 or a 100 to even get on a small town, I have even heard of veterans not being able to get on because their score was too low. I would love to be able to claim residency in a larger city (Springfield, Boston, Worcester, etc.), because there are several officers I know on those departments that weren't veterans, got a score in the mid to high 90s, and got into the academy, because they hire many more officers. I don't have that privilege because I live in a small town, where they hire a very small number of officers.

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